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The Best Clubbell Exercises


An Introduction to Clubbell Exercises

If you're looking for a way to get into shape and build rock hard muscle fast and you're tired of the old same old, same old, incorporating clubbell exercises into your regimen will give you a challenging and exciting workout that will be different to anything you've tried before.

While anyone can obtain great benefit from clubbell exercises, they are particularly useful to sportsmen and sportswomen who wish to enhance their skills and performance in various sports including tennis, baseball, swimming, football, rugby and martial arts.


What are Clubbells, and How are They Used?

Clubbells are wide, baseball-bat like implements that are most commonly made from either wood or steel encased in a black urethane rubber coating. They usually range in weight from 2 to 45 pound, and in length from 18 to 29 inches.

While a good workout can be obtained using a single clubbell, working with a pair of clubbells will greatly accelerate your progress and enable a wider range of exercises to be performed. When starting out with clubbell exercises, the recommended weight to use is 10 pounds for a woman who is already reasonably fit, and 15 pounds for a man. If you haven't exercised before, start with a weight that challenges you but you can still use without too much difficulty and progress to heavier clubbells when your strength and fitness improves.

Clubbell exercises are executed by swinging the club or clubs in various directions. This action, along with giving an excellent cardiovascular workout, works more muscles than a regular dumbbell with a lower risk of injury occurring. That is because the club is swung, rather than lifted. While they can be used to shape and tone the lower body, clubbells excel in developing the upper body and strengthening the hands, wrists, forearms and shoulders.

As with any exercise, maintaining correct form as the moves are performed will produce the best results and limit the likelihood of an injury occurring.

Clubbell Training Videos

While it hasn't really hit the big time yet in terms of popularity, the number of people who regularly work out with clubbells is definitely on the increase. One of the reasons for this is that clubbell workouts can be tailored to suit just about anyone, and the workouts, while challenging, are enjoyable.

If you want to bring out your inner caveman, give clubbells a go. If you're still sitting on the fence, check out the videos below to get a better idea of exactly what clubbell exercises involve.


The History and Origins of Clubbell Exercises

While clubbells, and therefore clubbell exercises, are quite new to the fitness arena having been patented in 2003 by martial arts master and fitness instructor, Scott Sonnon, the original "clubbell" has been around since the early 1800s.

Clubs are thought to have been the first tool to have been used for strength training, long before barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells came into being. In fact, training with clubs was around in Persia and ancient Egypt, back in the days when competitors in strongman competitions used them as part of their training regimen, but they didn't become popular in America until 1862 when they became known as Indian Club Clubs.

The new, improved version of these is the clubbell. While clubbells can be used for stand-alone fitness training, many advocates go on to practise clubbell exercises which go by the name of Circular Strength Training, or CST, which you can find out about below.

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What is Circular Strength Training?

While most exercise involving weights occurs in one plane of movement, other forms of exercise, such as that which occurs on the playing field, involves all three planes. Clubbell exercises, or Circular Strength Training, engages this "tri-planar" movement, and in the process increases rotary and angular strength.

CST is said to increase strength, flexibility and range of movement as it optimizes stability, multiplies force production abilities and enhances recovery. The other two components which make up CST are Intu-flow and Prasara yoga.

Benefits of Intu-flow (intuitive flow) include, but are not limited to, a slowing and reversal of the aging process due to an improvement in joint mobility and flexibility, prevention of pain and eradication of existing pain from old injuries and a heightened sense of well-being. Benefits of Prasara yoga include an increase in mobility, agility, strength, energy and vitality.

This multi-pronged approach incorporates a variety of exercise equipment that includes monkey bars, sandbags, medicine balls, kettlebells and, of course, clubbells. With such variety, you are pretty much assured your workouts will never become boring and repetitive.

So, if you're seeking a cardio workout that will shape and develop your arms, chest, back, shoulders, legs, buttocks and abs I recommend you try clubbell exercises. They may be just what you've been looking for!

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palsecam on September 29, 2013:

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FatLossDiva (author) on March 05, 2013:

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Rose Jones on March 05, 2013:

I have heard great things about clubbell exercising - now I know how to do it.

FatLossDiva (author) on February 16, 2013:

@WriterJanis2: You're welcome. Glad you found it informative. :)

WriterJanis2 on February 16, 2013:

I learned something new from this lens. Thanks!

FatLossDiva (author) on February 03, 2013:

@anonymous: Yes, they are meant to be easy to hold. Glad you found the lens useful. Thanks for commenting.

anonymous on January 31, 2013:

These look very cool! The clubbells look easy to hold, I have other weights that hurt my hands. I'll look further in to this. Thanks!

FatLossDiva (author) on January 30, 2013:

@flinnie lm: Hi flinnie!

I've only ever heard good things about them, so would like to try them one day. They look like heaps of fun, and would be especially effective for the upper body.

Thanks for commenting. :)


Gloria Freeman from Alabama USA on January 30, 2013:

Hi these clubbell are new to me. Sound like a fun way to exercise.

FatLossDiva (author) on January 27, 2013:

@Blkeeslar: I haven't tried it myself, but I'm interested in doing so. Would love to hear how you get on if you give it a go. Cheers!

Billie Keeslar from Mississippi on January 27, 2013:

I have never heard of this, I am going to look into this. I am tired of weight machines

FatLossDiva (author) on January 26, 2013:

@Digory LM: I haven't tried it myself yet, but I know someone who has and she loved it. The clubs are really easy to hold, too.

Digory LM on January 26, 2013:

Thanks for the lens. I'd like to try this some time to break up my routine.

FatLossDiva (author) on January 22, 2013:

@gaga6599: I hadn't heard of them until recently either. Glad you found it interesting. : )

gaga6599 on January 22, 2013:

Very interesting. I did not know about clubbells before.

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