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The minimalist shoe wardrobe - the only shoes women need

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Shoes used to drive me crazy; I never seemed to have the right shoes for what I needed to do. Then one day, out of sheer frustration, I decided to tackle the problem head on and sort it out once and for all.

I sat down and worked out what type of shoes I needed for my lifestyle. Today I own just 12 pairs of shoes and they take me anywhere and everywhere. For me it was time well spent as now I usually have something to wear.

If you are finding that you have the same problem with shoes, take a look at my list. Buy the ones that you feel are relevant to your lifestyle. Buy ahead of need as it saves you from shopping in a panic. Hopefully in a short while, your life will a little bit easier and a lot less frustrating – at least in the shoe department anyway.

The key to starting off your shoe wardrobe is to make sure you buy the following 12 shoes in simple, basic styles in neutral colors. This will give you a good chance of always having something to wear.

For casual activities

  • A pair of sneakers or flat ballet pumps to wear with your casual jeans or skirts. These are useful to wear when running errands, meeting up with friends casually, and for city breaks which involve a lot of walking whilst sight-seeing.
  • Slippers for lounging around at home.
  • Exercise shoes for the gym or jogging.
  • Flip flops for the beach, holidays and summer BBQs.
  • Waterproof walking / hiking boots if you love walking in the countryside.
  • A pair of low cost canvas lace up shoes that you can wear when doing the housework, decorating or DIY – these are practical rather than glamorous.
  • A pair of flat winter boots if you live somewhere cold and snowy. Choose a pair that are practical, that you can also wear with skirts if you want to.
  • Wellington boots for gardening and summer music festivals.




For semi-smart and formal occasions

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1. A pair of Black court shoes with a medium height heel.

They can be worn to a funeral or job interview and also to the office. They can also be worn to a concert, the ballet, the opera and with a little black dress to a party.


2. A pair of kitten heel mules or shoes in a dark neutral such as black, brown or navy.

These can be worn with a skirt or trousers for those occasions when you want to look smart and feminine such as having lunch with friends, hosting a dinner party at home, going on a date or a wedding anniversary dinner.


3. A pair of glamorous high heeled evening shoes or sandals.

They can be in black or a metallic such as silver or gold. These are for wearing to parties, a black-tie dinner, a ball and a nightclub.


4. A pair of medium height heels in a light coloured neutral that you can wear to a wedding or christening.

Invitations do crop up occasionally, so buy a style that is as simple and versatile as possible,

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Dink96 from Phoenix, AZ on July 29, 2012:

Time for me to purge my shoes again! I believe in comfortable shoes at this point in my life, but they also have to be somewhat fashionable. I am beyond the point of suffering for style. In the words of the late Willie Dixon, "I was built for comfort, not for speed." Very informed hub. Great job!

aslaught from Alabama on January 31, 2012:

I am very much a minimalist, therefore, I have about 12 pairs of shoes and they follow along the lines of what you've recommended. Great hub! Voted up!

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