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Asian Tattoo Designs And Meanings-Asian Themed Tattoos, Ideas, And Pictures

Richard Hale is a tattoo enthusiast who studies and researches tattoo symbolism, meanings, and history.

Asian Tattoo Designs


Asian Tattoos

Asian tattoos are a very popular tattoo theme that both men and women find interest in. The Chinese and Japanese cultures have inspired a variety of popular tattoo designs to choose from. Asian tattoo designs can be found all around the world. In fact, Japanese inspired tattoos are considered to be one of the most popular motifs in the world.

Asian cultures have a rich history of symbolism and meaning. There's a variety of different Asian symbol that can be classified as an Asian tattoo. In this article, we will discuss several popular Asian tattoo designs and their meanings. You'll have the opportunity to view dozens of Asian tattoos also. In the end, we hope that you are able to find ideas and inspiration for your next tattoo.

Cherry Blossom Tattoos

Cherry blossom tattoos are one of the most popular Asian tattoo designs available. In fact, among women, cherry blossoms are one of the world's most popular tattoos. Cherry blossoms have been symbolic to Asian cultures for thousands of years. The cherry blossom represents a variety of different meanings, such as beauty, power, fragility, love, and sexuality. Both Chinese and Japanese tattoo designs often portray cherry blossom trees and petals.

Cherry blossom tattoo designs can be portrayed alone or with other Asian symbols, which could include dragons, koi, or samurai. Cherry blossom designs can portray the cherry blossom tree, cherry blossom petals, or the branches and tree. Since the cherry blossom can be designed in multiple sizes, it can nearly be tattooed anywhere.

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Dragon Tattoos

Another popular Asian tattoo design is the dragon. Dragon tattoos are very popular in Asia and all over the world. Dragons have been part of Asian mythology for many years and these creatures have inspired some prime Asian tattoo examples. Dragon tattoo designs can be designed in a variety of different variations, such as the Chinese dragon and Japanese Dragon.

Dragon meanings can differ between Western cultures and Eastern cultures. Eastern Cultures such as China, Japan, and Vietnam believed that the dragon was a noble creature, one that had power and honor. In Europe, the dragon was not viewed that way, instead, the dragon symbolized evil and danger. Dragon tattoo designs can represent strength, wisdom, and balance. Once again, dragon tattoos can depict the dragon alone or with other Asian symbols.


Koi Tattoos

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Koi tattoo designs are another popular Asian tattoo design that has a popularity around the world. Koi tattoos are highly in demand, for both women and men. According to Asian cultures, the koi fish is very symbolic. Koi fish are celebrated by both the Japanese and Chinese. Although the koi is only a Japanese carp, these fish have been mentioned in folklore and mythology. Koi fish are white, gray, orange, gold, and yellow. This Asian fish represents strength, courage, and determination, all great attributes.

Koi tattoos can be designed with a host of other Asian symbols. In Asian mythology, the koi is able to transform into a dragon if they swim up a waterfall. Due to this, koi fish are commonly associated to dragons. If you're looking for an Asian themed tattoo, the koi has to be included. Koi fish are also inked in black, blue, purple, pink, and green. Tattoos of the koi fish can be included with water, cherry blossoms, peonies, and the lotus. Any associated Asian symbol would fit in koi tattoo designs.


Lotus Tattoo Designs

Lotus tattoos are yet another popular Asian tattoo that is popular among women all around the globe. This Eastern flower holds deep symbolic value to many Asian cultures. The lotus is one of the most popular flower tattoos in the world, often said to be the rose of the west. Beautiful lotus flowers can make for a stunning tattoo choice. The lotus tattoo can symbolize new beginnings and rebirth. According to Buddhist beliefs, the lotus is a symbol of spirituality. Each color of the lotus can hold meaning as well.

Lotus tattoo designs can be designed in a variety of different ways. This popular Asian tattoo can be designed alone or depicted with different Asian symbols. When done correctly, the lotus tattoo can be visually stunning. Lotus can also be designed with other Eastern flowers, such as the orchid, peony, and lily. Lotus tattoos can be inked in blue, red, pink, white, and purple.


Geisha Tattoo Designs

Geisha tattoo designs are another Asian tattoo choice that you have. The beautiful Geisha can be designed in several different ways. The Geisha is a Japanese symbol that represents beauty and mystery. Geisha are commonly slender in build, dressed in a kimono, and wears a white mask with a black wig. Traditionally, the Geisha is a professional trained woman that performs to entertain men. Geisha were able to sing, dance, and play music. This iconic Asian symbol represents power, aspiration, and ambition. This would make a great tattoo for anyone following their dreams.

Tattoos of the Geisha can portray traditional Geisha characteristics or the new-school Geisha. Traditional Geisha tattoos portray the Geisha as she was commonly portrayed, with the features mentioned above. New school Geisha tattoo designs give the Geisha a more sexual appearance, one of true beauty. Geishas can be portrayed with an oriental fan or umbrella. This popular Japanese symbol can be found all around the world.


Orchid Tattoo Designs

Orchid tattoos are considered to be one of the most popular Asian flower tattoo designs. The beautiful orchid has a popularity that matches the rose and lotus. The exotic orchid can represent love, innocence, and beauty. The orchid has strong ties to the Chinese and their culture. In China, the orchid is a symbol of many children. To the Japanese, the orchid is considered to be a symbol of wealth and royalty. Orchid symbolism can be found as far east as England.

