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5 Must Have Dark Academia Pieces For Your Closet

Grace loves to study different clothing aspects and what makes a good outfit. Grace is always on the lookout for fresh fashion trends.

It seems like in the year of 2020, dark academia fashion is rising in popularity.

Factors such as modern films can be contributing. The popular movie franchise, Harry Potter, has elements of the dark fashion aesthetic involved. Dark clothing made from warmer materials, such as wool and corduroy, are present throughout the entire series. The strong fan following has made people more interested in the Dark Academia aesthetic.

This style is mostly used among younger generations, but can be utilized in any age group. Due to the resent Pandemic, most students are not attending in person school. The Dark Academia style gives those students a sense of normalcy that they would have if they were in schools. The plaid, dark colors that are present in the style creates that academic look.

Right now the rise of vintage looks is extremely present in current society. The Dark Academia aesthetic pays homage to many vintage films such as, Dead Poets Society and Black Swan. Many younger people are trying to re-create those types of looks because they find them interesting.

Dark Brown Pants


A Dark Academia look is not complete without the staple, dark brown bottom. Mostly made out of material, such as corduroy or chino, dark brown pants can be paired with any type of shirt, jacket, or boot. Plain brown pants help balance out a look that may contain a louder top. These pants are also crucial for Dark Academia winter looks because they are a bit warmer than skirts or shorts.

You can find these types of pants on websites such as, Shein, Everlane, or Amazon. All major stores will carry items exactly like this or close to it.

Long Sleeve Black Shirt


A black long sleeved shirt has always been a staple for closets across the world. These shirts are even more important to the Dark Academia style. By pairing a dark shirt with a pair of pants or skirts, you get a creepy, yet intelligent look. That is the basis line for a nice Dark Academia look. Black shirts can be utilized in any type of fashion. If paired with plaid or dark pants, you get a casual look, but if paired with a skirt, you can create a more fancy look. These shirts are not limited to long sleeve, they can also be short sleeved too. The most common usage though for this style would be considered long sleeved.

Black tops are sold in every single store out there. They are extremely easy to find, and also cheap. This versatile top is crucial to Dark Academia outfits.

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Plaid Blazer


Most Dark Academia outfits are simple and made from muted colors. A plaid statement piece can make for far more interesting outfits. The dark plaid blazer, or even just dark blazer, can be used to tie the outfit together, yet still contribute to it's scholarly look. A blazer also makes people look more sophisticated, and that helps the academic look that this aesthetic is going for.

Blazers can also be used in both Summer and Winter, depending on the type of material it is made out of. Thick material, such as wool, can be used in winter blazers to help keep you warm. In the Summer, blazers made out of material, like linen, can create softer outfits that allow air to flow.

Dark Sweater


While similar to the black long sleeved shirt, the sweater offers more dimension to an outfit. The baggier nature of sweaters looks great with tighter bottoms like skirts and tight pants. The knitted nature of sweaters also make the outfit look more vintage and academic.

Another great thing about the sweater is that you can add this to your Winter Dark Academia closet. The sweater is super simple to pair with outfits and is convenient during the cold months.

Almost every single online or in person store sells dark sweaters, so they are easy to find and usually affordable. Some stores that sell many different options are Everlane, Target, and American Eagle.

Plaid Skirt


Lastly, a plaid skirt is an amazing asset to a Dark Academia collection. Skirts in general make an outfit look more classy and sophisticated. But when skirts are added to a Dark Academia outfit, it creates a beautiful look that is not only scholarly, but elegant too. Brown colored plaid skirts are usually the way to go, but the skirt can also be a solid color. Usually you will find that the skirts are made from wool or polyester, but really can be made from anything.

It is often difficult to style the Dark Academia aesthetic during Summer. However, skirts help keep you cool and are considered summer clothing. Skirts can also be used with a nice pair of tights for when the weather becomes colder. Overall, skirts may be the most versatile and important clothing item that is in a Dark Academia closet.

Closing Thoughts

Those are the 5 must haves for a Dark Academia closet. Of course, this is only a basic guide, you can add your own creative spin on the Dark Academia aesthetic in order to make it more representative of you.

All of these clothing pieces can be found on websites such as, Everlane, Justfab, Shein, or Target. Thrift stores are also great options for finding affordable, vintage clothing.

© 2020 Grace Pace

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