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30 Beauty Hacks That Every Woman Should Know

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Inspirational Quote on Beauty:

"I think happiness is what makes you pretty. Period. Happy people are beautiful. They become a mirror and they reflect that happiness."

- Drew Barrymore.

As women, we're always on the hunt for new products, makeup looks, and new ways to enhance our natural looks.

Here are thirty beauty secrets and tips that are simple, easy to follow, and will definitely help you look your best for any occasion.


1). Want to give your hair a natural looking shine? Simply pour a small amount of olive oil in your hand, rub them together, then distribute it throughout your hair using your fingers. Olive oil will make your hair shine and moisturize it, plus it’s full of proteins, so it’s good for your tresses too!

2). Biotin, a member of the Vitamin-B family, can help your hair grow healthier, stronger and longer. Simply take it as a capsule once a day (dosage ranges normally from 1000 to 10,000 mcg, and can be found at your local pharmacy) and you’ll start seeing results after a few weeks! Here’s a bonus – Biotin also helps your nails to grow stronger, and will result in fewer splits and tears.

3). Never go to sleep with wet hair. It can cause damage and breakage. No matter how tired you are, always dry it out before going to bed.

4). Trimming the ends of your hair every six to eight weeks can greatly reduce the amount of frizzy split ends you have. It can also help your hair look tidier.

5). Use a heat protectant spray on your hair first before using any heat styling tools on it. ‘Hot tools’ (such as flat irons, curling irons, etc.) can cause massive amounts of damage to your hair – the heat protectant will prevent this.

6). When styling curls (whether you used curlers, foam rollers or a curling iron), use your fingers to ‘comb’ the hair. Using a comb can ruin your pretty, freshly made curls. Finger combing will help to keep the curls looking fresh, and you’ll also be able to part and divide your hair as you like!


7). White eyeliner can help make eyes appear bigger and brighter. This is good to remember when you’ve been up all night and want to look fresh in the morning!

8). Clear mascara can make eyelashes appear thicker and fuller too, and you don’t have to worry about black smudges along your eyelid – it dries and stays clear!

9). Run out of eye makeup remover? Simply put a drop or two of olive oil onto a cotton pad and wipe across your eyelids. This acts as an efficient makeup remover. Just make sure to wipe off all residue when you are finished.

10). Having difficulty creating the perfect winged or ‘cat’ eyeliner? Tape can come to the rescue! Use a small piece of clear tape, and press it diagonally against your skin by your eye. It should be by the outer edge of your eye, and should point upwards towards the eyebrow. Do this for both eyes, and make sure that they are equally placed. Next, you can line your upper eyelid, and do the wing against the edge of the tape. When peeled off, the wing should curve out correctly! You can then thicken or darken the line with your liner pencil or marker to your fancy.

11). Want to get the most out of your mascara? When applying, start from the base of the eyelashes, and as you’re combing upwards, create a slight ‘zig-zag’ motion with the brush. This will help your eyelashes from clumping together – instead, they’ll stand out individually and look a lot thicker!

12). Remember to clean your makeup brushes frequently! After many uses, they can begin to build up bacteria, which can result in acne breakouts on your skin. An easy way to clean your makeup brushes is to make a small mixture of olive oil and kitchen liquid detergent. Dip your brushes in this, and scrub them until clean. Then place them on a paper napkin, reshape the bristles, and then leave to air dry.

13). Throw out mascaras and eyeliner pencils after six months of usage, even if they were not used that much. Bacteria can build up on these products, and can give you serious eye irritation!

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14). Always remember to clean off your makeup fully before going to sleep! Leaving makeup on until morning not only stains your sheets and pillows, but is not good for your skin.

15). When wearing foundation, apply it evenly, and remember not to use too much – this can result in the rough, ‘cakey’ effect, which is not flattering at all. When it comes to makeup, less is more!

16). When aiming for a natural makeup look, highlight your features. Do you have large, bright eyes? Use soft tones of browns and grays to compliment your eye colour and shape. Line your eyes with colours that enhance your eye colour. Wear lip gloss and lip colours that give your lips a fuller look, without being over the top. Natural looks always look best, and will accentuate your already beautiful face.


17). Whenever you buy a new pair of shoes (especially high heels), it is best to ‘break them in’ – that is, practice wearing them until they feel comfortable on your feet. The best way to break in a new pair of shoes is to simply wear them around the house. The sole of the shoe will pick up little scuffs on the surface, and this can help create traction, which would prevent you from skidding or slipping on a slick surface, such as a waxed floor.

18). Have a pair of patent leather shoes that lost their shine? Just take a little bit of petroleum jelly, and wipe on the shoes, then take off the excess with a napkin. This will restore them to a brilliant shine!

19). Not sure if a pair of heels is too tall for you to comfortable walk in? Put the shoes on, and try standing on your toes only – if the heels lift off the ground noticeably, they’ll be fine. However, if they do not, you should consider getting another pair that is more suited for you.

20). To prevent odours and possible foot infections, use an anti-fungal foot spray on the insides of your shoes before wearing.

21). When going to try new shoes in stores, always use mini foot stockings or socks! Some stores provide disposable ones, but always keep a pair in your bag just in case. You never know how many people have tried on the shoes before you, and what foot diseases they could be carrying. If you don’t have stockings, you can always wipe the inside of the shoes with a baby wipe.Better safe than sorry!

22). Wearing a pair of glamorous stilettos can certainly amp up your outfit in the office, but do you really want to be stuck in that pair of four inch heels from nine to five? Wear your pumps to the office, but when you’re at your desk, switch out for a pair of comfy (but still cute) ballerina flats or loafers. This will still look good, and will be easier to run errands in. Your feet will thank you for it!


23). Have dry, chapped lips? You can exfoliate them using a simple scrub made from items in your kitchen. Simply pour some brown sugar into a small container, and add in some honey, and mix until it becomes thick and gritty. Apply this to your lips, and use your finger to rub the mixture against the skin. This will help exfoliate any dead skin there, thanks to the sugar crystals. When done, wipe it off with a napkin. It tastes great too!

24). Exercising, apart from keeping your body trim and fit, helps you feel good! Exercising releases endorphins, which help you to feel happier, brighter, and more confident about yourself.

25). When filing your nails, file in only one direction. Filing your nails in a ‘sawing’ or ‘zigzag’ motion can damage your nails, and cause cracks and breakage!

26). When you’re clipping your nails, start from the edge, and come across, using small, even clips. This helps you to form the shape of the nail better.

27). Have a French tip manicure, but afraid of chipping? Carry a small bottle of fast-drying white nail polish (or even White Out!) in your purse, and if you see any flaws, you’ll be able to quickly fix them while on the go.

28). Teeth can be whitened at home with baking soda. Take some in your hand, and using your pointer finger, rub the soda against your teeth. This is a natural whitener, and will definitely brighten your smile. Bonus – you can mix baking soda with hydrogen peroxide to whiten your teeth as well. Mix one part hydrogen peroxide to two parts water, and add baking soda to this. You can gargle or swish this mixture in your mouth, and your teeth will look brighter. However, do not use this mixture more than twice a week.

29). Black is a very slimming colour on any figure. Plus, depending on the way you accessorize and the occasion, can look sexy, professional, sleek or elegant.

30). To help give your manicure a shine, and prevent chipping, paint one or two layers of clear nail polish (often called 'top coat') on top.


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Thank you very much, Eiddwen! :)

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Interesting ,useful and thank you for sharing.


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