Orchid tattoo designs can be inked with a variety of different elements and symbols. Orchids can be portrayed with butterflies, ladybugs, dragonflies, and other symbolic flowers. Orchid tattoo designs often includes lilies, lotus, orchids, daffodils, and the hibiscus. Although this Asian flower is not commonly designed with dragons or koi, the orchid can still be found within Asian themed tattoo designs.


Phoenix Tattoo Designs

Phoenix tattoos are a very popular Asian tattoo symbol that is well known throughout the world. In Eastern mythology, the Phoenix shares an importance with that of the dragon. The Phoenix is a mythological creature that has the ability to be reborn. Although the Phoenix has origins in Arabian lands, its still considered to be an Eastern symbol. Phoenix tattoos can represent rebirth, renewal, and transformation. The Phoenix can also represent individuality as it is the only one of its kind. According to the Chinese, the Phoenix represent grace and virtue of the female character. The Phoenix symbolizes half of the yin and yang.

Phoenix tattoo designs are often very vibrant and colorful. The beautiful combinations of yellow, gold, red, black, and orange can make for an eye-catching tattoo. The Phoenix can be designed alone, designed opposite of the dragon, or designed with other Asian symbols. Phoenix tattoo designs are often designed in tribal tattooing styles. Tribal Phoenix tattoo designs can look just as stunning, it all depends on what you want.


Asian Tattoo Designs

As you can see, Asian tattoo designs can include a variety of different tattoo symbols. Each one can be designed alone or portrayed with one another. Each Asian tattoo can be designed in its own variations. Asian tattoo designs make for great sleeve tattoos and individual tattoos. All of the Asian symbols above have symbolic value as a tattoo. Some of you may like the look of the design while others may feel a connection with the meanings.

Before you get your Asian tattoo or any tattoo, always make sure to research your tattoo. Make sure you completely understand what your tattoo represents and stands for. Make sure you take the time to browse through dozens of different tattoos before you make a final choice. Remember, you're going to wear this for the rest of your life. No matter what tattoo you choose, always take your time and make sure you get one that your sure to love.


Melinda Dawson from Fort Lauderdale on August 02, 2019:

Love this article. I actually have several asian tattoos, and I new the meaning to a few of them. This was great.

Richard Ricky Hale (author) from West Virginia on October 04, 2013:







Thank you all for your great comments, votes, time, shares, and everything in between. Ben, thanks for the compliment, glad you enjoyed it. Gail, great to see you! I appreciate all your support over the years, always grateful. Nell, that's my girl! If I'm going for a theme, Asian themed tattoos is my choice also. Love them all. Graham, appreciate that. Years of tattoo research my friend. Chitrangada, lotus tattoos are so beautiful, rich with symbolic history and meaning also, thanks :) Audrey, always great to hear from you. Asian tattoos are beautiful and plentiful, glad you liked them. Thanks again to you all.

Audrey Howitt from California on October 02, 2013:

These are gorgeous--I love Asian designs of all kinds

Chitrangada Sharan from New Delhi, India on October 02, 2013:

Lovely Asian tattoo designs! I love the symbolism in any form of art. They carry the culture forward to the next generation. The Lotuses are beautiful.

Voted up and shared!

Graham Lee from Lancashire. England. on October 02, 2013:

Your ability and knowledge of your subject is amazing Lyricwriter. This hub is first class.

Voted up and all.


Nell Rose from England on October 01, 2013:

Now these are pretty! lol! I love the lotus ones, and that blue lotus, I want one now. seriously I never realised just how lovely the Asian themed tattoos were, another great hub! voted up, and shared, nell

Gail Sobotkin from South Carolina on October 01, 2013:

This is another fascinating look into the meaning behind cultural tattos.

I love the symbolism of the beautiful lotus tattos.

The dragon tattoos looked fierce and scary to me and it was interesting to learn that in the Asian culture they are often symbols of power and honor.

Voted this hub up across the board except for funny.

You are doing an amazing job of niche writing about tattoos and I hope these well researched and presented hubs are getting many views.

Sending a Bouquet of Hub Hugs and Love Your Way,


Benjamin Chege on October 01, 2013:

Hi thelyricwriter. Nice and well organized hub and colorful photos and tatoos. I would want my girlfriend to have the Cherry Blossom Tattoo. It is so lovely. I also like the way each tattoo matches its meaning/symbolism. Voted up, useful, beautiful and interesting!! Nice read.

Richard Ricky Hale (author) from West Virginia on October 01, 2013:

@Faith, thanks for all the support Faith, your time, votes, shares, ect. There's quite a few of them, dozens. These are just a few of the more popular Asian tattoo designs. Thanks and best to you as well. Best wishes Faith

@Kim, glad you enjoyed these Asian tattoos. Asian tattoos are one of the most popular themed tattoos in the world. The imagery is a reason for their massive popularity. Thanks for everything and have a great day as well Kim.

ocfireflies from North Carolina on October 01, 2013:

I really like these designs. They seem more vivid and the imagery is not a scary as some of the other ones. V+++

Wishing you a great day!


Faith Reaper from southern USA on September 30, 2013:

Wow, lyric, I did not realize just how many Asian tattoos designs there are ... I love the Orchid, Lotus, Cherry Blossom and Coi!

Up ++ and sharing

God bless. Hug and love to you and yours,

Faith Reaper

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