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10 Brilliant Beauty Inventions Every Girl Needs to Stock on Shelves

Whatever may be the occasion; women want styling versatility and at the same time that - no- mess -look. Here are 10 brilliant beauty inventions which make your beauty routine easier and stress-free. Check them out-

Face Brush


Subject to your skin type, and precise wants and needs, these facial cleansing brushes are becoming skin care prerequisites for anyone who wants fresh and glowing skin. Face Brush uses effective audible brush technology to improve overall skin health by massaging it, releasing persistent dirt and oil. Face Brush vibrates and exfoliate everything from your face to your feet, giving you a charming, full body glow. Its deep cleansing power is really helpful for those with acne prone skin. Moreover, the massaging head, helps stimulating tissue rejuvenation to increase blood flow, and collagen production to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

Shower Gel


Shower gels are extra effective in formulation, combining essential oils, perfumes and vitamins. Those with exfoliating beads give our body a good scrubbing as well. Shower gels are more sterile than soap bars. It makes you feel beautiful both inside and out. Mainly, shower gels are made with essential oils, floral fermentations and a fresh fruit, for the rich, creamy luxurious lather which won't just clean and make your skin soft but also control your mood. The perfume makes you feel instantaneously refreshed and stress-free.

Dry Shampoo


For those lazy days, when you just want to ditch your regular hair wash, dry shampoo is a perfect option. It always saves you from those oily, flat roots and gives you perfect hair without any ado. Besides deferring your regular hair wash by few days and refreshing them effectively a Dry Shampoo, absorbs oils, impurities, odor and foams while adding volume to your hair. Making your hair feeling fresh, bouncy and clean. Lightweight and easy to use, it is suitable for color treated and keratin treated hair as well.



Dark circles, Pimples, puffiness, blemishes or redness - for all the problems in the world Concealer is the solution. It brings you flawless skin and makes panda eyes disappear in seconds. These long-lasting, creamy concealers create sheer-to-full coverage to help diminish fine lines and damaged skin. Just a dab works under the surface and helps in hiding imperfections and hyper pigmentation, while stimulating healthy skin. Natural ingredients present moisturize, increase hydration levels around the eye area and fight puffiness to give a smooth surface, perfect look.



Youthful skin and those perfect features can be faked with the right highlighter. A great one can give extra edge to your skin tone, emphasize the features and cover-up the signs of ageing. Just A drop mixed in with foundation gives you the unique, fragile brightening without making you look unusually glittery. A quick swipe along your cheekbones gives you a little bit of shine and you're good to go.

Anti- Frizz Tech


Whether your hair is fine, thick, straight or curly these hair care and styling products restore essential oils and dodge frizz outs, so, no more blame game on crazy hair or humidity. Lock your style by applying hair spray onto dry hair. Hair lotions and serums give you those bouncy curls from roots to tips without any unevenness. Many variants of Nourishing Oil available hydrate the hair without weighing it down giving your hair a silky but not greasy look.

Compact Travel Hair-Dryer


This beauty invention is versatile; you can use it to dry, style or to give your hair a fluffy look. A travel hair dryer is compact and comes in handy on holidays or on a lazy weekend. These magical Travel hair dryers will get your hair dry in no time and is perfect for everyday use, if you have short hair. With many models available in the market these days, choose one according to your requirement and a distinctive design; travel hair dryers can fit easily in your bag and fun to use.

Hair Extensions


Artificial or natural ones; whatever may be your pick. Long hair, thicker hair or colored hair; get the ultimate look – with hair extensions. These days, Hair extensions are made with 100% Human Hair that flawlessly merges with your own hair. Just like your own hair, these hair extensions can be washed, styled, blow dried, flat ironed and /or curled using styling tools without causing any damage.

Straightening Cum Curling Iron


Straightening cum curling iron Smoothens out your hair, pair as a curling tong and is a safer substitute to ironing which usually damages your hair. Straightening cum curling iron are generally ceramic coated and comes with several features which help you make your hair bouncy. Hair Curler gives you stunning hairstyles including loose curls, well-defined curls or natural waves. Straightening cum curling iron allows you to opt for straight styles and go back to natural curls and wavy hair patterns. All girls out there, get ready to look special with those shiny smooth curls or sleek straight long shiny hair.



Two-in-one smudging brush gives sultry look very easily. Smudger is exceptionally helpful while using it like an eye shadow. Smudgers don’t set quickly but stays on for long and is water-resistant. However, it doesn’t work as a kajal or kohl on the waterline. The compact latex applicator also provides excellent lip make-up results by blending color on lips giving a firm stroke to develop precisely-outlined lips. So, with that Red-pout and smoky eyes; you are all set to go girl.

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