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10 Popular Japanese Fashion Magazines for Women

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Curious about the latest fashion trends in Japan? Interested in seeing lolita, punk, or Harajuku style outfits? This guide will cover 10 popular Japanese fashion magazines for women, ranging from OL (office lady) style to alternative punk and gothic lolita.

OL Fashion: MORE and With

These magazines are for women who work in an office-setting and dress conservatively for their jobs. Women who read these magazines tend to be in their late 20s and 30s. The outfits featured in these magazines incorporate the latest trends in a subdued manner that is appropriate for women who want to achieve an elegant, classic style.

Casual Fashion for Women in their 20s to 30s: Mina and Ray

These magazines are for women who want to dress casually and follow the latest trends, but don’t want to look like a university student. Outfits in these magazines tend to be simple and chic, so it’s easy for anyone to imitate the looks with affordable clothing options.


Sexy Fashion for Women in their 20s: ViVi

ViVi often features models dressed seductively in a tasteful manner. Women who read ViVi are fashion-forward and confident wearing sexy clothing. ViVi incorporates global fashion trends to create outfits that have a unique, cosmopolitan vibe.

University Fashion: Non-no and CanCam

Women who are in college or in their early 20s can flip through Non-no and CanCam to find casual and trendy outfits for school, dates, and travel. In Japan, most students are required to wear uniforms until they go to college, so these magazines help university students understand how to put together outfits for class and other activities associated with young adult lifestyles.


Harajuku Style: Zipper

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, one of the most famous Harajuku icons in the world, started her career with Zipper. She is still often featured on the cover of this magazine, but has since moved on from modeling to singing. Outfits in Zipper include street fashion and Harajuku trends. Anyone who is a fan of colorful clothes, bright makeup, and one-of-a-kind fashion should take a look at Zipper magazine.

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Alternative Punk Style: KERA

KERA is the most popular magazine featuring alternative punk and related fashion. If you’re a fan of heavy eyeliner, chains, and skulls, you’ll enjoy looking at the outfits in KERA.


Gothic and Lolita Style: The Gothic and Lolita Bible

This is the definitive guide to gothic and lolita fashion in Japan. It is a giant “mook” (magazine + book) released on a quarterly basis (4 times a year). Anyone who is interested in gothic and lolita culture should own at least one copy of The Gothic and Lolita Bible.

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