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8 Exquisite Colors of Gold

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I cannot say that I am an expert as far as jewellry are concerned, it is merely and interest and I like the look!!

Rose gold, crown gold - the most beautiful of the gold colors

Wedding ring set

Wedding ring set

Many colors of gold

  • The traditional color of gold is yellow hence the abundance of yellow gold jewelry in the market. Gold is preferred as a metal from which to create jewelry as it is such a flexible metal. Jewelers have favored gold for a long time – there are other metals that are used for jewelry too but gold is still the one mostly used.
  • Metals such as silver, titanium, palladium, stainless steel, and tungsten have found its way into the market; many of these are used in the manufacturing of men’s jewelry simply because they are durable and are good for wear and tear.
  • There are however other gold colors too; they are not as widely used as yellow gold but they are available – just get the mix right and you have the gold color of your choice. The white and rose colors are known but the others not so much. Here they are:

1. White Gold

  • White gold is not platinum; it sounds the same but is not. Platinum is a white metal occurring all on its own in nature while white gold is an alloy. The white gold alloy is created by adding one white metal to gold; it can be palladium, manganese, or nickel. White and yellow gold are both measured in carats and 9 ct. and 18 ct. are the best-known ones – there are however others too.
  • White gold makes alluring rings for either an engagement or wedding and it is currently very popular with brides-to-be and even with their grooms.
White Gold Engagement Ring

White Gold Engagement Ring

2. Red Gold

  • Red gold is not as well known as the main three colors i.e. yellow, white, and rose gold and it is not that widely used either. This was not the case in earlier times when Red Gold was so popular in Russia that was known as Russian Gold.
  • Jewelry and rings made with red gold are available in 18 and 12-carat and are made up as follows: 18-carat red gold is created when 75% gold and 25% copper are mixed whereas the 12-carat version has 50% each, i.e. 50% gold and 50% copper.

Red Gold jewellery


3. Rose Gold

  • Rose gold must be my all-time favorite, and I am not the only one who feels this way. Whether the ring is manufactured from rose gold only or in combination with white and/or yellow gold, I find it irresistible. The pink color blends perfectly with the biggest of diamonds or the smallest of gemstones, and can be matched with a variety of colors of stones.
  • There are many different shades of Rose Gold. The color varies from the slightest pink to a darker more defined pink.
  • Rose Gold has a different composition than the white and red gold versions. 18 carat rose gold is made out of 75% gold, 22.25% copper and 2.75% silver. Rose gold jewelry, and especially rose gold rings, are favored by modern brides and women overall simply because it has such a beautiful sheen. 22-carat rose gold is known as crown gold and it is easy to see why.

Emerald diamond in rose gold

Bangles in green gold

Bangles in green gold

4. Green Gold

  • Green is a very strange color for gold and I cannot say that I have ever seen a green colored gold ring or piece of jewelry. It is however different, and for that reason only it is an option for wedding and engagement rings.
  • Green gold is also called electrum, although electrum itself is an alloy of gold and silver. It occurs naturally and has traces of other metals such as copper.
  • Green gold as such is a product of manufacturing. The color of the green gold alloy varies from a proper green to a pale green to a bright yellow.
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Stunning green gold wedding set


5. Grey Gold

  • I see grey as a very strange color for gold; it is however not for me to decide. Tastes differ and you might think it the perfect match for you.
  • Men might consider this a manly color, similar to say, platinum, or a Goth clan will consider it a light black and will use it, I do not know. The fact is that it is possible to manufacture a grey color and you can choose a grey gold ring if you like.
  • When a grey gold alloy is manufactured, gold and palladium are used in the process. A cheaper recipe for grey gold is to add copper, manganese and silver to gold and voila, you have a grey gold.

Grey Gold rings

Grey Gold and small diamonds Ring

Grey Gold and small diamonds Ring

14 ct rose and grey gold Gothic unisex engagement ring.

14 ct rose and grey gold Gothic unisex engagement ring.

Purple Gold

Engagement ring in Purple Gold

Engagement ring in Purple Gold

6. Purple Gold

  • Purple is another gold color that is not in everyday use.
  • Purple gold is an alloy of aluminium and gold, and is called violet or amethyst gold. The purple color is a brittle gold and will shatter more readily that the other colors. Wedding bands and engagement rings must last a lifetime and maybe just maybe this might be the reason why purple is not favored as much as the yellow gold which is strong.
  • Interestingly, purple gold is often used as a gemstone more so than as the gold itself.

Blue Gold

Blue Gold engagement ring

Blue Gold engagement ring

7. Blue Gold

  • Another royal-sounding gold color is blue gold. The 12-carat blue contains 46% gold and 54% indium. The result is more of a grey-blue color.
  • As is the case with all the other colors gold, the blue also has different hues. So, depending on the manufacturing you can have a lighter, grey-blue, or darker blue.

8. Yellow Gold

  • The natural color of gold is yellow; it therefore makes sense that it is the easily recognizable color of gold. However, not all the yellows look the same - by creating an alloy of gold, silver, and copper, the degree of the yellow changes. The majority of gold jewelry is made in this color and it is normally available in 9 and 18 carat with 14 carat available too.
  • My own wedding band is a combination or yellow, white, and rose gold in 18 ct. Many other pieces are manufactured with the combinations of colors - it can be either white and yellow gold or rose and white gold - there really are no restrictions.

Stunning Yellow Gold Wedding Set


More reading about gold

Other gold colours

  • The colors green, grey, purple, and blue are not often found in the manufacture of gold jewelry but it is available for those who want to go that route. The color black is also available.
  • Yellow, white, and rose gold are the colors of choice for the majority of wearers of gold jewelry at the moment and styles are varied and plentiful.

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