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Home Remedies to Remove Tan on Face

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Parts of the body exposed to the sun, are prone to tanning. Extreme exposure may cause sun burns and can cause lots of damage to the sensitive skin. Moderate exposure is infact required for the production of Vitamin D, a key ingredient for a healthy body. Try to avoid excessive/ direct exposure to sun. Our skin produces a compound known as melanin to protect the skin cells from sun's harmful rays. This melanin is responsible for darkening the skin and causes sun tan. Excessive tanning may darken one's natural skin color and exposed parts becomes much darker than the protected parts of the body. Obviously most affected parts are face and legs as these are not covered by clothes. A simple tip is , if possible wear long sleeve shirts and use an umbrella or wear a hat that provides shade to face. Also put your sunglasses as they protect eyes and skin around it.

The UV rays and its different forms damages the skin and make it dull and rough. There are natural remedies available in one's kitchen/home itself that can help to reduce tan on face. Whether you are worried about tan due to your recent outing to sunny beach or travel to hot climates , you can find these remedies quite effective in removing tan from your face and or body. These remedies are not costly and won't be a problem to your purse.

Sun Tan: What is It ?

Sun tanning is the natural reaction of the skin to protect against the harmful effects of ultra violet rays emitted by the sun. Ultra violets rays are of mainly two types UVA and UVB. UVA has longer wavelength and can easily penetrate the deeper layers of the skin known as dermis. The shorter wavelength, UVB typically affects the outer surface of the skin called epidermis. The main issue with tanning is, it is desirable to some and undesirable to some. It all depends on the type of skin a person has. In reality, tanning is a protective mechanism of the body against harmful rays found in sun light.

Skin Structure

Skin Structure

How to prevent excessive Tanning

Excessive tan can makes the skin tone much darker than its natural tone. This is especially a problem for people living in countries near the equator where the sun's rays are harsh and has more ultra violet content. Some people are more prone to sun tan or sunburn than others, owing to the skin type / genetic factors. Hence it essential to know one's skin type and take adequate protection. Here are some tips to prevent sun tanning.

  • Avoid going out in sun if you are more easily tanned
  • Avoid Direct exposure to sun
  • Wear long sleeve shirts
  • Use an umbrella. Umbrellas provide good shade and cuts suns rays to a greater extent
  • Apply a good quality Sun Screen having sufficient SPF rating.

How to Choose a Good Sun Screen

There are many sun screen's available in the market. It is essential to understand what the labels says. You might have seen labels saying SPF 15, SPF 30, SPF 50 etc. It is important that you understand what those means. SPF is the short form for sun protection factor. According to wikipedia "SPF 15" means 1/15th of the burning radiation will reach the skin, assuming sunscreen is applied evenly at a thick dosage of 2 milligrams per square centimeter ( source : wikipedia) This means, picking a sun screen with higher SPF will be a good option. I would recommend picking one with an SPF above 30 or better pick one with SPF 50.

Home Remedies to Remove Tan

Now let us explore few natural remedies to remove / reduce tan. These are home remedies and these are made with ingredients typically found in a typical kitchen. Check your garden or kitchen and most of these items will be available there. If not you can buy these easily from your groceries store or online. Do make sure you buy fresh ingredients. Too old and dried out ingredients may not be effective.

Face Pack Set 1 : Tomato, Lemon, Yogurt

Face Pack Set 1 : Tomato, Lemon, Yogurt

Face packs using Tomato, Lemon, Yogurt

Tomato Pulp

Tomato has excellent tan removal properties. It is gentler to the sensitive facial skin and effective. But keep in mind that it takes time and the effect is not instantaneous. Take a fresh tomato and wash it properly. Take out the pulp of the fruit and apply it to the face. Keep it for 15 - 20 minutes and wash off with water. It is essential to repeat this once or twice a week.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice has great tan removal properties. But the main problem with lemon is it is not easily tolerated by sensitive skins. Hence if you are sensitive or feels burning sensation with lemon juice, don't apply it. You may better stick with the tomato option. Typically lemon juice is diluted with water and is then applied to the skin. How much to dilute depends on how sensitive you are to the lemon juice. Keep it for 10 minutes and wash off with cool water.

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Yogurt is highly effective for tan removal. You can apply yogurt alone or it can be used with a little turmeric. Take some yogurt, two big spoons of it and apply it evenly to the face. Keep it for 20 - 30 minutes and wash it off with water. Yogurt also provides good moisturizing effect. Another option is to mix yogurt and turmeric. Take two big spoons of yogurt and put a quarter teaspoon of pure turmeric to it and mix well. Apply this to the face and wash off with water after 20 minutes. Please note that turmeric provides a yellowish tint to the skin, hence take only a small quantity of turmeric.

Face packs using Oranges, Cucumber and Papaya

Cucumber is great for removing the tan. Take a portion of cucumber, compress it and take its juice. Apply this juice to the face and leave it for 20 minutes. Wash off with cool water. Cucumber is also good to relax the eyes. Cut a thin circular portion out of cucumber and place it over the eyes ( closed eyes) and keep it there for some time. Relax and breathe normally.

Orange is effective in reducing the tan. Typically orange juice is mixed with yogurt and is applied to the face. You can also apply orange juice directly to the face. Do remember to apply pure orange juice and not the one's from juice products.

Papaya pack: Papaya is an age old remedy for tan removal. In fact it is good for skin all aspects. It removes blemishes, scars and also has skin lightening properties. Take a fresh ripe papaya and extract the pulp and remove the seeds from it. Stir it well to make it a paste and apply to the face. You can keep it for 30 minutes and then wash off with water.

Face packs using combination of ingredients

Tomato and Cucumber Face pack

Both tomato and cucumber works great in removing the tan. They are more effective when combined in a single pack. You can also save time by not applying them individually. You would need the following items

  • A fresh properly washed tomato
  • Fresh properly washed cucumber
  • 1 big spoon ( equivalent to 3 teaspoons) of gram flour

Extract the tomato juice and cucumber juice and mix them well. To this add the gram flour. Gram flour helps to make a paste out of all the ingredients. If you have got fresh honey, you can add one teaspoon of honey also to this. Mix well and apply to your face. Wait for 20 minutes and then wash off with water.

Papaya and Honey

Papaya and honey is a great combination and can give good results if applied once a week. To make this pack, you need to have a fresh ripe papaya and teaspoon of natural fresh honey. Do remember to buy good quality natural honey. Extract sufficient quantity of ripe papaya pulp and add honey to this. Mix well and apply to face. Let is stay for 20 minutes and then you can wash it with water.

Orange Juice and Yogurt Facepack

Orange is rich in vitamin c and is very good for your skin. Orange also have great tan removal properties. When you use orange and yogurt you are in effect getting the benefits of both of these. Take 2 teaspoons of fresh orange juice ( you have to make the juice out a fresh orange and don't use juice available in cans) and mix it with 2 teaspoons of yogurt. Apply to the face and let it dry for 20 minutes. Wash of with cool water.

Ingredients that worked well for you ?

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