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4 Clothing Pieces that are Best Used as Accents


If you intend to break the monotony on a plain attire, fashion gurus highly recommend using your jewelry, belts, brooches, and even your shoes, as accent.

An accent is basically a piece of clothing or an accessory which you can use to improve your attire but it should not take attention away from what you are wearing. For example, if you choose to wear a red tie on an all black ensemble, your tie should manage to make your black suit stand out despite being an all-too common color.

Accents done right...

According to fashion experts, there are four things which you should use as an accent and 4 other things which you should not bother using as an accessory starting from the top.

Beyonce Knowles with hook earrings

Beyonce Knowles with hook earrings

1. Your earrings make for good accents; your headband, not so much

Even if you use a headband that matches your eyes, what you are doing is only pulling attention to your face; by doing this, you are ignoring your clothes. Refrain from using your headband as an accent; instead, use your earrings.

Earrings are solitary jewelry because they are suspended from your earlobes and are distant from your face as well as your clothes. In other words, they are meant to stand out, regardless of their size. If you want to work with earrings for accents, it is best to use statement or over-sized hoop earrings the same way celebrities do.


2. Scarves are often a hit or miss, so use large necklaces instead.

Many people have used scarves to add more style and flair to their tops without realizing that using scarves as accents will often result in a miss, instead of a hit. Use a scarf sparingly; it's one of those accessories which are dependent on the season. Wearing a scarf in the heat of summer will make you look like a careless dresser and using too thin of a scarf in the winter chill is just too negligent.

If you want to bring attention to your top, the best way to do that is to wear long necklaces of a different, preferably complementary, shade or color. For example, when wearing a bright blue top, wear a long, beaded necklace of an golden-orange hue.

3. Slim belts are good but be careful with wide belts.

Using belts as accents and as an accessory to create a demarcation between your upper body and lower torso is a classic idea and almost a fool-proof fashion solution; however, many people make the mistake of using large belts for this. As much as possible, make sure your closet has a slim, bright colored belt.

Thick, wide belts are also not ideal for people who are plus-sized and petite. These belts tend to add more visual mass and will not do you any good if you want to look slimmer. Smaller belts, on the other hand, not only makes you seem taller by dividing your upper and lower torso, it also makes you look thinner.

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4. You can play with tall pumps, but not with sandals or flats.

You can use your footwear to accentuate your clothes; however, be careful when mixing and matching your attire with the color of your shoes. Sandals and flats are not ideal on their own as accents and you may need to match the color of your fashion accessories, like bracelets, necklaces and scarves with the color of your shoes.


High-heeled pumps, on the other, can stand on their own as accents. You can match a white cocktail dress with teal-colored pumps and not only bring attention to your legs, but also add flair to your clothes.

The brighter the soles or heels of your pumps are, the better. Remember, bright colors can do wonders to your attire.



5. Your eyeglasses

There's so much you can do, mix and match with the right style and color of eyeglasses; even celebrities like Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, and personalities like Jackie O knew how to make their attires memorable my matching their clothes with their eye wear. Many women's reading glasses today come in a variety of frame shapes and colors so you'll never run out of options.

When choosing the right pair of eyeglasses for your attire, make sure to match the frame shape of your eye wear with your face. Never ignore the fashion guidelines on choosing the right frames for your face!

More resources to help you decide on your eyeglasses

More tips...

  • Use colors that "pop!". There's too much work to do if you want your nude-colored earrings or necklace to make your plain attire more stylish.
  • Chartreuse goes well with black. Yellow goes well with blue. If you run out of complementary colors and combos, use online tools like kuler by Adobe.
  • Don't mix too many colors all at once. It will make your attire more confusing. Remember, simplicity is elegance.
  • Run away from textiles or accessories that are just too shiny. Too much shine can be distracting.
  • And remember, just be comfortable in your own skin. The best accent to any attire is confidence!

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