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Hermès Kelly, A Legendary Timeless Iconic Purse in Fashion!


I love handbags for as long as I can remember. Let me help you pick out your dream bag!


Grace Kelly and Hermès Kelly Bag

It's no secret that the Hermès Kelly bag is one of the holy grail bags for many women. Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco famously used this purse to hide her early pregnancy from the prying eyes of reporters. Before becoming a princess, Grace Kelly was born into an affluent family in 1929. With her talent and beauty, she became a famous actress. After meeting the prince of Monaco, Rainier III, the two fell in love and after a year of courtship, married in the palace of Monaco. Eventually, the Kelly bag became very well known because of its close association with the Princess of Monaco. But, it wasn't until 1977 that Hermès finally renamed the bag to "Kelly". Since Grace Kelly is a style iconic with unparalleled beauty, the Hermès Kelly bag is now the epitome of style and class.

Hermès Black Kelly with Gold Hardware

The Hermès black Kelly bag is a true classic. More refined than the Hermès Birkin, this bag is perfect for your most important formal occasions. When you are wearing a Kelly, you are telling the world that you are upper class with exquisite taste in luxury. Compared to the infamous Birkin, the Kelly is more demure, refined, and elegant. The Birkin has more of a dressy casual vibe. If you love a more structured handbag, the Kelly Sellier is the perfect choice for you. For the first time Hermès Kelly buyer, the black leather with gold hardware is a good combination. It will go with all of your outfits!


Brown Leather Kelly Bag is the Perfect Arm Candy

Even though the black leather Hermès Kelly is a true classic, the brown leather one is just as amazing but slightly on the more causal side. The Hermès brown is such a rich hue that screams class and ultimate luxury. It's no less beautiful than the black version. Just like black colored handbags, brown is another versatile color that goes with most of your outfits. Grace Kelly's Hermès Kelly bag was actually a brown color! The old pictures were all taken in black and white. So, we initially assumed the princess wore a black Hermès Kelly. But, it was in fact a brown one that is still sitting in palace archive of Monaco today.


Hermès Kelly Sizes

Just like the Birkin, the Kelly is available in many different sizes. The most common being 25, 28, 32, and 35 centimeters. All dimensions are given in centimeters because Hermès is an European brand. Nowadays, smaller bags are in fashion. So the smaller Kelly bags are actually more expensive than bigger versions. This is especially true in the pre-loved market. Since the Kelly is such a classy and understated bag, the smaller version is very suitable for formal evening events. If you want slightly more functionality, the 28 centimeters is a very good compromise of beauty and function.


Hermès Colors and Leather Selection

If you love the Hermès Kelly and want a more vibrant bag, Hermès offers a wide array of color choices. You almost have the entire spectrum of the rainbow to choose from! From the lightest pink to the darkest brown, lots of different shades are available. Once you get the privilege of ordering the Hermès Kelly in the boutique, the sales associate will take out a book for you. You can pick the color, type of leather, and material of hardware. For those with very deep pockets, exotic leather is also available. You can go for the ultra rare white Himalayan crocodile bag! Almost everything can be customized according to your preference. That's why Hermès is the cream of the crop in the luxury accessories.


Hermès Kelly Pink Mini Purse

The Hermès Kelly is known to be classy and sophisticated. But, the Hermès Kelly can be cute as well. Just look at the little pink mini purse! This is the ultimate arm candy in today's small bag fashion environment. Kylie Jenner's daughter is playing with the pink Kelly. it's just so adorable and classy at the same time. Even though most Kelly bags fall in the range of 25 to 35 centimeters, this little cutie is only 15 centimeters. This is an example of Hermès on the more playful side.


Hermès Kelly Doll

What's even more cute than a small size Kelly? The Hermès Kelly doll. It only makes occasional appearances at a few select Hermès stores, usually to celebrate store openings. To make this bag even more special, a foil stamp is applied to the bag to let you know which store opening it is made for. What an amazing marketing idea to make this little bag even more exclusive and sought after. The Kelly doll looks like a little cartoonish person painted on the bag. The craftsmanship is just like all other Hermès products. All the Kelly dolls are extremely well made.


Hermès Kelly and Twilly Scarf

If you are a handbag lover or collector, you definitely know that some people dress up their Hermès bags by tying a twilly scarf on the handle. This is so popular that it is now done to all the different designer bags. But, Hermès is the original starter of the trend! By tying the twilly on the handle, you can protect the leather from wear and also dress up your purse. This accomplishes two tasks at once! When buying a Kelly bag, don't forget to browse Hermès' twilly collection! Ask the sales associate to teach you how to tie the scarf or just watch a video on how to do it yourself!

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