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5 Best Hair Care Tips for Naturally Curly Hair

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Now, men and women can naturally get longer, thicker, and beautiful hair with the regular use of hair regrowth products.


If you have naturally curly hair, you already know that caring for it can be challenging. Well, curly hair is unique – it twists, turns, or coils, which leaves it dry, brittle, and coarse. It is because those twists and turns make it difficult for natural sebum or oils to travel to full-lengths to nourish them. In short, curly hair is thirsty and beauties with such hair type need to follow a completely different hair care regimen. So, if you also have curly hair and want to ace its upkeep, here are some pro hair care tips you can follow to improve the health of your hair.

  1. Embrace Pre-shampoo Treatment: Women with curly hair swear by the pre-shampoo treatment to make their locks soft and smooth. For most of them, the pre-shampoo routine includes massaging the scalp with organic hair oil. Hair oiling indeed has been a ritualistic treatment in India and is revered for its amazing properties to nourish hair with essential vitamins and minerals. Besides, pre-shampoo oiling softens, conditions, and detangles hair. Alongside, it prevents hair breakage and thinning, thus oiling your hair before shampooing makes the best remedy to hair health. To pamper and replenish your natural curls naturally, try out Nutrafirst Hair Regain Oil, an ayurvedic formulation that comes enriched with Himalayan herbs for best results. The valuable nutrients in the formula not only conditions the hair or improve texture but stimulate quick hair growth as well.
  2. Turn down the Hot Water: During winters, most of us use hot water for hair showers. While lukewarm water opens the pores on the scalp and picks up dirt and impurities, extra hot water can strip off essential oils from the strands and make them drier. On the other hand, taking a cold water head shower to snap those cuticles shut and makes the hair appear smooth and shinier.
  3. Get enough Biotin: Undoubtedly, vitamin deficiencies account for an array of hair problems such as hair fall, thinning, dry & brittle hair, etc. Biotin or B7 forms an essential vitamin for hair health as it boosts keratin (an infrastructural component of hair, nail, and skin) production in the body. Though we get the required amount of biotin through the food we eat, however, when our bodies don’t have enough of the water-soluble vitamin, it potentially affects human hair, nails, and skin. Thus, ensuring enough intake of the beauty vitamin through food or supplements such as Biotin capsules makes a good way to replenish your hair.
  4. Say no to Heat Treatments: While you rely on the hair iron or blow dryers to get a neat look every day, the heat from these styling devices rips off moisture and essential oils from your hair, leaving them dry, brittle, and coarse. It is often best to avoid styling devices that use heat or if you can’t do without them, invest in the highest quality you can afford.
  5. Be Friends with Conditioner: After shampooing, apply a nourishing conditioner to the lengths of your hair. Choose wisely and pick the one that answers all your hair questions. If your hair is dry, a deep moisturizing conditioner that contains natural humectant like glycerine or herbal oil makes a cherry-pick for you. Similarly, for weak hair, protein fortified conditioners work best.

These are a few expert tips that can help discover the best version of your springy, twisty hair. So, are you following any of them or do you care for your curls differently? We would love to hear your suggestions in the comment box.

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