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Amazing Bat Tattoos

Depending on the part of the world you live in, bats can be considered bad omens or representative of evil, or in other places a sign of good luck, if you believe in it.

Either way, bat tattoos are very interesting, and they can be inked on as more of a playful caricature of a bat, a work of art in extraordinary detail, or in some cases, a statement as to something someone may want to say through the art; which can be disturbing at times.

Most to time they're just done in playfulness as far as placement and design, normally a solid black figure of the cartoonish type.

But those that are most compelling and tasteful are those that depict real bats as they are in their habitat and how we all have seen them before.

Because of the way bats can be designed and displayed, they offer themselves up to be placed on any part of the body, depending on the particular size and design. 

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Sold Black Bat Tattoos

We'll start off our look at images of bat tattoos with those that are solid color and would think of when working on a coloring book or a fun Halloween activity. First is the bat tattoo on the foot below, which was a fairly popular placement for bats.

Bat Tattoo on Foot

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Next we have the solid black bat tattoo on the upper arm or shoulder. As in the foot tattoo, I like the inclusion of several bats, as we most times see bats flying in groups, and it gives it a more interesting look with these types of designs than one that would be standing alone.

Bat Tattoo on Arm

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These bat tattoos on the lower back are nice. If I was going to get a solid black set of bat tattoos, I would probably go a route like this; mostly because of the unique and pointy look of the bats, rather than the more benign type above.

Bat Tattoo on Back

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Sometimes words can be distracting with images, and in this case the tattoo borders on being almost too busy. The red is also a little distracting for me, but is seems like she gets away with it.

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The words in this case are pretty cool and go with the bat tattoo image. I think if it had been done all in black it would have been a lot more compelling. But pretty nice even with it.

Bat Tattoo on Side

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Tribal is one of my favorites, and when done right, works with almost any tattoo theme, including the bat one, as you can see below.

Very nice, and I particularly like the placement, as it displays the style really good.

Tribal Bat Tattoo on Back

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Even though this vampire bat tattoo is far from reality, in truth there are vampire bats, and they can and do suck the blood of their victims. In real life the teeth are so sharp the victims, in most cases, don't even know the little critter is using them as a pincushion.

As for the tattoo, it's very well done and detailed, and seems to say just what the image wants it to. Definitely a talking piece.

Vampire Bat Tattoo

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Now this upside down bat tattoo is just great, as it is based on reality but also a very well done and compelling image. I love that cave look in the background which really adds to the overall quality of the tattoo.

Bat Tattoo Hanging Upside Down

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The fantasy bat tattoo below is extraordinary, but you have to like that type of art to think of it that way. But whether you like the material or not, the artwork and design is tremendous, and really works great when using the back as a canvass.

Awesome Fantasy Bat Tattoo


This is what makes tattoo are and themes so amazing to me. You can choose something like a bat and make it into something playful or real, or as in the case of the bottom image, an imaginary fantasy character that would fit into any story of a hero or villain in the genre.

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