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5+1 Ways to Spice up Your Outfits

Tips and tricks for better outfits

Girls and gays, boys and theys, I know the struggle! You love fashion and dressing up but you are too afraid to experiment with all these new trends. Am I correct? Since you clicked on this article, I think I am. Although it may seem like hell finding out the perfect outfit to impress and conquer the world, it is way easier than you think.

After trying new trends, dressing up, dressing down, wearing everybody else's clothes rathen than mine, I think I got you 5+1 ways to make heads turn when you are out there on your duty to dress and impress.

  1. Do not forget your hair. I know hair is a hassle to tackle sometimes! Why bother perfecting hairstyle when you can easily brush and leave? I will tell you why. Hair might seem like not that big of a deal but it is the #1 thing that can pull an outfit together. Wear it down, wear it up in a tight, high or low ponytail, curl it, straighten it, do whatever you think goes best with your drip and never forget about your haircare! I don't believe that anyone would like to go out with frizzy or dead or greasy hair.
  2. Put on some makeup. Some blush, mascara and a gloss, or a complete full face of makeup will give a completely different vibe to your outfit. Either you use makeup to enhance your features or to completely transform your face, you do you! I personally love perfecting my face makeup and using little to none products for eyes and lips, because I feel like an off-duty model with the perfect, procelain skin. However, sometimes a graphic liner or a bold lip is the move.
  3. The perfect bag. By chosing the perfect bag for your outfit you will look instantly more trendy, even though you know you are a basic b! What is the perfect bag you may ask and I will give you the answer. Let's say you are wearing jeans and a t-shirt or a total black (always safe) look. By picking a shoulder bag or a fanny pack, that are very trendy at the moment, with a bold color, an interesting print, or a weird shape, you, instantly, give off the "trendy person" vibe, that for sure knows how to be stylish with no effort.
  4. The jewellery!!! Always use jewellery, rings, earrings, necklaces, body chains, whatever your heart desires. Jewellery do not have to be expensive, it just needs to be blingy and sparkly. That way it will catch more people's attention. Do not mix metals (gold-silver, gold-rose gold etc), do it only if you do it on purpose.
  5. Try monochromatics. If you are feeling bold enough try putting together outfits of the same color. For example, for a more polished look wear total beige outfits, if you want to be on the girlier side wear total pink etc. Of course total black is always an option and if done correctly it can drop jaws! The shades do not have to be the same and in that case the different shades make the outfit look more dimensional.
  6. Matching mask! Now that covid controls our lives and we have to wear a mask whenever we go out, masks have become a part of our outfits. I, personally, find it very interesting and fun, matching my mask to my outfit. It's just taken the place of our makeup. ATTENTION!! I for sure do not recommend wearing non surgical masks, I just pointed out a way to play with our closets. Always stay safe!
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