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My Review of St. Ives Apricot Scrub

Cynthia is a beauty enthusiast. She loves testing cosmetics, hair and skin care products and sharing her opinions.

There are so many acne products on the market today. Apricot scrub one of my favorites has been on the market a very long time. Apricot scrub was always a staple skincare item for my family. Remaining a favorite for us today.

My Mother and Grandmother always had apricot scrub on the bathroom vanity. I watched my mother cleanse her face during my youth with apricot scrub. Being a small child I never gave it much thought.

My mother always seemed to have flawless skin. Being young I never thought she as using a product to achieve the that radiance.

Though the packaging has completely changed over the years. The actual scrub and effectiveness remains the same. As does the awesome acne fighting power you will find inside! Acne has been a long struggle for me my entire life. So many products I have tried in the past didn't work at all, or seemed to make it worse.

Even as I approach 40 I still struggle with frequent outbreaks. Clearing up and several days later the cycle starts again. Apricot scrub was a staple for the women in my family for generations. And it has become a constant part of my skincare routine as well.


St. Ives Blemish Control Apricot Scrub

St. Ives Apricot scrub is not a fleeting product for me. It is a staple in my skincare arsenal! I use the apricot scrub less often than I do some of my other products. This is because it is a deep cleaning product, and the granules are much larger. It can be an intense pore cleaning experience. I would not recommend it for everyday use.

This is my go to for when my skin is breaking out or about to break out. There are many things that trigger an acne outbreak. Finding your triggers can be useful in knowing the best time to start using a product like apricot scrub.

Common Acne Triggers

  • Menstruation
  • Stress
  • Hormonal Changes
  • Dietary Changes
  • Kissing
  • Using Products With Mineral Oil
  • Hair Care Products

Many of these acne triggers are common. But did you know, kissing your boyfriend who has a beard can stimulate oil production? Mineral oil is often used as an ingredient in moisturizers. So if you are using a facial moisturizer daily, make sure it does not contain mineral oil!

Hair care products are a long time culprit for causing acne outbreaks. They can even be responsible for chest, shoulder and back breakouts. From conditioning our before we get out of the shower to using hairspray to set our look. All clog our pores and cause acne issues.

Dietary changes, or eating specific foods is also believed to cause acne. Spicy foods, bread and chocolate are foods that can cause an acne outbreak. I don't know about you but those are my three favorite food types.

I get horrible acne breakouts near my monthly visit, that if I leave unchecked will last for a few weeks. No one wants to be rocking that look! During my breakout time I use the blemish control apricot scrub a few times a week. Or everyday depending on how bad my breakout is. This aids in treating the current acne breakthrough. While preventing any more pimples from popping up.

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Budget Friendly Acne Treatment

Apricot scrub is a product I've used since being a young teen. When puberty hit and since I have spent the years after battling breakouts constantly.

Having tried many other products throughout my life. By far this one is the best. It works at treating my current acne outbreak and preventing any more.

Best of all apricot scrub fits into every budget. One 6 oz tube will run you under $5.00 as most retail and online locations. I have found it online for as low as $2.96! A single tube will last a long time if you use it as I do, during acne outbreaks or before an one. I don't have to buy often, but I always keep it on hand.

The product is oil free, sulfate free and paraben free. So it is a product you can feel good about too. It can be a bit drying at times, though most blemish control products are.

I slack off use if I notice my skin drying out, and skip a day or two if need be. I have combination skin. My skin is dry while being extremely oily too. If you have acne issues with extremely dry or sensitive skin I would suggest a different less abrasive scrub.

Simple soap and water face washing may work for those with mild acne. Other people may need to add additional acne products to their skincare routines.

Simple soap and water face washing may work for those with mild acne. Other people may need to add additional acne products to their skincare routines.

Using Apricot Scrub for Acne Treatment

When I first notice a breakout I go straight to my apricot scrub. Using it once in the morning everyday. I also wash my face and have a skincare routine at nigh too. Using it in the morning will clean your pores from any dead skin cells or oils that clogged overnight. If my breakout is excessive I will sometimes use it up to 3 times a day.

Tips for Using Apricot Scrub

  • Face, chest, or back, give it a quick wash with soap first.
  • Cover your entire acne outbreak with a thin layer of apricot scrub.
  • Use a small amount of worm or hot water and work into a lather.
  • Scrub thoroughly.
  • Rinse entire area with cool/cold water.
  • Blot dry with a towel, never wipe.

Once thoroughly scrubbed, rinse the entire area with cold water. Cold water will shrink your clean pores to prevent them from clogging. Blot dry with a towel, never wipe. Wiping movements can loosen any remaining dry skin and further clog pores.

Start with just one application a day to see if there is any drying. If your skin doesn't dry out, then you can work your way to 2-3 applications a day if you choose. If you notice any issues with dryness or your skin starts to peel, reduce down to one daily application.

Acne Clears up Faster

Apricot scrub not only cleans pores, but it will clear blackheads as well. If left untreated a blackhead can turn into a cystic pimple and cause discomfort. We are embarrassed and self conscious during a breakout. Dealing with breakouts fast is best. My confidence bounces back and am not worried about people staring at me.

Using apricot scrub I can put an end to my acne outbreak in 2-3 days. If I use it when I first notice the outbreak starting. Picture day coming up? No problem! This exfoliating acne treatment can clear up an outbreak in a few days. Leaving you fresh faced and confident for you photo session.

I've tried expensive acne treatments. Treatments like those advertised on TV or high end cosmetic stores. Even Proactive I had zero success using. Giving the price point with some other products. It's disappointing when they fail to provide results. Wasting not only my time with so many different steps, but I have wasted a small fortune too.

If you struggle with acne issues and outbreaks, give apricot scrub a try. Even if it is not currently on sale anywhere it is still a price improvement over other products on the market. I have tried prescription acne treatments in the past with no success. So I was very pleased that apricot scrub works and is entirely cheap too.

© 2016 Cynthia Hoover

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