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14 famous Pakistani clothing brands

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14 famous Pakistani clothing brands

Clothing is something that one feels and sees. The person who adopts the popular setup style is always practical for the best level brand and revives their storeroom four times a year with the affected seasons. Society is looking for an opportunity to awaken the brand asked by all quarters. For those who are going to recognize the brand, it is necessary to know who is the most coordinated coordinator in Pakistan. You can get a complete list of the best Pakistani clothing brands once.
Over the years in general, Pakistan's Edge industry has expanded the shocking space to strengthen the design sense in Pakistani women. Prominent fashion brands have collaborated in their efforts to better promote Pakistani women through their shape brands. The value of these women's outfit brands has spread to different countries, which helps to reflect the positive image of Pakistan. Can't expand significantly. The clothing business is a champion in one of the country's most developed endeavors. Here are the essential lines of clothing that are rocking the business these days.


the List of Pakistani clothing fashion brands

  • khadi
  • Nishat Linen
  • Gul Ahmed4.Alkarm
  • Junaid Jamshed J.
  • Maria. B
  • Sana Safina's
  • Limelight
  • Warda
  • Asim Jofa
  • Firdous
  • House of Ithaad
  • Generation
  • Breeze


Khadi is a brand that is in the wardrobe of literally every Pakistani woman. Founded in 1999, it specializes in handmade fabrics, especially khaddar, which is mostly worn in winter. Around 2008, khadi with its immovable stock became popular throughout the year in Pakistani and international markets. Their products are versatile, stylish, and durable. Her prints have a unique blend of modernity and tradition that always catches the eye. Whether worn or not, it comes at very affordable prices and can be worn on many occasions.
2.Nishat Linen

Like khadi, Nishat Lenin also started as cotton cloth, then later moved to lawn and clothing. Fabrics are cheap in both sewn and non-sewn products but very individualistic in style and print. This brand is great for anyone who still wants to spend less time with Kelly. Their earrings are beautiful and you also have the option to buy a separate fabric instead of the usual three pieces of suit.

Gul Ahmed

It is one of the oldest fashion brands in Pakistan which deals only with non-stacked clothes. Founded in 1953, many generations of Pakistani women are making their wardrobe with this company, and only Al-Karam can compete with it (more on that below). In the last decade, however, Gul Ahmed is ready to wear a dress that has never lost its popularity. For those who want to keep a piece of Pakistani heritage that is still remembered today.


One of the few brands that can associate Gul Ahmed with its history and lineage, Al-Ikram has become a much-loved brand since its inception in 1986 after its rival. It started with undivided seasonal fabrics, although their prints were known to be beneficial. From renaming Alkram Studios to creating modern adventure collections, the brand has consolidated its position to provide styling for those who prefer styles with twists.

Junaid Jamshed (J.)

Launched by preachers based on Pakistan's famous singer, Junaid Jamshed's clothing brand has surprisingly made its way into hearts and closets at home and abroad. The brand's style is oriented towards Eastern conservatism in almost every way. Their campaigns do not feature any models, just manufacturers or the creative concept of their products. In addition to knitted and ready-to-wear lines, the brand has launched well-known make-up and perfume lines, which are quite popular. For those who like fashion but don't want to stray from their Islamic roots, J.Dot covers you.

Maria. B

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Maria B is a very modern clothing brand that comes under international clothing brands in Pakistan. He has made a name for himself all over the world as his campaigns are mostly liked abroad while the top faces are also internationally famous.
Maria B is probably one of the leading designers in the country who gradually gained a worldwide reputation for her work. Maria B's outfits are one of a kind, where every outfit is paired with exposure, which adds elegance to her creations. Her collection includes lines of exotic pert dresses and fabulous lawn dresses so that women can stay up-to-date at all times.
Sana Safina's

Sana Safina has restrained all the glamor of Pakistani women and no other brand is considered as swaggy like this, which goes hand in hand with maintaining decency and thus winning a lot of customers.



Starting with women's fashion wear, 2010 saw a huge change in the fashion fraternity when it entered the market with fashion. Limelight cropped fabrics and unusual textures. Expanding its portfolio in recent days, Limelight now offers a line of clothing not only for women but also for children and men while one can also enjoy shopping for other items including bags and shoes. ۔


Verda has never looked back since the brand was launched in 2006. This clothing brand is known for its affordable prices, but still, the clothing lines, which are combined with premium fabrics and intricate items, enhance the personality of the wearer. Warda is a label that aims to cater to the needs of every class.

Asim Jofa

Another designer whose work has been replicated over and over again is a testament to his great tricks and skills. Asim Jofa is a talented man who knows what modern women want. Her ideas are real and every implementation is focused on achieving perfection so that women can have fun with them.


Firdaus has a long history associated with its name, with widespread satisfaction from consumers around the world. A brand that our mothers and grandmothers love and wear the most, Firdous has recently tried to improve its fashion game by wearing a very young girl and Sisi dress to include young girls. To satisfy a large market and meet their needs.

House of Ithaad

The House of Ithaad is known for its creativity and innovative approach which has kept people attracted to it for a long time. They offer their clients a variety of fictitious options, including Etihad Premium Lawn, Etihad Chiffon Collection, and Etihad Swiss Violence aimed at the different needs of each society.


A name associated with every Pakistani citizen who is working hard to find a balance in her personal and professional life yet forgets to take care of her. In the race to manage the household and work, Pakistani women lose their caste and from there the generation jumps. It encourages every woman to take care of her fashion needs and keep grumbling because no matter how old you are, every woman has the right to look beautiful.


Breeze is a state-of-the-art fashion store targeting Pakistani women who are intricate masterpieces that are extremely elegant and comfortable to wear. Whether it's a wedding dress or a casual party outfit, there is a variety of bars that aim to give you the perfect choice for every occasion, adding more color and joy to your celebrations. The brand is limited to women's clothing but operates under various names such as Mini Miners, Chainer, Laser Club, and Caesarea, which provide outfits for both children and men.

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