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7 Outfit Mistakes That Make You Look Sloppy

Everyone wants to look their best. While we try to look and feel good on most days, there are also times when we just don’t have the energy to dress to impress.

But, the truth is, it’s possible to look good without having to make dramatic changes. It’s always the little things that can make a great difference. Looking as neat and polished as you can be is possible with a few small adjustments to your style—regardless of your body type and style preferences.

Is your outfit making you look a little messy? Continue reading as we list some outfit mistakes that can be particularly damaging to your look.

Are You Guilty of These 7 Outfit Mistakes?

1. Not washing your clothes as often as you should

You can indeed wear some types of clothes multiple times before washing them. But, taking them for laundry and dry cleaning services less often than you’re supposed to means the longer the dirt, sweat, and oils will have to stay on their fabrics. These not only make your clothes look soiled but can also become breeding grounds for bacteria, which over time can result in you developing body odours.

How often you should wash your clothes depends on how close they are to your skin. It means washing your underwear after every wear, and that you may get away with washing your dress pants, skirts, and jackets after a week of wearing. One exception is when your clothes have spills and stains—wash them immediately to keep stains from setting in.

2. Not taking care of your clothes

Wear and tear is a fact of life. Unfortunately, it happens faster to your favourite clothes, obviously because you wear them more often, and sometimes the damage only becomes more apparent until it’s too late—the fraying on your jeans where your thighs rub together, for example.

Besides appearance and hygiene, proper care and maintenance are key to keeping your clothes looking good for longer. But, it will come to a point that your clothes look worn out enough that it may be time to say goodbye.

3. Wearing damaged clothes

At least at one point in your life, you’ve had clothes that you wore so often that you’ve become oblivious to the fact that they are starting to fray. Wear and tear can easily sneak up on you—small rips, pinholes, etc. Unfortunately, that’s not the case with the people around you.

Get the most out of your favourite clothes by addressing the first signs of wear and tear. Take them to a tailor or repair small damages yourself before they get past their usability. Replace broken zippers, sew loose buttons, etc. Some laundry service providers also offer tailor services for an all-in-one solution for all your garment care needs.

4. Wearing wrinkled clothes

They probably will not tell you this, but people you work closely with—your clients or employees, for example—will not take you seriously if you look like you just grabbed your shirt straight from the dryer.

Ironing may not be that fun, but you would want to put a bit more effort into your clothes, even if that means waking up a few minutes earlier to iron your clothes. It’s also worthwhile to put in the effort to prevent wrinkles in the first place: sort your dirty laundry properly and hang your clothes immediately after drying. Here’s another tip: let your laundry and dry cleaners do them instead.

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5. Lint and animal fur on your clothes

Ever wondered why your friends know you’re a cat lover without telling them? It’s probably the fur on your clothes that always gives you away. Fur can cling to your clothes and it can make you look unkempt, particularly when you wear dark clothing.

When you have pets at home, keep a lint roller handy. You can then use it for its actual purpose, which is to remove lint. These fibres that stick out from your clothes make them look dirty, even right after they have been washed.

6. Wearing oversized clothes

Some may not agree with this, but sometimes clothes can look cheap and ugly if it doesn’t fit you correctly. While oversized clothes are a trend these days, outside social media, these types of clothing can look nothing but baggy and as if they were handed down to you by someone who’s a few sizes bigger than you are.

Sure, if you’re after a more relaxed look, you can get away with wearing baggy clothes. But, if you want to have a neat, clean-cut appearance, you are better off wearing clothes that are custom-fit to your size.

7. Too many accessories

Accessories can kind of make or break your outfit. While they are essential to your look, piling on gaudy accessories can make an otherwise elegant outfit look cheap and tacky. A single necklace is already a great statement piece and a scarf can already pull an entire outfit together. Like with many other things, less is more when it comes to accessorising.

The perfect accessory is always eye-catching and appropriate for the occasion. It pays to invest in quality items as well as in basic wardrobe staples that you can mix and match with most of your clothes.

Wear Your Best Outfits with Clean Care

There are many ways you could be compromising your outfit and most of these mistakes only highlight the importance of taking care of your clothes—and that starts with proper laundry.

Clean Care is a laundry and dry cleaning company that offers premium-quality services to protect your clothes from damage and prolong their lifespan. They use professional-grade equipment and cleaning solutions that are tough on dirt and stains yet gentle on your fabrics.

When you just don’t have the time to give your clothes the attention they deserve or just don’t know how to, these kinds of services are a real lifesaver.

Which of these outfit mistakes are you most guilty of? Let us know by leaving a comment.

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