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15 Quick and Easy Beauty Tips for Hair, Face and Body

An ex-beautician before becoming a parent and writer. Sharing tips and tricks of the industry. I still do makeup for friends and family.

Beauty tips for hair


Ladies, let’s face it. Our hair is more important than how we make it to be. It is our crown of shining glory. Although it would seem better to hide it under a cap or tie it up in a ponytail during bad hair days. Believe it or not, there are ways to never have to be conscious of frizzy or dulled out hair. The following are some tips that were given by hairstylists themselves that we can apply for that gorgeous voluminous hair that we all deserve.

We will be covering common issues of hair but do take note that the seasons, the environment, amounts of sun exposure and lifestyle have an effect on the current state of our hair. Hoping that these basic hair essentials will still be beneficial in our strive to promote healthy hair.


1. Leave the hair alone

One of the main causes for hair to be dry and dead is heat. Using a hairdryer leaves the hair parched and brittle. It may be a big change for someone who is dependent on the efficiency of a blow-dryer but wrapping your hair in a terry towel and leaving it on till it dries or using natural air to dry the hair will work wonders on the healthiness of our manes.

For natural curls, set your hair in Velcro rollers and let it dry by itself. Voila, natural bouncy curls. You can even braid your hair after towel drying a bit before going to bed and let it loose in the morning for gorgeous curls. And no, sleeping with wet hair will not lead to headaches or falling hair, as what some superstitions say.

2. Hair diet


Oil, oil, oil. Olive oil is one of the best things to apply on your hair for a healthy diet. Massage your scalp once a week with olive oil to get it nourished and conditioned. Match it with a healthy diet and you will see results as soon as two weeks. We are what we eat. So a healthy diet clearly transcends to healthy hair.

Neem oil is good for preventing hair fall and breakage. Apply on wet hair for an hour then wash it off with shampoo. Do this once or twice a week and you can start relaxing while brushing your hair without being shocked at how many strands have come loose after.

Collagen has been the secret ingredient I have been using to prevent hair loss. Read more on why and how here.

3. No chemicals should touch any part of the body

With the trending all-natural formulations of skincare products taking the beauty industry by storm, we must do the same for hair care. Chemicals are enemies for the hair and using products that are organic and free of chemicals will do wonders for the overall health of your hair. One of the main chemicals to look out for is sulfate. The fewer amounts of sulfate the better.

Today, there are numerous entrepreneurs who have created homemade shampoo and conditioner formulations that are oh-so-friendly for the hair and scalp. They’ve done their research and combined all the necessary ingredients (usually those that we can find in our kitchens already). Furthermore, these are usually packaged sans plastic so it is a win-win for your hair and the environment.

4. Do not clean every day

Contrary to popular belief, it is actually harmful to shampoo hair every day. It will only leave the scalp dried out. The recommended routine is to shampoo every other day but condition daily. Remember the oil diet mentioned above. It is exactly these oils that our hair and scalp produce that we need to preserve. Washing with shampoo daily eliminates those essential oils.

Also, make sure to not let conditioner touch the scalp because the ingredients used in their formulation are too strong for the scalp; unless of course, you are using homemade/all-natural products.

5. Soft shiny hair


Go nuts with coconuts if you want soft, moisturized and shiny hair. Grate a coconut and squeeze and boil the milk to let the oil separate from it. Use the milk and apply on the hair. Massage and rinse. Of course, companies have caught up with the numerous benefits of coconut milk on the hair so there are ready-made products in the market you can choose from.

6. Speed up growth

If you want to speed up hair growth, then you must be ready to cut it. It may sound counterproductive but trimming out the dead tips and split ends will boost the hair growth naturally. Also, remember to rinse with cold water which will lock the outer layer of the hair and prevent moisture loss so that they can stay focused on growing instead of addressing other problems.

Beauty tips for face


Next up is the face. Let’s tackle the main concerns women have when it comes to their faces such as acne, stressed-looking skin, dark spots, wrinkles and fine lines, and the overall desire for youthful radiant faces.

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7. Say no to acne

In order to avoid or address acne, we must dig deep and study how it works. Acne is caused by our pores getting clogged with oil, pollutants, bacteria and so many more other things. Also, stress, lack of sleep and hormones lead to acne.

Now that we know how acne occurs, we can do the opposite to prevent it. The most simple way is to wash the face and keep it clean. Remember to use the proper cleanser that is best suited for your skin type. After washing, splash some cold water over the face to make sure pores are closed then follow with toner and moisturizer to add extra layers of protection.

Lastly, sleeping with makeup or not cleansing it off properly is a big no-no if you want to keep far away from pimples.

