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Spirit 120 Kayak by Future Beach: A Great Choice for a Beginner Kayak

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Just over a year ago, my oldest son and I drove from Maryland to Florida to visit my youngest son and family. Typically, our visits consist of catching up with each other. watching movies, playing video games, and eating good food. We spend most of our energy during visits just being with each other. It is always such a special thing when we are together and the visits always seem too brief.

During this last visit, my sons took me on an adventure of a lifetime.

We went kayaking on a river in Florida. We spent the day paddling and watching the flora and fauna as we drifted past. This included a plethora of turtles and small alligators sunning on logs. Initially, I was petrified. I held my breath and grabbed the sides every time the kayak rocked. However, it didn't take long to loosen up a little bit and enjoy the trip.

When we started the kayaking adventure, they put me in a tandem kayak, so I wasn't alone. On the way back, I was brave enough to try the little solo kayak. I was amazed at how effective of a mode of transportation that little piece of plastic was.

As we exited the kayaks and left them at the rental hut I knew that someday I would own my own kayak. I had just expected some day to be a long time down the road.

How I Came to Own a Kayak

I had a bit of online writing cash that was earmarked for the purchase of electronics. But on a lazy Sunday, I was clipping coupons and checking the Sunday paper for good sales. I noted that a local sporting goods store was having an amazing sale on kayaks. I placed the ad to the side.

That sale nagged at me for a week. On the last day of the sale I drove over and purchased my own kayak. I didn't have much of a clue about what to look for. My only criteria was that I'd buy a sit-on-top as opposed to a sit-in. I imagined that if I was to flip the kayak, I would easily end up floating alongside the sit-on-top. There probably isn't much difference between the two styles and it is probably just a matter of personal preference.

I chose a 10' sit-on-top Future Beach kayak. And I have to say, I couldn't be happier with it.

Why I Love My Future Beach Sit-On-Top

  • I have the confidence that if I flip over, no matter what, a sit-on kayak will float.
  • The handles (on each side and on the front and back) help me handle my kayak easily
  • The waterproof cubbyhole in back keeps my phone protected.
  • Bungee cords on front secure my fishing supplies, fishing pole, and so on.
  • The cup holder between my legs prevents my frozen bottle of water from rolling around.
  • Graduated foot holds allow me to place my feet where they are most comfortable depending on what i'm doing.
  • The special shape of the hull makes me feel more secure than V-shaped hulls do. The very bottom of this kayak is shaped more like a "W" than a "V".
  • I am able to paddle and turn my kayak easily. I feel as though it is responsive.
  • It was inexpensive.

Go For It

If you have dreamed of kayaking but have let anxiety hold you back, I say you should give it a try. It is a wonderful activity for individuals or groups. I am thrilled that I purchased my kayak. I think you will enjoy yours too.

I'd love to hear from you about kayaks or your thoughts in general. Stop by and say hi.

Dawn (author) from Maryland, USA on July 15, 2017:

George, I have updated the Future Beach official website link. And It appears the replacement back pads are listed for sale on the site. I hope you can find what you need.

George on July 13, 2017:

Looking for replacement back supports

Dawn (author) from Maryland, USA on April 07, 2015:

OH, enjoy! I love it and can't wait to get it back into the water. I hope you love it too. I hope you stop back and let me know how you like it.

Jay on April 07, 2015:

I just bought my son this kayak because of this review. Thanks for all the details and hopefully we (Son and I) will enjoy as much as you have.

Dawn (author) from Maryland, USA on September 18, 2014:

Wonderful! I can't wait until I'm more experienced and take my Kayak farther out on Chesapeake Bay. It is serene. I know exactly what you are talking about.

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Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on September 17, 2014:

I live in Olympia, Washington, on the Puget Sound, and I've been kayaking now for about thirty years. There is nothing as serene than being on the water.....well, I'm sure there are other things, but you know what I'm talking about. :)

Margaret Schindel from Massachusetts on August 11, 2014:

This review is really timely for me! I just started putting together some research on kayaks for my in-laws, who have a cabin literally just 10 feet from a wonderful, calm, fresh water lake and are considering buying a kayak for it. I, too, came to the conclusion that a sit-on-top kayak would be the best choice for their needs. I'll definitely check into the Spirit 120 based on your review!

Dawn (author) from Maryland, USA on August 11, 2014:

@SusanDeppner: Oh Susan, I hope you try. I was terrified when my kids took me in Florida. But it was fantastic. If you go on fresh water lakes, or the really slow rivers like I go on. it's not so scary. Get a good lifejacket and wear it.... I was still scared my first time here, but it is great. I hope you try.

Susan Deppner from Arkansas USA on August 11, 2014:

My husband wants a kayak but keeps putting off buying one, partly because I'm not much of a water person. This does sound like a good product and that you chose it with specific features in mind that women would look at. That makes me feel a little braver. Thanks for the great review!

Ruthi on August 10, 2014:

Good for you that your someday came sooner rather than later! It is obvious that you enjoy the gifts of the great outdoors and what better way than a kayaking day. I've canoed and sailed but have not yet taken a kayak out. One day!

Dawn (author) from Maryland, USA on August 09, 2014:

@Diana Wenzel: Ah, that makes sense about the sit-in and the camera. I have not yet taken any real photos from my kayak. I can't figure out how to do it safely. I can see how a sit in would help with that.

Susan Zutautas from Ontario, Canada on August 09, 2014:

I've always wanted to try kayaking but never have. It is on my bucket list.

Renaissance Woman from Colorado on August 09, 2014:

I can see why you really like this kayak. Sit on top kayaks are incredibly popular. When I was living along the Gulf, in Texas, many fishermen used this style of kayak. The main reason I chose to purchase a sit in style of kayak was for ergonomic reasons (being down closer to the water for paddling) and the security of having my camera tripod inside the boat. Kayaking is such a great recreational activity. I love it!

Shinichi Mine from Tokyo, Japan on August 09, 2014:

Oh, I think I have to learn to get over my fear of the water first. Then I think I'll try this kayak. ;) Great review my friend.

Barbara Tremblay Cipak from Toronto, Canada on August 08, 2014:

Enjoyed your page! so much fun too - Where mom lives people Kayak on the river - the closet I've come is canoeing

Cynthia Sylvestermouse from United States on August 08, 2014:

How totally fabulous! Sounds like you two really had a wonderful day and I am so glad you used that savings for your very own kayak. The electronics can wait! There is nothing like a day in the sun for playtime.

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