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12 different kurti neck designs for Girls

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The Kurti is an integral part of an Eastern woman's everyday wear. They are very versatile as they can be paired with jeans, kurtas, Patiala, Silver, and Legs. There are numerous designs and patterns for your choice in the market. An interesting neck design makes your dress even more beautiful and it can make a big impact.
This is how the kurta is completed when you make an amazing neck design for it. The listed neck designs offer a wide range for you to choose from. Here are some neck design variations to help you make the right choice for your material and occasion. So get ready to get lots of compliments for your amazing choice of a good line.

Here, we will imagine 12 different Pakistani kurti neck designs with pictures.

Collard Scope kurta Neck Design:

It's a very stylish combination of a mandarin collar and a deep underneath line. The mandarin collar is found on almost all ethnic dresses, Kurtis and salwar suits. This type of neck is suitable for women with shoulders.


Angrakha neckline design:

The angrakha neck is a popular neck pattern with a wrap style and here are more flexible appeals with wrapped buttons on the wrap. You can try this type of neck pattern with Curtis or even a silver suit


High necline with lace design:

This lace neck design with lace was usually worn during the winter to end the winter, but now it has been very successful in regular outfits as well. A high neckline with lacework makes you look younger and, of course, stylish. Use two opposites


Side keyhole neck design :

This is a great combination of boot neck and keyhole lines for Curtis. The uniqueness of this design is that the hole is on one side, either left or right, just as comfortable for the wearer.


Peter Pan Kurtis neck design

These Curtis L-neck neck designs are the best, giving you a delicate and pretty look. It is a flat collar with rounded edges. This is a typical western long-sleeve design.


Off Shoulder neckline design:

It is a nice necklace for women of all shapes and sizes. However, this is best done with women of medium build and average break size. If you want to go out at a party with a high-profile statement, you can try this for your choice.

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Keyhole nick Line Design:

The keyhole of the lock affects the name because it forms a similar pattern. This pattern has holes near the collar bones. This is a very different style and is often chosen as well.


V-neck design :

The model of this neck is similar to "V". The short "V" can look very beautiful in a sinking "V". The neck looks a bit long here, and it also creates a slimming effect. This way the design looks good on people with short necks and round or square faces. "


Beautiful boot collar neck design

These skirt collar neck designs are like a ship. It's like a U-fashioned necklace line. However, it has a smaller reduce and your shoulder seems wider. This Kurti neck sample is good for women with all kinds of face shapes and is extra suitable for girls with brief brakes.


Closed nickline kurti design:

This closed-necked Kurti is buttoned up and looks inspired by men's kurta. You can add a little glamorous touch to the neck by adding embroidery, sequins, or buttons, or keep it simple by keeping it straight. A great casual dress for women and an amazing office dress.


Squareneck design :

These are beautiful neck designs for Curtis, which lengthen the short neck and tighten the shoulders. The shoulder looks wider. Women with a square face should avoid this type of neck. This neckline compliments women with pear-shaped bodies. Rounded to a square neck


Neck design for kurta with collar:

In general, a collared neckline is popular with shirts and jackets. However, the trend of having a collared neckline for coats is popular. These necks are suitable for people with heavy bodies. They can be worn with short Kurtis and Patiala or dhoti sales.



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