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Celebrity Asians with Curly Hair

Jamie Chung. Korean curly hair.

Jamie Chung. Korean curly hair.

Celebrity Asians with Curly Hair

Celebrity Asians with Curly Hair

Asians with curly hair are getting noticed in Hollywood! Asian waves, and especially Korean curly hair are often natural and always fun!

It is a popular myth that Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Japanese women all have pin-straight hair. While many of them do, wavy and curly hair appear in these cultures as well.

Asian curly hair is sometimes natural and sometimes achieved with tools and lotions. Celebrity Asians Jamie Chung, Tila Tequila, Sandra Oh, and Lindsay Price love showing off their curls both on-screen and at celebrity red-carpet events.

Jamie Chung (above)

Korean-American Jamie Chung first came on the scene in The Real World: San Diego, and has since propelled her career endlessly upwards. While she often wore her hair straight on the show, she can usually now be seen wearing her hair wavy or curly. She is also popular for wearing ombre or two-toned hair at the same time.

Tila Tequila (above right)

Vietnamese-American Tila Tequila has rocked the scene since 2007, when A Shot at Love aired on MTV. Tila's hair is naturally wavy, and by using a combination of styling tools and hairpieces she can usually be seen sporting ultra curly blonde or brown hair. Tila, along with Jamie Chung, shows off the most versatility in her hairstyles.

Curly Asian Hair Tutorial Using a Curling Iron

Side view of Sandra Oh's curly ponytail. Korean Curly Hair.

Side view of Sandra Oh's curly ponytail. Korean Curly Hair.

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Curlformers Heat-free Curling System

Sandra Oh (right)

Korean-Canadian Sandra Oh, best known for her Grey's Anatomy role, has naturally curly hair, and is very rarely keen to straightening it. She most often can be seen wearing it down and full.

Koreans tend to have the highest percentage of naturally curly hair among Asians, even if that still is a low percentage. Sandra has been blessed with this trait.

How to Achieve Korean Curly Hair with Sandra's Dressed-up Curly Ponytail

I highly recommend Curlformers, which work even with very fine hair.

  1. Set hair with Curlformers or medium-sized curlers, integrating a side part.
  2. Leave them in until dry, usually overnight.
  3. Remove Curlformers or curlers. Very gently split each curl into two curls with fingers.
  4. Shake hair out upside down to create more body.
  5. Cascade your hair from the side part over the side of your face.
  6. Gather your hair at the back of the neck and clasp together loosely into a ponytail using a decorative clip or hair-colored elastic.
  7. Set with hairspray.

Lindsay Price with a short curly hairdo with bangs

Lindsay Price with a short curly hairdo with bangs

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Lindsay Price (above)

Half Asian and half European Lindsay Price is also mostly seen wearing wavy or curly hair, from very short to very long styles. The soap opera actress has naturally wavy hair, but was seen wearing it straight in 2012. Her fans have expressed that they love her with curly tendrils the most.

Asian Girls and Women Discuss Curly Hair:

  • "I tend to straighten the waves out of my hair because I don't want to appear different from everyone else. But the truth is I do feel a little special having some curl when my friends don't." -- Eroia, 21
  • "I am one of those Asian girls with pin-straight hair, and I do want to change it sometimes. I have very fine hair though, and am pretty busy, so I usually don't even attempt curling it." -- Cheng, 17
  • "I am lucky in that my hair is very versatile. My curling iron has never failed me, but the heat is still damaging." -- Ivy, 16
  • "My grandmother always told me as a child that if I behaved badly my hair would turn curly and I wouldn't find a husband. I don't know if that is a Chinese thing or just a scare tactic." -- Lily, 32
  • "I have straight hair and I love it. I literally have no problems. I just wash, naturally dry, brush, and go." -- Jade, 27

Asian Curly Hair Care Tips

  • Asian hair tends to be shiny and healthy unless it is over-processed. If you must apply heat, deep condition it a few times a month with hot oil. Rinse your hair with cool water after washing it to keep the shiny glow.
  • If you want curly hair without damaging it, try Curlformers, a heat-free curling system. Sleep with them in your hair overnight, and In the morning you will have a head full of curls.

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