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2012 Top Fragrances for Men and Women

There are so many different perfumes, eau de toilettes, colognes and other fragrances that you can buy for men and women from different stores. Sometimes it’s hard to choose between them, as there is so much choice!

Knowing which fragrance to pick for yourself or a loved one mostly comes down to capture the spirit and personality of the person for which it’s intended. A fragrance can accomplish so much from capturing a certain mood or presence; a person’s scent is something that we usually remember for a long time.

Some fragrances are stronger than others, and top designer perfumes are generally more expensive than others. However, generally speaking if you spend a little extra on a quality perfume then the effect is longer lasting and so you can get more for your money.

If you’re thinking about buying a fragrance for yourself of someone close to you, then you will want to consider your budget as well as the nature of the scent itself. A great place to buy discount perfume online is where you can get special discounts of up to 50% off. As an added plus, StrawberryNet Promotional Codes are usually readily available to help reduce the cost even further!

Top 2012 Fragrances

For 2012, one of the must-have fragrances for men has to be David Beckham’s Instinct Sport. Considered an energetic scent for modern, dynamic men, this fragrance is made up of airy ozone and woody notes that are blended suitably with zippy citrus and spicy ginger. For any male that is enthusiastic about sports and outdoor living, Instinct Sport would be an excellent choice.

Eternity for Men Summer is also a great choice for a men’s fragrance. Dedicated to the romantic individual, this scent is cool and calming with a fresh aroma of chamomile and juniper berries, as well as violet leaf, mimosa, hyacinth and cedar leaf. The added fresh scent of melon gives a pleasing characteristic that denotes freshness and romance.

For her, Heidi Klum’s Summer Shine is an absolute winner for the passionate and happy individual. Entwined with bergamot, lemon, orange as well as passion fruit, sunflower and white heliotrope, this fragrance leaves an unusual and sensual trail. Possibly a good choice for the mysterious woman, this fragrance is sure to turn heads.

Another fragrance that offers a feeling of being irresistible is Beyonce Pulse Summer; one that gives a burst of energy and liveliness. This fragrance is particularly a hit with younger women who are active and enjoy the outdoors, as well as party-goers who love to dance and simply enjoy life!

For both him and her, Davidoff’s Cool Water fragrances guarantee a feeling of energy and power. Cool Water Pure Pacific for him and her are a limited edition set have a blend of citrus and fresh aromatic notes. These fragrances make a great pair as a gift for a couple, or separately for the energetic individual.

These are just a few of the most popular fragrances for 2012, and each of them make superb gifts for yourself or someone close. When choosing the ideal fragrance, remember to pair the notes of the fragrance to the personality and mood of the person for which it is intended whether it be sensual, energetic, mysterious, subtle, powerful, or lively.

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Jackie Lynnley from the beautiful south on December 03, 2013:

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I wondered about this, thanks for the info. Don't think it would change too much in a year. I don't use perfumes because of allergies, just natural scents from oils in my deodorant so I have no idea but I think scents make lovely presents! Thanks.

Malds Menzon from Manila, Philippines on January 24, 2013:

Nice list. I'm looking into getting myself a bottle because my Desire Blue is running out. Might try one of these.

Australiancoupons on October 08, 2012:

Nice hubpage ..... you have creative mind ....keep it up for your good research ....if you are loving online shopping then you can get online shopping tips from my hubpage....and can save huge ..

Audrey Hunt from Pahrump NV on June 30, 2012:

Thank you for writing this hub Cloverleaf. You have certainly put in some good research here. It's so helpful to know more about these fragrances before purchsing them. I will be ordering one for my son soon. Well done and voted Up, useful, interesting and sharing!

Miche Wro on June 15, 2012:

I love perfume, I have about 28 bottles of different perfumes. My favorite are the classic's Escape by Calvin Klein and Perry Ellis 360. I like the sandwood smell in perfumes. Versace is also has a nice smell. I look for fragances that will last 8 hours or more. I don't want to tote my perfume in my purse, so whatever I buy I look for the lifespan of the scent.

Joyce Haragsim from Southern Nevada on June 12, 2012:

You've really done some good reasearch here for everyone, great work.

Personally I like Donna Karen's Cashmere Mist, I have to put the body cream on and the perfume for my husband to notice I'm wearing as it has a light aroma.

It's good to see your name again.

Vote up useful and interesting, Joyce.

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