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Women's BJJ: what to wear under the gi

For women who train BJJ

Ever get irritated dealing with your shirt riding up while you're rolling in a gi? Here is a first hand testimonial from my girlfriend, who just purchased this:

"It does a really good job of wicking moisture away from your body. I was afraid that I was going to overheat while wearing this thing, but I didn't! You don't even notice that it's on... it's not at all restricting. Best of all, you don't have to worry about your shirt riding up and 'flashing" everyone at your gym!"

Asics is an extremely well known and popular, respected company in the wrestling community. They've actually been making wrestling gear for women ever since it became a thing in high school sports over 20 years ago (I actually wrestled in high school and our 135 pounder went up against a girl even back then). If you're looking for something to wear under your gi that isn't just a sportsbra, this seems to be the premier thing on the market.

Who am I?

I'm a BJJ instructor myself with over 20 years of grappling experience, and I know a good quality wrestling product when I see one, but I didn't want to post this info first without consulting one of my female studnets. Asics is top notch in the industry, and this is certainly no exception. If you're doing mostly no-gi, you might be more comfortable wearing a T-shirt underneath the singlet, but if you're mainly focusing on gi training, this singlet by itself should be just fine. The only potential downside vs wearing, say, a long sleeved rashguard might be the exposed elbows, but the trade off is that you get to be a lot cooler when you're rolling.

I am asked frequently by my female students what to order online, so I've decided to do the research myself, but also by asking the students for their opinions about the respective products, not taking anything for granted. I hope you find this info helpful.


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