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7 Tricks To Look Like a Superstar


If you want to feel like a superstar, maybe all you need to do is look like one. Command the attention and respect of yourself and those around you by taking serious steps towards overhauling your look to be your most beautiful self.

Brighten Up Your Eyes

Power celebrities don't have the dark circles under their eyes that many working people do. Dusting a thin line of some taupe eyeshadow underneath your lower lashes can help offset bluish circles under your eyes fairly quickly. Get the sleep you need and you will feel and look more confident.

Drink Water

Drink lots of water. Get at least eight servings a day. Just hydrating your skin can do wonders for your glow. Staying hydrated is vital to looking and feeling your best. Another benefit of drinking is that it helps you have more energy.

Along with drinking water, you need to eat healthy food. Food that makes you happy will help in the short term but consider the long term as well. Healthy food can help you be happier in the long term. With healthy food, you will start to have more energy and feel better. The better you feel, the more like a superstar you will look.

Rock the Red Carpet Look on a Budget

Who needs to spend hundreds of microdermabrasion and chemical peels? You can just put a tiny bit of your metallic eye shadow in your face lotion. You'll look like you're ready to strut into a gala right away.

The best superstars have their own style. From their shoes to their clothes to their hair, their style shines through. Not only does their style show, but their personality shows as well. Find clothes that make you happy. Clothes that match your personality. With increased confidence, you will be able to wow the world. So find your style, let it show.

Facial Threads

Facial threads can be a safe way to tighten up the skin on any part of your neck or face. Practitioners often treat necklines, nasolabial folds, and the jawline, but they can address nearly any problem area. This technique has been used safely in surgical applications for years, so you might want to look up more information.

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Bronze Those Cheeks

Get the supermodel look with some clever contouring. Sweep a little bronzer onto your cheek hollows for some depth and perspective on your cheekbones. Makeup can go a long way to transform your look. Contouring is vital when making a look for your makeup. Remember that no one starts out being good at makeup. Finding the right look for you, and executing it takes time. So don’t worry if it takes a while to find what works for you.

Airbrushed Aesthetic

Use makeup brushes to put your foundation on instead of your fingers. The distribution will be more even for a soft and gorgeous look. The smoother the makeup, the more natural it will look. Experiment with different brushes and sponges to find what works best for you. Try taking a day and applying makeup in a few different ways. Then you can take selfies and determine what look fits your style the most.

If you ever need help with the technique, don’t be afraid to look at tutorials on youtube. Lots of people are new, learning, or just looking for new ways to do their makeup. Don’t worry. You aren’t alone in looking.

Own Your Moments

One superstar quality that can't be achieved with surgery or makeup is the ability to live in the moment. Know the moment you are in, and deal with it. Don't lay in bed worrying about your day when the alarm goes off. Taking things one beat at a time will give you a confident vibe people notice.

The more confident you are in yourself, the more people will notice you. Confidence and self-appreciation are necessary to look and feel your best. Trust yourself. You are worth it. You matter, and you can look like and be a superstar.

It used to be that only the very affluent could afford to look like a superstar, but modern technology and techniques have leveled the playing field. Whether you want to glam up for a single night or a new look for months on end, use these seven tricks to find your new vibe.

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