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Bridesmaid Dresses for Different Bridesmaid Body Types: The Infinity Dress

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Anna studied psychology, law, English, and animal welfare in college. She is a mother of two and a 2019 bride!

One Dress to Flatter Them All

The infinity dress is so-called because although the dress itself is one design, it has long tie straps that can be styled in up to 27 different designs that will absolutely blow your mind. For the very slender, petite bridesmaid who wishes she were curvier, or wishes she had a bigger bust there will be a very different requirement list than a much taller girl, or a bridesmaid who is curvier or more buxom. All of these body types will suit the infinity dress (and believe me, I speak as a Bride having spent hours shopping for "the one style that everyone will feel happy in and look good in").

Bridesmaids are an important part of the Bride's Big Day but nowadays with so many colour choices, style options and size/body types it can feel like an impossible task and many Brides end up settling for dresses that are simple (which have their own merit!) over a prettier style because the same dress will fit everyone's shape and size totally differently.

Where the infinity dress differs is really best described with pictures. As soon as I saw this style I fell in love and have been making them ever since! (For anyone who is interested please contact me!)

This is the same dress, tied in different ways


Matching or Mis-Matched?

Mis-matched bridesmaids became a new wedding craze in recent years, where bridesmaids would be dressed in the same dress but different colours or totally different dresses in the same colour. The infinity dress is such a winner because the bridesmaids are wearing the same dress and same colour but different styles! This creates a beautiful uniform-look even though everyone has a personalised style of the dress. You can have the infinity dress long, short or hi-low where the dress is short at the front and long at the back! It totally depends on what you want.

When I initially showed my bridesmaids the infinity dresses that I had bought everyone looked quite puzzled as they don't have much of a shape off the model and the straps looked very long; but as soon as my first bridesmaid tried it on and I tied it in a simple Athenian-inspired Grecian style they all became much more enthusiastic.

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The Grecian Style


Bridesmaid Poll

Decisions, Decisions...


The Infinity Dress For Plus Size Bridesmaids

Generally when shopping - particularly online - you will see thousands of perfect-looking models showing off their skinny waists and legs in dresses that wouldn't look good on larger-built women. In my opinion, shopping for larger bridesmaids can be very difficult because you don't want the larger girls to feel self conscious but they usually have different requirements fron the more athletic builds - for example, one or two of my bridesmaids want a strapless style whereas others wouldn't dream of going braless because it would make them feel uncomfortable. With the infinity dress I can (literally) cover everyones individual needs and requirements and all the girls are happy - which they deserve to be!

Here is a picture of a plus size model in her infinity dress in one of my favourite styles:


8 Ways To Wear This Beautiful Dress!

Get Your Bridesmaids' Ideas!

See what your bridesmaids have in mind - pretty much everything they tell you they are looking for in a dress can be covered by the infinity dress!
Having made these dresses for a few years now and seen various bridesmaids fall in love with their own unique designs I would highly recommend the infinity dress to any bride and as I can customise length, colour, size etc I would urge you to get in touch if you have a specific colour in mind. I can also customise your dresses with lace and sparkle!


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