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All You Need To Know About Transition Lenses

Transition Lenses: Exceptional Utility, Cool Style!

With clear signs prevalent globally, there is no doubt that climate change is a reality. And it is high time that we take both adaptive and mitigative measures to deal with the damages already caused and prevent any further damage from happening.


Need For UV Protection

Talking about exposure to UV rays, it has always been a threat while encountering sunny outdoor conditions. But with climate change taking place, it has only been intensified. Sunglasses are needed more than ever as UV rays exposure is known to be harmful to our eyes.

Sunglasses not only keep our eyes protected from any harmful impacts that exposure to UV rays might cause but also caters to our fashion needs. Most of us will agree that a pair of sunglasses can make you look stylish in an instant. You just have to put them on.


Transition Lenses: What An Innovation!

Well, everyone needs UV protection for their eyes and there is no compromise to be done here. But then, there is a common complaint among a certain section of people - especially those who wear prescription glasses - that they find it inconvenient to carry two separate pairs of eyewear when they have to keep switching between indoor and outdoor environments in their daily lives. With transition lenses around, you no longer need to worry.

Also known as photochromic lenses, transitions are light-intelligent lenses - thanks to their sensitivity to UV rays. In the absence of UV rays, they maintain a clear appearance similar to that of any normal lenses. When UV rays strike the surface of these lenses, their UV protection function gets activated and they adopt a dark appearance, transforming into sunglasses in an instant.

The other smart thing about transition lenses is that the extent to which these lenses darken depends on the intensity of UV rays that they are exposed to. This mechanism not only provides much-needed UV protection but also imparts a perfect vision.

Taking the example of cloudy conditions where UV rays are present but in low intensity, in such a case, transition lenses with an adjusted shade of tints as per the weather conditions will be more effective than sunglasses with solid tints.

A pair of glasses fitted with transition lenses serves both as eyeglasses - whether prescription or non-prescription - and sunglasses. Eyeglasses and sunglasses in a single pair - eyewear can’t get more approachable!


Also known as reaction lenses, transition lenses’ automatic transformation in appearance is no magic. This cool attribute of transition lenses is backed by science. Let's see how!

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Science Behind Transitions

Innovation is the backbone of any industry. When it comes to the eyewear industry, it is innovation and technological advancements that have made glasses a multifunctional accessory today after originating just as an optical tool.

Among the many innovations, transition lenses are one of the smartest ones. The surface of these lenses is coated with photochromic dyes and this is from where transitions derive their UV-sensitive nature.

On exposure to UV rays, the molecules of photochromic dyes undergo a change in their shapes by absorbing the UV rays incident on them. In this way, further transmission of UV rays is blocked and prevented from reaching our eyes.

In the absence of UV rays, the lenses return to their clear appearance as the photochromic dyes are no longer activated.

You might wonder where the dark appearance comes from. It is because of the light rays that the molecules of photochromic dyes absorb.

  • Transitions serve the much-needed function of UV protection. But then, how does it differ from normal sunglasses in this aspect? While both these eyewear options are equally effective in providing UV protection, a benefit with transitions is an adjusted shade of tint as per the weather conditions.

  • Glasses fitted with transition lenses are very handy as these pairs serve both as eyeglasses and sunglasses. If you are someone whose daily life involves switching between indoor and outdoor spaces, transition lenses are perfect for you to get rid of the inconvenience arising from carrying two separate pairs.

  • There is no doubt that the prices of glasses with transition lenses are a little higher, but when you take their advanced function into consideration, you will realise that they are reasonably priced. Effectively, these glasses are 2-in-1 pairs as you can derive the benefits of both eyeglasses and sunglasses from a single pair.

  • When it comes to style, transition lenses are a super cool option. When you walk around with these lenses, they are bound to make heads turn by their ability to undergo a change in appearance all on their own.

Transition Lenses: Multiple Benefits To Offer

The most dominant aspect that makes transition lenses an outstanding innovation is the multiple benefits that come along with them. Let’s look into the benefits that transition lenses provide.

We have provided you with every detail that you need to know about transition lenses. If you wish to add them to your wardrobes, go ahead without any hesitation. You can also opt for the affordable option of reglaze glasses, wherein you can get the lenses of your existing pairs replaced with transition lenses.

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