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4 Budget-Friendly Foundations Giving You High-End Result


Are you going for a shopping spree to add a magical foundation to your makeup trolley? Make sure the products you bought are worth buying or not. There are a lot of products available on the market that promise magic on your skin but the outcome is not found even near to it as happened to me.

Through this blog, I am sharing my experience with you, because it's always wise to learn from others' mistakes. My quest for a perfect foundation started off from the onset of a disastrous evening. It was a theme party in the heart of Dubai. It was an outdoor event and the weather was hot and humid. As per the theme, I dolled up and my glamour was so on point. I was sure that I was looking ravishing at the party, then I bumped into the mirror. This was the time when the truth was unveiled to me that I was actually looking horrendous. My foundation was washed off due to excessive sweating and only the remains of my makeup was left on my face. I felt so embarrassed and decided that I would not let this happen to me again.

From that day onwards, I explored all the big stores to find the real game changers on the market. I am sharing with you the gems of foundations that I found from my research so far. They are not only budget-friendly but are real deal makers and work like a magic wand on the skin.

Read on to learn more about these four budget-friendly foundations that promise a good result.

1- Maybelline Fit Me Foundation

There was a time when the formula of the best of the best foundations too was turn out cakey, flaky or powdery. Thanks to the makeup industry's revolution, the formulas of today's foundations are more promising and give a pore-less finish.

Maybelline's Fit Me Foundation is one of those promising foundations, the formula of which has nailed the better finished outcome. It is good for both normal and oily skin and comes in a huge range of shades. The formula of this product mattifies pores, which leaves a seamless finish. It is a dermatologically approved and non-comedogenic product.

We are all always in the hunt for an affordable foundation which also gives a high-end result. Maybelline's Fit Me is one such product which truly lives up to this definition. That is why it has become a makeup blogger's favorite foundation and mine too. The hustle created by this product is due to the quality of result it gives, and that too, in a pocket-friendly manner. It covers all fine lines and zests very well due to its light weight formula, leaving no splotches behind.

Bonus! Handy Tip #1 For Applying Foundation:

Prepare your skin! Do not ignore dry patches on your skin. The skin gets dry and rough within no time, whether it's dry winter air or summertime humidity. Foundation usually cling to these dry patches on the skin which result in the formation of foundation streaks on the skin. Even the best of the best makeup artists suggest preparing your skin before wearing foundation of any formula. Starting off with cleansing, followed by moisturizing the skin, then applying skin oil to get a deep hydrated skin. This will boost the natural rhythm of the skin, giving it a flawless charm which is required for the perfect application of foundation. Only then can you achieve the real potential of your favorite pick.

Prepare your skin before applying foundation to get the optimal results from your chosen product.

Prepare your skin before applying foundation to get the optimal results from your chosen product.

2- L'oreal Paris Infallible 24hr Fresh Wear Foundation SPF 25.

There is a bulk of foundations available at all the famous cosmetic shops and drugstores which are cheap in price but heavy on your skin. Some of them are so unhealthy for your skin that they can cause irritation, acne and other skin problems, which ultimately result in early aging of the skin. Many of them show you alluring aspects of their product but they turn out bogus.

Wearing a Foundation is an everyday mission for today's women so that they can keep their glamour rising and shining. Although it is not good to wear it all day long, but it gives a boost to your self-esteem, hence you wear it more and the more you wear it the more you rely on it.

L'oreal Paris Infallible Foundation is the one that stays for 24 hours on your skin without making you feel heavy on your skin and the bonus point is that the formula of this product is suitable for all skin types. So, if you wear makeup for long hours, then this product is ideal for you. This is a lightweight foundation with built-in SPF, which allows the skin to breathe and also protects it from the scorching rays of the sun.

Bonus! Handy Tip #2 For Applying Foundation:

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Don't overdo it! Always remember that applying too much foundation will certainly make you look sloppy. Applying a hefty amount of liquid foundation makes it look like a mess and turns blending it on the skin into a nightmare. Start off with a small amount and blend it nicely with a clean brush, sponge or your fingers. Do make sure the applicator should be clean so that no damage will be caused to your skin. Smudge it in an up and down motion with a gentle pressure and absorb the product evenly, leaving no portion of the skin untouched.

Applying too much foundation will certainly make you look like a drag queen rather a natural goddess of beauty.

Applying too much foundation will certainly make you look like a drag queen rather a natural goddess of beauty.

3- Too Faced Born This Way Foundation

When buying products that you apply on your face you should remain careful. There are plenty of products available in drugstores which are so hazardous to your skin that you have to avoid buying such products at all cost. Because besides your immaculate skin care routine, foundations are truly the unsung heroes behind your ravishing-looking skin at a party.

There are several products available on the market which really do the magic on your skin. These products are unfortunately paired with over-the-top prices, which are not affordable for every buyer. The trend of filters is on the rise these days, but how good it would feel if we found a foundation that gives a no-makeup-makeup-filter that is too in your pocket range.

Of course, Too faced foundation is the one which gives supreme coverage, and produces a flawless natural look. It is an oil-free foundation that lasts for long hours. To ensure the skin's health and resilience, they have added coconut water and alpine rose. Foundation is the biggest make-or break item, so choosing it after pondering is a wise move.

Bonus! Handy Tip #3 For Applying Foundation:

Do not ignore what needs the most! Blemishes are a big No No to appear on your face. It is important to hide the splotches and blemishes which can be achieved by sponging up the product with the right amount and in the right direction. In order to obtain a natural look, wear a light amount of foundation and blend it outwards. Do the application process outright, use a concealer to hide extra bumps. Now dab the brush with the foundation and apply it over the concealed spots to cover any remaining scar precisely. In fact, a non-comedogenic foundation allows the skin to breathe, hence it can offer a good option to conceal inflamed spots.

Do not ignore blemishes while applying foundation on skin.

Do not ignore blemishes while applying foundation on skin.

4- It Cosmetics CC + Cream SPF 50

A good foundation is one which has the potential to create an even-toned and blemish-free skin. Also, the one which makes your skin flawless, as if you are wearing no foundation at all. A perfect match of skin tone and skin type, which also gives full coverage on your face by smudging your skin very well.

Finding a foundation that gives you a fine-made makeup look and saves your face from looking chalky, is a real challenge. Every woman wants to hear a compliment about her skin, but not about her foundation. IT Cosmetics foundation, which is sold as Color Correcting CC cream, is an award-winning foundation. It gives your skin an airbrushed look without much effort and, above all benefits, it is suitable for all skin types. It is a hybrid product, hence buying this foundation is a win-win deal. The best part: It gives seven products in a disguise of 1 i.e.

  1. Foundation
  2. Anti-aging serum
  3. Sunscreen
  4. Color corrector
  5. Primer
  6. Dark spot concealer and
  7. Moisturizing day cream

Bonus! Handy Tip #4 For Applying Foundation:

Switch to the Right Formula! Acne breakout or falling out of love with your current foundation is the sign that you need to switch to a better formula. With the changing pattern of the weather, you may experience excessive oily or more dry skin. So know your skin type, and choose the right product according to your skin's changing needs.

Chose your foundation wisely that suits your skin type and matches your skin tone.

Chose your foundation wisely that suits your skin type and matches your skin tone.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

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