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Affliction, True Religion, and Ed Hardy Vs the World


It seems that there isn't a corner of the world, or at least a corner of Central Florida and the world as seen through a TV screen, that hasn't witnessed firsthand the sweeping and surprisingly enduring trend that is all things Ed Hardy and Affliction. Other hauteur labels like Lucky Brand and True Religion are present in this circus as well, flying off of retail store racks at $100 per tee, $300 for a pair of jeans. Perhaps the quality is truly that much better than that of a pair of Levi Strauss or any everyday brand found at Kohl's for around $30.

While traditional clothing lines have stood the tests of time, kids, the elements and life in general; the other side has the flash and appeal of star-studded endorsements and a growing following of fans. Logically the latter will fetch a heftier price and necessarily so! After all, spray tan juice doesn't pay for itself...

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The Immortal Fad of Ed Hardy

It is true that at least one in every five or six men at a given bar on a weekend night will be proudly rocking one of these names. Ed Hardy and his cartoonishly simple animations seems to be everywhere, and that in its self is enough to turn some folks off to his label. Some people feel that brands like Ed Hardy, Juicy, True Religion, and Affliction are worshiped by hipsters, while hipsters themselves will be the first to tell you that wave crashed into the rocks for them the minute mainstream America and the characters of Jersey Shore began wearing it.

For some wearers it may be the flashy colors, glitter, and Gothic script writing that turns them on to these styles, but for many others it is the simple fact that they are popular. It's ironic but true that items come into style through demand, yet it is this same demand, only further down the road, which makes it no longer stylish.

Club Bans Jersey Shore and Christian Audigier (Ed Hardy)

Signage outside New Orleans club 'The Republic'

Signage outside New Orleans club 'The Republic'

In Some Cities: Ed Hardy = Gangs

Bars and nightclubs worldwide have joined together in the fight to preserve the safety of their dens of debauchery by banning any clothing related to or resembling brands like Ed Hardy (Christian Audigier), Affliction, True Religion, and Juicy. In recent gang-related activities involving drive-by homicides among the worst, witnesses described the the assassin's garb as sparkly and dark, with skulls and strange imagery. The anti-gang task force assigned to these crimes easily identified the style in question. The clothing of the dead men were also of the same haute style as the alleged shooters, with this pattern becoming clear authorities are working to identify the members of these gangs and act preemptively to prevent acts of violence from erupting on their streets.

One club in particular, The Republic, located in New Orleans has posted signs outside to warn patrons that they will be turned away and denied entrance if anything they are adorned in resembles something you would see on the controversial show 'Jersey Shore', leaving it to the doorman to use his best discretion. While this may seem like discrimination, the same restrictions were implemented in venues across Canada since 2007, the pinnacle of the brands' popularity, insisting that the colorful patterns were indicative of gang activity.

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Canada'a Battle with Ed Hardy and the UN Gang

Police in Vancouver, Canada have been profiling those individuals sporting the popular designer labels as gangsters due to the fact that every gang-related shooting in the past 3 years has ended in the death of men wearing just such brands. A special task force was created to frequent nightclubs and bars during busy weekends, asking for I.D.'s from customers wearing anything haute couture and running the identities against a database of known gang members and affiliates. If a link between the individual and a gang is found, the cops escort the individual from the premises; if a warrant is found, they take them to jail.

Nightclub owners thanked local authorities for the step-up in patrols and scrutiny as they feel the lifted pressure in terms of their bottoms lines. The extra muscle needed to maintain order each night was growing and costing a pretty penny while large events that bring in the serious revenue were simply impossible to consider hosting. Businesses are beginning to see a steady return of regulars, more diverse crowds, and a generally more positive attitude throughout.

All of the UN members are identifiable in Ed Hardy-ish hoodies.

Designer Brands: A Fashion Statement Now

Thanks to tireless efforts on behalf of law enforcement agencies, the UN gang in Canada was severely crippled by the arrest and conviction of their leader. As a matter of course, the smaller satellite street gangs which relied on the UN gang turned inward to protect themselves now that they no longer had the protection of the broken UN. In the absence of strong leadership it is likely that their collective drug network will collapse.

Fortunately, mainstream American cities haven't noticed such a trend towards Ed Hardy related violence, unless it is perpetrated towards the unfortunate wearer of the brand...


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