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7 Unconventional Must Try Blonde Alternative Hair Trends

Gone are the days of those blonde highlights and gentle streak. Bright and vibrant hair colors are here to stay. They are more prevalent than ever and Blonde is no more the dazzling star of these contemporary trends. These days, a lot of options are available in terms of shades and styles that can enhance your hair and your personality irrespective of your hair length and the color which can last for as long as you want it to. Add some panache to your strands and it will absolutely transform the way you look. These stylish hair trends are the smart approach to blend things up and to keep your beautiful locks looking renewed all the time.

Check out these most popular Eccentric hair trends Instead of going Blonde this season -

Rose Gold


Rose gold is the color of the season. Its color is bright and intense. This Golden reddish-brown tone is one of the most accepted shades in the gamut. This perfect balance of light golden red and light brown adds accurate dimension and make red hair color look brighter and more invigorated. Rose gold hair is an elusive and delicate style with a shimmering shade. It is surely something you want to try out this season.

Red Balayage


The balayage practice really adds on to the beauty. It is an advanced French Hair coloring skill which has expanded worldwide lately. The objective is to create soft, natural-looking highlights that look more contemporary than outdated coloring approaches. It is austerely freehand skill. The color is painted on the strands by hand. This technique entails color sweeping. The most standard way of doing this is largely emphasizing the aspects that frame your face, the manes that tend to already be lighter than the rest of the hair. In case, you have longer hair; you should trail the curvature of your hair from the shoulders down. It is used as a substitute to foil highlighting which creates a more candid look. This technique offers more control over the highlighted part and makes the development at the scalp look steadier. You can flaunt the look in various striking shades, like strawberry or dark red or Canary yellow. You can intensify the hue to vary from a soft wash to upbeat and bold colors depending on your fondness and choice. Red hair has the most to offer, as this lively color tends to subjugate your skin. The use of high and low lights can add a multidimensional effect, precisely for every hair type or length. Balayage in Scorching red or vivid yellow is the perfect to make you a head turner. It’s an evergreen color that suits all skin tones and gives a badass vibe, it looks gorgeous without an overshadowing allure.

Multicolored Highlights


The best part about this style is that you can equally pick an understated color like grey with a quirky color like blue or pink. Toting a combination of different colored highlights is the flawless way to surpass the whole world. It is a great option for beginners. Integrate some bright highlights on dark hair to create an eye-catching contrast. For naturally wavy types, ribbon highlights are all on the game; spiral down the hair with streaks of color. You could go the pastel way and enhance a streak of perky color. You can add dimension to hair by blending the strands in any darker shade as well. Frosted highlights are also a good option, where you can achieve a multi-colored light-and-dark effect by dyeing individual strands. Besides bright pink and electric blue amethyst is the seamless color to add some brink to your hairdo.

Split Dye

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This trend put forward coloring one side of your hair in one color and the other can be left natural or in a different color. You can divide your hair into two parts and dye them both with diverse shades up to your taste and liking. You can try bright, lively, unflinching color on one side, while swaying a more natural tone on the other. Pick a color that contrasts with your natural color such as Ice Blue or Dye both the sides in two clashing shades. Trying Dark and light shades of the same shade family is also a good option as it gives amazing alteration effect. A side parting instead of the original middle partition, in complementary shades such as Red and Green looks fashionable. Looking forward to revolutionize things around, try this fantastic yet; daring trend.



Violet color is less dramatic but still offers a massive transformation. Try a deep purple hue all over your hair; if you don't want a completely compact hairdo, try adding Violet color to the layers beneath; the look achieved is perfect balance of day and night. These days many variations of violet are available in the market, you need to choose which shade you want to use because this will define correctly how you continue towards the color. There are Shades of Lilac, Dusty Mauve, Bright Eggplant violet etc. Dark colors like burgundy, deep purples and indigo are easier to realize as compared to Lighter shades of violet like magenta and lilac. Noticeable lavender roots are super common at this moment. Violet hair entails care to avert fading, but it is unquestionably one of the most stimulating hair trend and the ‘IT’ thing at the moment.

Grey Ombré


Grey ombré hair has been up-to-the-minute look among young women for more than a few seasons now, and it shows no insignia of slackening. This avant-garde color brightens your hair and the difference is significant. Ombre brings up to the continuing lightening of the hair, waning from a darker, natural hair color at the roots to a lighter shade at the ends. It can be done in a delicate manner or can be very striking. The differentiation amid the natural color and the dyed one at the tips is protuberant with Ombre and almost imperceptible with the other color. You can accomplish an upshot of stunning dimensional waves as well by combining Ombre look with Balayage. Ombre hair is still attractive and in style.



Neon hair trend has recently made a come back. Neon colors are impeccable for making a statement. Neon shades are aimed to give vivid, boldly strong outcomes. You can go for awesome neon ombre or applying Neon Blue at the roots and Neon Yellow at the mids and ends. Bright neon turquoise is the combination of Upbeat green and powder blue. It radiates under black light. There are many florescent shades with a strong electric sense as well which makes it cool to juncture the neon revolution. It’s just like glow-in-the-dark rainbow-colored hair. If you totally love harsh shades, astonishingly bright Neon Amethyst is worth the effort.

So girls, Take some hair trend boost and add some splish-splash of color to your everyday life. Its time to experiment; try something new and color your tresses other than boring Blonde.

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