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A Guide To Men Wearing Bras


A man wearing a bra isn't always what it seems. At first glance all men wearing bras might seem to be the same, but there are many different types of bra wearing male, just like there are many fishes in the sea or birds in the sky. Being able to differentiate between the various types of male bra wearers is a useful life skill that probably won't be included in any school curriculum any time soon, no matter how relevant it may be.

Without further ado, let us gain a basic understanding of the different types of men who wear bras.

Wearing A Bra As A Dare Guy

The guy wearing a bra as a dare probably has it on the outside of his clothing and is grinning like an idiot. The dare guy will be able to get away with barely a lifted eyebrow because he will indulge in the sort of jackass behavior which leaves observers with no question in their minds as to whether or not he is a 'real man'

Has To Wear A Bra Guy

Some men suffer from a condition called gynaecomastia. This is a condition where the man actually grows breast tissue which requires support in the same fashion as a woman may require.

Was Made To Wear A Bra Man

This man has been 'forced' to wear a brassiere by a partner. He actually quite likes it, but could never admit that so instead he plays games in which another person, usually a woman, makes him wear a bra.

Likes To Wear A Bra Man

This type of bra wearing male enjoys bras and chooses to wear them at times. He wears his bra underneath his clothes and though he may have a silly smile on his face, he will not typically engage in the sort of testosterone fueled antics more common to the 'wearing a bra as a dare guy'.

Unlike the 'has to wear a bra' man, the likes to wear a bra man will probably not have quite enough in the chest region to properly fill out a bra. He may purchase breast forms to create a more feminine look, or he may be happy to simply wear an A cup with pride.

Likes to wear a bra man feels no need to be forced into lingerie, though he may enjoy sharing his lingerie wearing with a partner.

Likes to wear a bra man will probably get more grief than any of the other kinds of bra wearing men because, unlike the others, he has no 'excuse' for being in women's lingerie. He wears it because he likes it and this may be threatening for some people who incorrectly make assumptions on his sexual orientation or manhood. Likes to wear a bra man may attempt to hide his bra wearing for this reason.

Comments on August 24, 2019:

I'm just one of them men that loves to wear unisex bras and ,who's living in small town . I can't wear my bras in public afraid of being teased and shund how can get over this feeling . and move on with my way of life. need help understanding . signed confused.

sweetcheeksbev on June 16, 2010:

i wear a bra for one reason only i love the feel of one on and the way i feel with one on

random on May 12, 2010:


Try pushups. (Not the bra - the exercise!)

Eric on April 20, 2010:

im a likes to were bra men I thinks it great i have been wering bras of and on noe for about two years i can fill a b cup with no trouble the trouble i have is trying to find a band that fits right because im so big around that my trouble not very many place sell a 56b or 56a

Brian on December 23, 2009:

I'm a 21 year old man. I've been wearing panties on and off since I was about 10 or so. I now own my own panties and camisoles. I do like wearing bras, but I've never had enough courage to wear a bra in public. Maybe some day I'll have the courage to do it... we'll see.

TIMWILLIAMS on December 09, 2009:

I like this Hub. I am a man that wears womens bras and womens panties as well. When it comes's to the bras, I am considered to be a "likes to wear a bra man". I don't have to wear them, but I like wearing them. They are fun to wear. I like feeling "girly" I wear A cup bras.

I have very small "breast" tissue. A cup bras is all that I need to wear.

alan on October 13, 2009:

i am male 55 i have worn panties since age 15 every day and bra for last 15 years i am 42a or b wife ok and i don't care who else knows.

Shelley on June 24, 2009:

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I'm a "Likes to Wear a Bra" man and have been wearing bras for the last 30 years. A 36B fits fine now and my breasts surely do fill the cups. In the beginning, when I was about 17 years old, I was terribly scared of wearing the 30B bras under my shirt in public for fear of peoples reaction and therefore remained a closet queen for sometime. But after a couple of years I got bold enough and tried wearing them in public under shirts of thicker material so that the bra was not quite visible. Once I knew that I could get away with it, I started with the normal shirts where the bra was slightly visible from behind.

Although I got a lot of strange looks from people, the first direct comment that I got from the public was from a girl in a shopping mall. She walked up to me and whispered that my bra straps were showing. I blushed beetroot red and wished there was some place where I could hide. But she put me at ease saying that she really liked what she saw. We got talking and soon she became my first real girlfriend. It was she who guided me further and gave me the courage to wear a bra even under shirts made from the thinnest of fabrics. We used to go out together in public and show off my bras. I didn't care any more for what the people would say. I liked it and it felt good. That was all that mattered.

I've found out through my personal experience that there are many women who get attracted to guys that wear a bra and have the nerve to show it off in public. Unfortunately it is men who have wrong notions about the men who wear a bra. The first thing that comes to their mind is that this guy must be a homosexual. I've heard many bad comments from such people and have even been approached by homosexuals. But I give a damn to such people. My women and I know very well that I'm very much a straight guy even though I wear bras and panties most of the time.

So guys... don't get intimidated by these guys out there who pass lewd and rude comments. They are the guys who would love to wear a bra if given half a chance but unfortunately don't have the guts to do so. Just wear your bra without any feeling of shame or guilt and show the world that you are wearing one. Be a torch bearer of "Men's Liberation".

Paula on June 22, 2009:

I'm a married, full heterosexual guy who simply likes to wear sexy bras. My wife encourages it, and sometimes buys for me, and we have a great life together. I maybe dress just once a week, but would happily do more. I have never had any gay feelings, and just love gthe closeness we share.

shawna on June 14, 2009:

I'm a "likes to wear a bra man", including breast forms (actually large balloons underfilled with water so they won't break). I currently wear a 42 M. going out in public is a little tricky.

GoneNylon on March 21, 2009:


I've looked for middle ground in your analysis, but can't find any. That's actually rather disturbing, for it leaves an unhappy, conflicted place for men who, as we age, find ourselves with rather sociably laughable "Man Boobs."

The guy who once sported a sweaty polo shirt after a round of golf may find himself, a couple of decades later, after that same round of golf, looking quite "obvious" with his "Man Boobs." Some of us would rather not face that.

To be clear, it's not "gynecomastia," per se, insofar as that condition occurs in populations from puberty onward. Rather, male breasts increase in size with a decrease in testosterone production as the male ages. It's the same thing that gives rise (no pun intended) to the market for Viagra.

It's more than a little embarrassing to come into the clubhouse with telltale crescent moon sweat stains under one's male breasts. How nice it would be if we "men of a certain age" could simply don a sports bra, with all its space age wicking, sweat conceling technology, play a damned round of golf, come into the clubhouse NOT looking like we'd been hiding bananas under our shirts and sit down to a beer at the 19th Hole.

I swear, I'm going to work my nerve up to do just that: I'll find an acceptably unisex sports bra in something approaching my size (the ladies at the outlet store won't mind; they never do) and wear it for a round or two this summer. I'll be the middle-aged guy who's actually COMFORTABLE.

We'll leave my stunning taffetta cocktail dress at the Friday Night mixer for another hub. :) As the late, great Madelaine Kahn remarked in the sadly apropos "Young Frankenstein," "Taffetta, darling! Taffetta!"

ILoveLingerie on March 19, 2009:

I love your analyzing mind;)

courtneytuttle on March 17, 2009:

I'm pretty sure that you're right about 'Likes To Wear A Bra Man' - he is going to get LOTS of grief. I love it - funniest hub I've seen all day!

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