8. How to look like you’ve slept for 9 hours every day


Believe it or not, following a strict skincare routine actually works and helps in maintaining the pristine condition of the skin, especially our faces which clearly shows if we’ve had a few sleepless nights recently. Luckily there are serums, essences and masks that we can use to combat the signs of stress on our faces.

In addition to topical products, sleeping with your head slightly elevated will keep fluid from pooling around the eye area which makes them look puffy and tired come morning.

9. Tips to flawless skin

Achieving flawless skin is really simple. Avoid the sun. Ok, this may not be possible unless one is a vampire, but one must never ever forget the sunscreen when going out. Sunlight is the cause of 80% of skin problems like visible aging, wrinkles, facial lines, dark spots, skin thinning and so much more. Therefore, sunscreen should be every girl’s best friend.

10. A sip from the fountain of youth


A whole book can be written about the secrets of the East when it comes to ageless beauty. But they all revolve around a few things: green tea, a healthy diet, exercise, and face masks. They regularly drink green tea and use skincare products that are infused with it. Of course, logic shows that a healthy diet and exercise will lead to younger-looking skin and bodies. Lastly, face masks are a tradition and ritual that must be adhered to religiously.

11. Hello, radiance

There is only one way to successfully get glowing skin, and that is to remove the old dead skin cells in order to let the new ones shine. Exfoliation is a key step in a skincare routine that must not be neglected. There are a lot of options readily available in the market for every skin type so feel free to scrub away!

12. Desperate times call for desperate measures

It might be a scary thing for some ladies to see a dermatologist. But for cases that are more severe like hyperpigmentation, skin irritation, or an acne breakout, seeing a professional is one of the best decisions we can make for our face. Our face is still a part of our body and if it is “sick” then we need to see a doctor.

Tips for glowing skin


The following are some tips to make the rest of our skin glow.

13. Nuts

Nuts are rich in selenium which increases skin elasticity, aka, it keeps the skin youthful. They are also filled with omega-3 fatty acids (the good fat) which lower inflammation and prevents breakouts. So instead of reaching out for chips or fries, munch on nuts.

14. Exfoliate

We scrub our faces but don’t forget to exfoliate the rest of our skin. There are many body scrubs that are increasing in popularity today. Most are filled with delicious and relaxing scents that can help lower stress and relax the muscles as we bathe.

15. Sunscreen

Imagine you are about to dive into a pool or a beach every time you step out of the house. When applying sunscreen on the face, finish it up by applying on the tips of the ears, the neck, the shoulders and depending on which parts will be exposed to the sun, those too. If the sticky creamy white stuff is a hassle to apply, there are sunscreens that are spray-on types so there is really no excuse to skip the sun protection.

Homemade beauty tips you can try on your own


1. Lemon scrub for the face

If you want radiant skin that is soft like a baby’s bottom, then lemons are the way to go. With only 6 tbsp of lemon juice mixed together with 2 tbsp of sugar, you have created a lemon scrub that can be massaged onto normal skin type. Rinse off with warm water.

For dry skin, mix 1 tbsp of sugar and lemon juice and add ½ cup of coconut oil and proceed with massaging onto the face just like before.

For oily skin, the recipe calls for 1 tbsp of lemon juice, 1 tbsp of honey and ½ tbsp of baking soda. Repeat the same procedure as above.

2. Healthy nails (part 1)

Taking care of the nails do not have to be a long and tedious process. Just soak your nails in any of the following oils for 10 minutes in order to achieve fast-growing, healthy and strong nails: olive oil, coconut oil, argan oil, tea tree oil or castor oil. You can also massage the oil to your nails to get the blood circulating.

3. Healthy nails (part 2)

Limit water exposure. Letting your nails soak in water for too long will cause it to become weak and brittle. Instead, drink lots of water for healthy nails.

Celebrity beauty tips

Miranda Kerr’s Beauty Tip: use exfoliating masks for glowing skin.

Vanessa Hudgens’ Beauty Tip: cleansing is non-negotiable. Her personal favorite is grapefruit flavor which is highly helpful in keeping the skin clean and avoiding breakouts.

Beyonce’s Beauty Tips: smile often. “A woman is most beautiful when she smiles. Other than that, the most valuable tip I've learned is always to use a skin moisturizer!"



As women, we gotta keep an eye out for each other and the best way to do that is sharing tips and tricks when it comes to beauty secrets. There are tons of them available online, whether through blogs or magazines or influencer’s Instagram accounts. Trying out something new and eventually adding a step to our daily routines would be a great way to up our beauty game.

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