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Avon Review: Extra Lasting Cream-to-Powder Foundation

Avon sells a variety of cosmetic products, including this Extra Lasting Cream-to-Powder Foundation.

Avon Extra Lasting Cream-to-Powder Foundation.

Avon Extra Lasting Cream-to-Powder Foundation.

Highlights of AVON: Extra Lasting Cream-to-Powder Foundation

To get a quick idea of what this product has to offer, here is a list of some of the best highlights:

  • Over 20 beautiful shades
  • SPF 15 in most shades (not available in Earth, Dark Cocoa, and Rich Espresso)
  • Designed to leave a flawless, matte finish
  • Works best for normal or dry skin
  • Wears comfortably for 18 hours (along with the rest of the Extra Lasting line)
  • Moisturizes all day with no primer
  • Easy to use

My Experience with Foundation

There are many foundations on the market, many of which I'm familiar with. I used to have clinical acne that I had to be medicated for, and I was absolutely horrified. I experimented with many different formulas and brands to try and find the best coverage for my problemI went through an awful "orange stage" when I tried to fix my own foundations in middle school, (not a good idea to mix bronzers and eyeshadows for powder, trust me) and have learned what not to do by doing it a few times - only ever in yearbook photos, of course.

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

While I strongly recommend this product, it may not be perfect for everyone. The following is my fair, honest opinion of AVON Extra Lasting Cream-to-Powder Foundation.

The Good

My favorite thing about this foundation is the coverage it provides. I have acne scars from middle school that only the most stubborn treatments have been able to lighten, and this covers them almost flawlessly, with no primer needed.

I also really like the wide range of shade options, from very pale (I'm about a Medium Beige) to very rich, dark colors like Espresso, totaling to over 20 shades! Many popular lines fail to cater to diverse complexions, but Avon's Extra Lasting line works hard to match to everyone's skin tone.

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For my dry, now break-out free (not counting blackheads) skin, this foundation is perfect. I love a matte finish, but if I use a normal powder makeup it looks like I have the mange. It flakes off with the makeup and is not a flattering makeup - not a good look on anyone!

The Bad

For my skin, this foundation is perfect, creating a great balance of moisture, matte, and coverage. However there are a few shortcomings if you have different needs or a different look.

If you have very oily skin, even though this product is oil-free, it may not be as effective and "slide" off the skin faster. If this is the case, a mattifying primer would help to keep this foundation on your skin.

The Ugly

Although this is a minor squabble, I think the packaging is very retro - and not in a good way. The black and red makes me think of the 80's and the bulky packaging takes up a lot of space. It is however, very well-build and sturdy, and can hold up to a lot of damage in your purse or bag.


Who Should Use AVON Extra Lasting Cream-to-Powder Foundation?

This formula works best on those with normal or dry skin. While it is oil-free and settles as matte, many with find the creamy texture to worsen already oily skin.

AVON Extra Lasting Cream-to-Powder Foundation is marketed as a medium coverage product, but in my opinion and experience could be categorized as a full coverage foundation. It successfully covers acne scars and does a pretty good job at covering blemishes like pimples and blackheads as well.


Linda burton on February 07, 2021:

I hate that they stopped making this product i have used this for years

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