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Alice in Wonderland Tattoos

Tattoo Assortment - 144 per unit

There are few stories that have captured the imagination over time as there is with Alice in Wonderland. And the number and quality of tattoos that have emerged from the story are amazing.

One thing I noticed, is the ladies especially like that Alice tattoos, and many prefer color as I perused the hundreds of them out there.

while my personal taste is for darker lines and ink without color, I understand in the case of Alice why some go that route, although there are quality exceptions to that, as you'll see in the Alice in Wonderland tattoos below.

As with other highly skilled tattoo artists, there were some that can almost capture some of the storyline and images and make them appear to be in motion. That's an amazing gift, and some of these of Alice are that way, and appear to make you feel like you entered a part of the story in the middle of a scene as you look at it.
Enjoy these wonderful depictions of Alice in Wonderland tattoos all you Alice fans. 

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No those aren't Dorothy's slippers from the Wizard of Oz, at least as far as I know, but they do sure look fun with the tattoos from Alice in Wonderland, Quite a fun conversation piece I would think.

Alice in Wonderland Foot Tattoos

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What a wonderful, detailed tattoo of the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland. It's simple but of very quality detail.

Alice in Wonderland Rabbit Tattoo

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Everything about this tattoo is compelling to me. What a great part of the story, and the way Alice is looking up at the cat in the tree is perfect. The posture of the cat is also very well done.

Alice and Cat Tattoo

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If you like color tattoos this if very bright and interesting. Very true to the story, and always fun to see Alice as the little girl.

Alice and Mushrooms Tattoo

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This is great to see Alice peeking from behind the leave as she looks at the bug. Very cool and colorful tattoo. A lot of terrific detail.

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Alice in Wonderland and Caterpillar Tattoo

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Too bad the angle of this photo hides some of this extraordinary tattoo. Amazing work, and I really had wanted to see the small of the back and the detail there. Still a fantastic image.

Alice and Wonderland Back Piece Tattoo

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Wow! I this Alice tattoo on the back a load of fun. Absolutely love those cards and the feel that you're swirling around in the story. Great quality.

Full Back Alice in Wonderland Tattoo

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While this tattoo may be a little too risque to some, it seemed tasteful enough to include here. I just thought it would be cool to see a different version of Alice, and how the artist envisioned her. Pretty neat sitting on that mushroom with the rabbit by her.

Sexy Alice in Wonderland

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This is the last but not least of the Alice tattoos, and among one of the higher quality bunch of tattoos I've seen as group, this one may be the best. My favorite part is the look of terror and expression on her face which is captured magnificently.

Alice in Wonderland and Cards Tattoo


As I mentioned above, as far as variety and quality, this is among one of the better collection of tattoos I've seen. There are others of course, but these Alice in Wonderland tattoos are really attractive to look at and appreciate. Hope you enjoyed them.


Kitty Fields from Summerland on August 04, 2011:

These tattoos are absolutely stunning. Great quality and great artistic ability shown here. Alice in Wonderland rocks.

Obscure_Treasures from USA on April 29, 2011:

Alice In Wonderland is one of my favorite fictions! I am love with these tattoos!

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