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7 Fashion Tips Every Man Should Know

Mary enjoys sharing tips, most of which she's tested, about any subject that makes some part of human life better or easier.

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo from Pexels

Photo by Clem Onojeghuo from Pexels

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Once upon a time, it was not catastrophic for a man not to be fashionable – at least in my part of the world. Men usually got a pass, unlike women in the same situation. Times have changed, though, and today, a fashionable man does not fear the ridicule that came with being tagged "feminine." It’s okay for anyone to be fashionable now, as it should be.

That being said, while fashion is ever-evolving, there are some basic fashion tips men can learn a thing or two from. Granted, not everything might appeal to you, but they’re sure to improve your fashion game altogether.

1. A Watch Is a Must-Have

An excellent way to complete your outfit is with a watch. Consider how you'll feel about the watch a few months from now when you choose one that you like.

To keep its vintage aspect throughout time, it should be attractive, practical, and strong. You should also think about how it fits in relation to your wrist. It wouldn't be a good idea to have a large one that may be unsuitable on occasion, particularly when worn with a suit.

2. Wear Shoes That Suit Your Style

The shoes you wear are the core of your whole look, and this is something that most dudes fail to realize. Those who saw your feet will remember the shoes you wore. Your footwear is a worthy financial commitment so long as you look after it. Investing in a sturdy pair of shoes that can accommodate all of your toes is preferable to saving money in the short term but spending more in the long run on a rotating supply of cheap knockoffs.

When choosing a pair of shoes, it's important to think about the collar, the embellishments, and the sole. The trendiness of overly ornate footwear may only be temporary. Investing in shoes with interchangeable soles extends the life of your footwear and reduces costs. As an added reminder, save your nice shoes for really special events and invest in a pair of sneakers to slip on for more relaxed gatherings.

Photo by Evans Owusu Ansah from Pexels

Photo by Evans Owusu Ansah from Pexels

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3. Dress Sharply in a Suit

Fit is the secret to a sharp-looking suit. Focus on the fit across the shoulders when purchasing off-the-rack items since it is quite simple to have the chest and waist changed. A period suit should only be worn if you're going for a complete era appearance, since the suit alone may start to seem out of place. The best and most practical options are classic: dark, two-button, single-breasted, and somewhat detailed. Consider this outfit as a blank slate on which to paint many concepts of personality. Not the label inside, but how you wear it makes an impression.

4. Choose a Fitted Shirt

The secret to choosing well-fitting shirts is being aware of your sleeve and neck sizes. Measure around your Adam's apple to determine the size of your neck. The ideal size is when two fingers, both placed on the neck, can fit easily between the tape and your neck.

Place your hand to your side and bend your arm at a straight angle to measure your sleeve length. Have someone measure you, starting at the base of your neck, moving down the outside of your arm, and ending at the wrist.

Photo by The Lazy Artist Gallery from Pexels

Photo by The Lazy Artist Gallery from Pexels

5. Care about Your Appearance

It's the kind of thing mom would tell you, but clothes are an investment, so treat them well. Dry clean your suit and get it pressed, wash your clothing often but preferably not in a tumble dryer (this might deteriorate the fabric), and shine your shoes. In the same way, you should take care of the leather jacket you wear every day. Brush your hair and trim your nails as part of a basic yet effective grooming routine. After all, the devil is in the particulars.

6. Accessorize Minimally

Traditional attire may be personalized with ties and pocket squares, but use them with caution. It's preferable to choose one or two colors that go well with what you're wearing. Or even to completely contrast them. Matching things up is not what you want to do. Wear your tie or pocket square in a deeper tone than your jacket when selecting shirts and ties. Don't overdo the accessories too; if in doubt, remove one part and remember that less is more. One point of interest will do.

Photo by nappy from Pexels

Photo by nappy from Pexels

7. Learn to Knot a Tie

Despite the apparent simplicity of knotting a tie, many men seem to be clueless in this area. Your tie-knotting experience will become a breeze once you master the technique. Ties are quite important, thus learning how to make them is a must. Visualize attending a job interview, funeral, or board meeting without one.

The same holds true for knowing how to pair a suit with a tie.

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