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A Perfect Daily Skincare Routine


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We all desire a clear, perfect, and glowing skin which look flawless even without makeup, and
a good daily skin care routine can help you to keep your skin healthy, beautiful and glowing.

But you must be confused after reading a dozen of skin care routines, available all across the internet, and can't decide which one is the most effective. Well today I am going to share with you a simple yet very effective morning and night skin care routine.

A perfect Morning skincare routine


1-Cleanse your skin

So, the first step you get to do is cleanse your skin. Do not use a bar soap, ever, on your face, as they are very much drying. There are typically two types of cleanser you should look for,

  • If you have oily skin, you should look for foaming cleanser, to control extra oil of your skin.
  • But if you have sensitive or drier skin, you should look for some hydrating or moisturizing type of cleanser, a gentle milky cleanser.

2-Tone your skin

After cleasing your skin, ideally the next step is tonning. Unfortunately, for so long people have been using astringents, which are typically alcohol based toners, and due to high percentage of alcohol in them, they make your skin apparently cold and clean, but the problam is that the alcohol not only stips off the oils, but also the useful bacteria of the skin called microbiome.

Now if you got an oily skin, and you use an ancohol based toner on your skin to get rid of all the oil of the skin, what happens actually?

  • When You get rid of all the oil, your skin starts producing even more oil. So you might see your skin free from oil for a short time, but in the long term your skin condition starts getting worse.
  • The other draw back of astringents or other alcohol based toners is, that it kills the microbiome of your skin, which like the good bacteria of the gut, help to maintain the good health of your skin. And getting rid of good bacteria means, the replacement of good bacteria with the bad bacteria, which can cause many other skin issues.

Its not bad to use a toner, but it should be the right kind of toner, like the tea tree toner, as they help to maintain the pH of the skin. The ideal work of the toner is to re-establish the pH, to allow the skin to be slightly acidic, because sometimes the cleanser cause it to go more in basic direction. So choose the right type of toner and make it sure that alcohol is not the main ingredient of it.

3-Apply an Antioxidant

This can be probably the most important step in the morning skin care routine. A perfect antioxidant for your skin is a Vitamin C and Vitamin E combination.

These antioxidants helps your skin to fight against free radicals. These free radicals can damage your skin both, exteranlly and interally, and antioxidants protect your skin against them.

When you are going to buy any Vitamin C make sure they are in some amber or any other type of bottle that does not allow it to oxidize, because when a vitamin C is turned brown thats mean it is already oxidized and it is not going to work on your skin.

A study found that, if you use Vitamin C and E both together, they have a synergistic antioxidant effect, and their effect gets double.

4- Apply an eye cream

After applying an antioxidant, the next step is to apply an eye cream. When buying an eye cream its better to buy a cream that has a minor amount of retinol, that helps in tightening the skin, and moisturize your skin as well.

5-Apply a sunscreen

The final step is to apply a sunscreen, and ideally it should be SPF 30 or above, and that is what the American Academy of Dermatology recommends. A SPF above 30 with a broad spectrum helps block 97% of the sun's rays. You can now also apply makeup after applying sunscreen, if you want to.

A perfect Night skincare routine


Like the morning skin care routine you have to develop a habit of taking care of your skin at night, before going to bed. It is very important and effective for Anti aging and skin health. It consists of following steps

1-Cleanse your skin

Like in the morning the first step in the night skincare routine is to clease your face. It is super important to cleanse your face in the night, if you want to cleanse your face only once a day, then do it at night. It's necessary to get rid of the all the pollution, oils, dried sweat, dirt and makeup of the skin, to let your pores breathe and let the skin to rejuvenate at night. You can choose a foaming or milky cleanser, according to your skin type.

2-Tone your skin

Now even in night skin care routine, ideally the second step is to tone your skin, but if you want to skip any step in night skincare routine, you can probably skip this one. But again avoid using astringents and classic alcohol based toners.

3-Apply a Retinol or Growth factor cream

Now this is the most important step in night skincare routine, to apply an anti aging cream, which should be ideally, a Retinol or a Growth factor or peptides based cream. However Retinol should be your first choice as they are scientifically proven to help prevent skin aging, but if you cannot tolerate Retinol then you can go for a Growth factor or Peptide based cream.

4-Apply an eye cream

Its better to not apply an anti aging cream on your eyes, because your eye skin is the thinnest skin of all, and your eye skin can react against it. It is recommended to use a good eye cream which has a minor amount of Retinol in it. It can help your eye skin to stop sagging.

5-Apply a moisturizer

Now the final step is to apply a moisturizer as needed. If you have an oily skin then stop at step 4 you do not need to apply an extra moisturizer, but people with drier or a thin skin can apply a moisturizer after applying all the products.

Taking care of your skin in the morning and the night can really help your skin to look young, beautiful and glowing for much longer.

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