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A to Z of Styling Accessories: Men's Ties and Suspenders


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Men's and boys' Bow Ties and Suspenders


"Being a gentleman never goes out of fashion"- Louis Raphael

It stands true in today's time when everyone is shifting to more casual clothing. To be distinct, one must have his style statement, and what better way than a gentleman's styling.

For formal events like business meetings, interviews, or special events like weddings, Men's bow ties and suspenders are the best suitable styling accessories to stand out.

All about Ties:

"A well-tied tie is the first serious step in life"- Oscar Wilde

It's a strange thing how a small piece of fabric makes a huge difference to the complete outlook. A Tie adds an element of professionalism and aesthetic and elegance, and styling to any outfit.

There are various styling options in ties to suit every man's comfort:

  1. Regular Neckties: as the name suggests, this is the most common type of tie. We have been wearing these ties since our school times to our college and offices. But with so many colors and patterns, you can ace these ties to a whole another level, and different knots like Windsor and Eldredge knots adds icing to the cake.
  2. Skinny Neckties: if you want to add a crisp and sharp look to your outfit, then these skinny neckties work wonders to give you that edgy look at a business meet or a cocktail party.
  3. Bow Ties: The bow tie is a must-have category in ties from formal events like a ball, wedding to a casual lunch date. Pair up a silk bow tie with a seersucker suit for formal occasions and pair with a Polo T-Shirt on a game day. Bow ties come in options like pre-tied, self-tie, and clip-on to choose from as per your convenience.
  4. Ascots: or a hanker tie, is a neckband with wide pointy wings. Perfect for adding a dapper and cool look to weddings and cocktail parties. You can pair them up with a flower or a pocket square.

Thus, you can create different looks on different occasions as per your taste in colors, patterns, and style.

All about suspenders:

A pair of straps, also known as suit braces and suspenders, has been in the fashion industry for eternity now. These braces are not only just styling accessory but also has a functional value. They hold the trouser to the waist and help maintain a perfect posture. To replace uncomfortable belts, these are perfect for any occasion.

Suspenders can be styled in various shapes like "Y" and "X" to add an extra style element.

There are two types of Suspenders:

  1. Button Suspenders: these are the traditional ones! These can be fastened to the trousers through hoops. These suspenders provide a perfect hold to the trousers and are ideal for men with a broad body. These suspenders are the right choice to get a complete and elegant look at weddings and formal meetings.
  2. Clip-on Suspenders: suspenders with metallic clips are for quick and easy styling. These are perfect for experimenting with, as you can wear them with shirts, t-shirts, or denim on a casual day out.

There are few things to keep in mind before selecting suspenders, such as

  • The width of the straps should be selected according to an individual's physique; for instance, if you have a heavy physique, then go for wider straps, and if you are lean, then thin straps are the one for you.
  • Wearing a belt with suspenders is a big no, as both have the same function, i.e., to hold the trousers to the waist. Therefore, it is better to stick to either of them.

Not only as men's fashion accessories, these ties and suspenders are popular amongst boys also. Boy's suspenders and bow tie combination is quite popular for special occasions like weddings and holiday events.

"The difference between style and fashion is quality"- Giorgio Armani

Yes! the quality matters in everything, so whenever you look for suspenders and ties, always go for premium quality fabric for the long-lasting durability of these accessories.


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