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10 Reasons Why Girls Love to Wear Tight Skinny Jeans

Do you wonder why girls love skinny jeans so much?

These days, pretty much every young girl wears tight skinny jeans. Although most people think that the only reason for doing that is to attract male attention, there are some other reasons too. Of course attracting guys is one of the reasons, but there are few lesser known reasons why girls wear skinny jeans. The following 10 reasons are the main reasons why girls were tight jeans:

1. Girls love to attract attention from guys

Most girls like it when guys stare at them whether they admit it or not, and this is the biggest reason why most girls wear tight jeans. Skinny clothes make girls look sexier, and thus help them attract attention from guys.

2. Many girls do it to make their friends jealous

There are girls who like to make their friends jealous by wearing skinny jeans. When a girl wears sexy clothes, and her friends do not, the friends automatically tend to be jealous of the girl, and many girls enjoy this type of jealousy.

3. A lot of girls wear tight jeans simply because their friends wear them

Girls follow their friends a lot. Therefore, when a girl has friends who wear skinny clothes, the girl usually starts to wear such clothes too in order to fit in the group. Most girls love to do what their friends do, and when it comes to wearing tight jeans, the case is not much different either.

4. Girls always want to look skinny

It is strange, but majority of the girls always want to look thinner no matter how thin they already are. A lot of hot girls want to lose weight too. In these circumstances, girls tend to love skinny jeans in the sense that they make them look skinny.

5. Skinny jeans help girls show their legs

Legs are one of the sexiest physical features of a girl. Girls love to show off beautiful legs, and guys love to see girls with beautiful legs. Therefore, tight jeans are really handy in this case since they help girls show their legs in a graceful way.

6. Many girls simply love to keep up with latest fashion

Wearing skinny jeans is presently a trend. Lots of girls love to cope up with different trends, and this is one of the reasons why many of them like to wear skinny jeans so much.

7. Tight jeans go perfectly with certain outfits

There are some particular outfits which look better with skinny jeans. For example, when a girl wears a boot, combining it with a nice skinny jeans seems to be a perfect ideal option. This ability of tight jeans to blend is another reason why skinny jeans are so popular with girls.

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8. Some girls wear tight jeans because they feel good

Tight clothes can be both uncomfortable and very comfortable depending on the girl and the material of jeans. Many girls find skinny jeans really comfortable, and so they love to go out wearing the same.

The above eight reasons are the main reasons why girls with skinny jeans are everywhere these days. There are some other minor reasons too, but those reasons are not very significant, and apply only to a small number of girls.

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Jim chapman on February 01, 2020:

My wife wears tight jeans to look good to ME. Not for everyone else.we were in Walmart,she tells,this guy comes up to her,commenting how good she looks in her tight jeans. She responds with. Yes my husband tells me this. He left in a hurry. His comments were not wanted. He quickly got this.

jeff on May 19, 2019:

says "10 reasons why girls wear skinny jeans" there are only 8 reasons wtf :p

Twenty one pilots on May 04, 2016:

There is supposed to be 10 reasons not 8 reasons why.

Willie warrick on August 23, 2015:

Girls who wear skinny jeans are either "hipsters",mean,anorexic, or attention whores is what this is saying which I believe but whoever made these reasons is obviously a idiot by the fact that it says ten reasons and there are 8 :\

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