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African Makeup Tips: Bold Beauty Moves

African Makeup Tips. Blue nailpolish.

African Makeup Tips. Blue nailpolish.

This hub is for women of African descent who want to try new, daring looks.

These African makeup tips will give you ideas on how to stand out with a few simple beauty moves, whether they be for your eyes, lips, or hair.

Have fun with your beauty and make a statement!

Fun, Fabulous Eyes

  • Wear funky eyeshadow colors when you go clubbing. Try green or hot pink. For an added statement, make them metallic or frosted colors.
  • Try false lashes to make your eyes pop.

Knockout Lips

  • Wear dark lipstick during the day to attract attention.
  • If you have blue undertones in your skin, try purple lip gloss. Put a purple flower in your hair for a matching feminine look.

Brazen Nails

  • To save money on nail treatments but still have fun with them, paint them a bold color like blue or silver. This way you can keep them short in length for convenience but still make them stand out.

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African Makeup Tips. Stylish Afro.

African Makeup Tips. Stylish Afro.

Sport a Stylish Afro

  • Grow your hair out. While some women still view afros as a little Bohemian, they are becoming mainstream again and workplaces are slowly getting hip to them. But who cares how anyone views them? It's natural and it's all yours to decide.
  • Versatility: wear it out full, or: If you have very tightly curled hair, you can also pull an afro back into a puff. This is especially good for when the weather is hot and you can leave it up for at least a few days.


Try a New Hair Color in a Dye, Wig, or Weave

If you keep your hair black and always wanted to know what it would be like to try a new hair color:

  • Try a hair color that is the same shade as your skin color or slightly darker.
  • Go blonde. You can do it safely - a honey wheat color, or go all the way - platinum, for an eye-catching look.
  • If you are concerned about damage, just invest in a wig. It might be expensive in the short-term, but you will prevent yourself a lot of headache and tears.


Colored Contact Lenses

  • Try honey brown contacts to give you an exotic look.
  • Blue contacts are especially flattering if you keep your haircolor black and you have dark skin. Try a little bit of blue eyeshadow when you wear them.
  • Green eye contacts look beautiful on caramel color skin.
  • Try different makeup colors for each eye contact color you wear.

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