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8 Sweaters You Need To Have in Your Wardrobe!

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I love fashion! Every woman loves to have a wardrobe that makes them look good. Let's have fun with fashion together.

What do you love to wear during the fall and winter? How about a fluffy and cozy sweater to keep you warm and stylish at the same time? The sweater is the perfect cold weather apparel. There are many different types of sweaters for women to pick from. This article talks about 8 different types and how each type fits into your wardrobe.

Cashmere or Merino Wool Cardigan

A high quality cashmere or merino wool cardigan can last you many years. Natural fibers such as cashmere or wool will keep in warm in addition to being a fashion statement. Furthermore, natural fibers are better for the environment than synthetic fiber such as polyester. Pick a cardigan that falls right at the hip bone to flatter most women. You can opt for a longer cardigan if you are taller. Wear a nice collared shirt underneath the cardigan for a polished and professional look. If you live in a colder climate, you can wear a thin cashmere turtleneck sweater underneath the cardigan for the ultimate warmth. The cardigan is a very good sweater to have for any closet. It can go from professional to causal depending on what you wear it with. In addition, for a feminine and soft look, pick a soft pink cardigan. It will for sure accentuate your femininity features and figure.


Cable Knit Sweater

A cable knit sweater can add interest to monotoned sweater. With lots of different patterns available to fashion designers, this sweater can have an incredible amount of variety. Due to the way that the yarn is knit for the cable sweater, this apparel is a lot thicker than traditional sweater and perfect for the colder climate. If you want the ultimate causal lazy look, buy an oversized cable sweater and use it as an outerwear. You will look chic instantly. Are you picky when it comes to cable knits? Or can't find the pattern you love? Just type in "Aran sweater" and search. Different cable knit sweaters from many brands will show up. Traditionally, Aran sweaters are hand knit and feature very creative designs. You will for sure find the perfect one to suit your fashion sense.


Colorful Sweater

Monotoned sweater is nice for layering and coordinating with other pieces in your wardrobe. But, what if you want the sweater to be the centerpiece? You can always go with a more colorful sweater as long as your other pieces are more toned down. For example, a cute polka dot sweater is cute and appropriate for all causal outings. How about a horizontal stripes sweater? The stripes can be one color or different colors or different thickness. There are lots of variety for the stripes sweater. You almost have unlimited choices in this category. A word of caution, horizontal stripes are not very suitable for overweight women. It can make you look even bigger than you actually are. However, bigger women can still rock stripes sweater if you go with darker colors. For example, a black sweater with dark red stripes can look amazing and slimming at the same time. If you want even more colors, go with a pastel colored fair isle sweater for a northern European themed look.


V-neck Sweater

A thin V-neck sweater is perfect for those that live in not so cold regions. You can experience the coziness of a sweater without sweating. In places like southern California, fall and winter are mild. A thin V-neck sweater is good enough for warmth and add variety to a closet full of very causal t-shirts. If you want a high quality V-neck sweater, go for cashmere because it will be your favorite thing in the wardrobe. Best of all, the V-neck is universally flattering for women of all shapes and sizes. Wear the V-neck sweater with a pair of slacks for smart causal or semi-professional in the office. Pair the V-neck sweater with a long A-line skirt for a feminine and romantic look for fall and winter dates. This sweater is really versatile and can go with everything.

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Floral Sweater Dress

Do you want the ultimate romantic look for a date night during the fall and winter seasons? You can go for a floral sweater dress to accentuate your feminine features and figure. Complete this look with long wavy hair, a dainty necklace, black stockings and a pair of knee high boots. Make sure the black stockings are little bit longer than the boots. Let it peak out a little bit higher than the boots to add layers and interest to your outfit. In general, knee high boots should be flat or with a slight chucky heel. If the boots are super high heel, you might look a little bit over the top. In the end, your significant other will be very happy with your cute outfit. This type of sweater dress is not that common in the states, you can easily from it from Japanese brands on oversea websites.


Mock Neck Sweater

Do you want a high neck sweater to keep yourself warm in the winter season? But you don't want to wear the turtleneck because it wraps around your neck and is not the most comfortable. How about a mock neck sweater? This type of sweater is similar to turtlenecks. It wraps around the neck with a single layer and typically rises less than a turtleneck. This type of neckline is very versatile and flatters more women than a traditional turtleneck. Even when your neck is shorter, the mock neck sweater can still fit you. In addition, the mock neck sweater allows you to wear a scarf while you really can't wear a scarf with the turtleneck. The winter season mock neck sweater is very good and should be incorporated in all closets. Again, pick cashmere or other high quality material for all day comfort. Since the high neck part touches your skin directly, it is really important to make sure that the sweater will not cause any irritation to your skin.


Mohair Feminine Sweater

Do you want to look feminine and gorgeous just like a French girl? Try to buy a high quality sweater that is blended with mohair. This type of sweater tends to look fluffy due to the mohair. Combined with feminine features such as lace or slight balloon sleeves, you have embraced the French romantic style. Complete the look with dainty and chucky jewelry. This style is different from what women typically wore in the states and will make you style stand out in the crowd. Style the hair with some soft curls and you will have a complete outfit for a casual date.


Short Sleeve Cropped Sweater

Who says you can only wear sweater during the fall and winter seasons? Go with a thinly knit short sleeve cropped sweater for a chic look in the spring. Cropped tops are perfect with high waisted jeans. If you want to look more vibrant and young, go with a vivid colored short sleeve cropped sweater. Even though yellow is a hard color to wear for everyday, it actually goes perfectly with a pair of medium or light washed jeans. Complete the look with a bohemian inspired purse for a more carefree look. This outfit is especially fitting for petite ladies because it makes your legs look longer and you will look taller as a result.


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