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Are You a Boho Boomer?


Bohemian - Timeless Style

If you're a woman and into current fashions at all these days, you'll more than likely recognize the terms "bohemian", "boho" boho-inspired, or "boho-chic". That's because the Bohemian look is VERY popular in the fashion world, and continues to dominate women's clothing, jewelry, and even home decor styles EVERY year! It's a timeless style that may wax and wane from time to time, but NEVER completely goes out of style! And while it may have started with the peace-loving hippie generation of the 60's, today's boho-chic woman can pull off the ultra-modern "hippie look" with an even WIDER variety of bohemian styles and colors! No longer a slave to tye-dye t-shirts, bell bottom jeans or crocheted cardigans, today's modern Bohemian style takes the outdated hippie look to a new level of runway fashion, incorporating timeless vintage style with upscale modern designs! The Bohemian fashion revolution has taken its rightful place in the fashion "hall of fame", and has outlasted almost EVERY other type of fashion style in existence!


Baby Boomers and Bohemian Styles

You would think if ANYONE knew all about the Bohemian fashion style, it would be the generation of "baby boomers" - the largest demographic group born between 1946-1964. After all, they mostly comprised the "hippie era" when bell bottoms, ruffled sleeves, and peace signs were all the rage. Who else would know MORE about Bohemian styles and attitudes than these tree-hugging, peace-loving, flower-power children of the 50's and 60's? Just ask one baby boomer which clothing style was most popular in their high school days, and more than likely they will tell you it was "boho-inspired". Almost every girl I knew in high school owned at least one pair of "elephant-ear-wide" bell bottom jeans or a long, flowing granny skirt with lace up boots! And the peace sign was an icon on everything from jewelry to pocketbooks! Of course, back then it wasn't called the "bohemian look" - but rather the "hippie look", which did in fact, evolve from the even earlier TRUE Bohemian generation. Today, the styles may be interchangeable, but the terms are NOT. The "modern" Bohemian style today refers to a more "sophisticated hippie" way of dress, if you will, without all the political and social stigma that was attached to the more liberal hippies of the 60's and 70's. One good example is the peace sign, which held significant political meaning to the war-hating hippie activists of the 60's, whereas nowadays it just represents "love, kindness and good will" I have an EXTENSIVE collection of peace sign clothing and jewelry, and sometimes am mistaken for an "old hippie" when I wear it out in public! LOL!

My Boho Style

"Peace Out!"

"Peace Out!"

Today's "Boho Boomer" - A Fashion Plate or an Old Hippie?

It isn't too hard to figure out by now what a "boho-boomer" is: anyone of the baby boomer age who embraces the Bohemian lifestyle! And its not just reserved for women - baby boomer men are quickly catching onto this fashion phenomenon and joining in the "boho movement" with stylish boho men's clothing and accessories, as well! And why shouldn't today's baby boomers "rock" the Boho style? After all, if it looked good on them thirty years ago, shouldn't it look even BETTER today? Or DOES it? Are baby boomers REALLY pulling off the same cool "boho-chic" look today that they did back in the love-fest era? Or are they just walking around looking live an "old hippie"? How does an "aged and slightly more conservative" baby boomer pull off the stylish Bohemian look without looking like a warmed-over hippie? Keep reading...

Are You an Old Hippie?


The WRONG Way to "Go Boho" After 50

What worked for "hippe" fashion in the 60's may or may NOT still work for us baby boomers trying to rock the Bohemian style today! Of course there's no law that says you can't wear ALL the cool boho styles today, but there are some that MOST baby boomers should probably just leave in the past. I call this the WRONG WAY to "go boho" after 50:

  • Ruffled peasant blouses and dresses - Unless you want to look like you just got off the set of "Little House on the Prairie", leave the old-timey peasant clothes to the peasants. High, ruffled necklines and long ruffled skirts very rarely look good on "mature" women, unless they are nuns, Mormons or old maid schoolteachers!
  • Skin tight mini dresses - At my age, I don't want to wear ANYTHING that squeezes me like a boa constrictor, no matter HOW stylish it is! Tight mini skirts and tall white boots may have made Nancy Sinatra a boho-chic fashion icon, but most boho boomer ladies today would just look like a busted can of biscuits in anything too tight or constricting!
  • Platform shoes - Being short all my life, I always went for high heels to try and "measure up" to everyone else in the world. Literally. Now I'm paying the price for wearing 3.5" heels with arthritis-ridden feet! No doubt there are some ADORABLE looking platform shoes to go with today's Bohemian styles, but unless you want to end up wearing orthopedic shoes the rest of your life, you might want to stay away from them and go for with simple pair of leather flats like the ones shown below. Besides, once you get a certain age, balance can be a HUGE problem in everything from your diet to your eyesight! Why tempt it even MORE by wearing platform shoes?
  • Crop tops - Back in my day they were known as "halter tops", and I had quite a few. But that was back when my TOTAL body measurements barely added up to 65! Nowadays, that total EXCEEDS 100, and I want to HIDE more of my body than expose it! So unless you've got a Victoria Secret model's shape, leave the crop tops for the younger girls who haven't quite "filled out" yet!

Of course what YOU wear is entirely up to you, and I know some Boho Boomer women who could totally rock ANYTHING Bohemian - I'm just not one of them! :( In fact, the older I get, "comfort" wins out almost EVERY time over "Boho-chic".

Leather flats - a Boho Boomer's Foot Friend!


Are YOU a Boho Boomer?

If you're a man or woman from the Baby Boomer generation, and embrace ANY part of the Bohemian lifestyle, then you're what I call a "Boho Boomer". But more than just a fashion sense, it's an ATTITUDE. Boho Boomers live a life of free expression without conforming to the conservative standards that society now expects of us "senior citizens" at 50 or 55. They are not stuck in the past, nor do they want to rush into the future, but are content to live a peaceful, mellowed-out life just enjoying the remarkable, well-deserved status of "middle aged". They are not restricted to conventionality in clothing, jewelry, home decor or ANY part of their lifestyle, and reserve the right to choose HOW to express themselves, just like the younger generation. Boho Boomers have lived well over half a century, yet still see their future cup only one third full, and see themselves as perpetual "hippies" - even into their Golden years! Finally Boho Boomers CELEBRATE LIFE EVERY DAY with a renewed spirit, a fresh outlook, and a sense of bold freedom to live each moment in perfect peace and harmony with the rest of the world! Rod Stewart, a baby boomer himself, describes a Boho Boomer perfectly in his popular hit song, "Forever Young". I would add to that, "and boho-chic"! Boho Boomers are truly a unique and special segment of society, and I, for one, am PROUD to be a lifelong member! How about YOU? - Peace Out! ;)

"Forever Young" - Rod Stewart

Modern Day Boho Boomer


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