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9 Modish Hijab Styles for Young Professionals

Hijab is the symbol of modesty and elegance in Muslim women. In recent years, a lot of working women are spotted wearing hijab even in Western countries, and therefore, it can be said that modest fashion is on its rise. With hectic and competitive professional routine, it’s pretty challenging for females to dress with comfy and modish hijab styles. Plain hijab is getting obsolete in the fashion world and every dressing mode requires a specific hijab styling so that the beauty of apparel can be amplified. So, this article will help the working professionals in getting some amazing jaw-dropping and vogue hijab styling inspirations. Here you go!

Simple yet vogue working attire with plain hijab


Wearing loose and straight trousers with decent tops makes a good combination. A hijab of plain material and conservative color intensify the overall look. It is considered as the most comfortable type of hijab styling as it can easily adjust around the neck.

An embroidered Abaya and hijab for professional meet-ups


If you are getting perplexed about wearing professional yet stylish attire for office dinner or lunch, then lower your overthinking rate because the image below gives a splendid idea. Modest fashion can thrive in a professional environment if you get the right combination. An embroidered or lace embellished Abaya with matching hijab gives an exemplary casual look.

Hijab for outdoor office activities and traveling?


Stripe shirts and hijabs are the most trending formal apparels these days. Striped hijab looks ravishing on jet black or blue jeans. Other than this, plain shirts and hijab also rock on striped pencil trousers.

A sophisticated look by tucking dress shirt into trouser or pants


If you are tired of wearing regular pants, switch the mood to mommy trousers or flappers. Tucking the formal shirt and wearing a burgundy belt will add a modish styling in the appearance. The color of trouser and hijab should be the same as it would complement the personality. Both simple hijab styling and high pointed hijab will look charismatic on this attire.

Embody simplicity by pairing monochromic blazer and hijab

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Black blazer on the black long skirt is the most elegant professional look. A pair of silver shoes and red or white patterned hijab cloth magnifies the beauty of the dress.

What can be chicer than a decent hijab on a floral maxi?


Floral floating printed coats or maxis when paired up with hijab and white sneakers give a contemporary look. A plain inner neck hijab adds charm and rejoices in the intellectual professional working look.

An unbeatable hijab styling on long coats


Monochromatic double stuffed coats can be decently worn on bright colored hijab like yellow, purple, or magenta. You can play with the colors and patterns of hijab to sparkle your modesty and personality.

Rectangular hijab on vogue blazers


Blazers with scarves or hijab are the most wearable and loved attire of young working females. You can add pinches of charm in the appearance by adjusting the color of the hijab and blazers. The rectangular posture of hijab around the neck and edges on the shoulders intensify the sophistication of the dress.

Professional hijab statement on balloon sleeved shirts


Elegant formal balloon shirts when tucked on stylish jeans or cotton pants give contemporary daily office look. It can be further beautified by wearing high heels and dark-colored hijab.

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This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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