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High Flying Snowmobile Wallpapers

Extreme Snowmobile Wallpapers

For a dazzling display of extreme sporting activity, it doesn't get much better than to see a snowmobile flying through the air with extraordinary scenery behind it, or to see them soaring through the powder, digging it up in a way that creates amazing clouds of snow dust behind and around them.

These images lend themselves well to wallpapers for computers and other screens, as you can just about look at it and get an adrenaline rush immediately.

If you need a boost or a sense of awesomeness, grabbing some snowmobile wallpapers and placing on your screens to watch during the day is a terrific practice and experience.

So if you want to see a lot of speed, powder and snowmobiles flying at different angles, hang on to your hat and get ready for some tremendous visual stimulus as we take a look at some fantastic images of snowmobiles soaring through the snow and air.

Snowmobile in Flight

This is what it's all about with snowmobile wallpapers. For anyone that has ridden or wants to ride a snowmobile, this is one of the images that permeate the imagination; becoming airborne on a fast-moving snowmobile while kicking up some powder behind you.

And for real fans, how cool is the snowmobile look of the guy riding it? These are similar to numerous gaming images we encounter when the scenario is a winter one.

You can tell from the trees that this rider is in the far north somewhere, with the birches in the background standing out nicely. Birch trees are one of my favorite trees, so it adds nicely to the overall impact of this wallpaper. This will definitely get the juices flowing.

extreme snowmobile wallpaper

extreme snowmobile wallpaper

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Sledding the Rockies

Talk about an awesome photo of some extreme fun in the Rockies, where this guy is kicking up some significant powder as he rides the back of his snowmobile.

It almost looks like a scene from an unknown planet when viewing the way the snow settled and layered on the mountains. You couldn't have designed a better landscape to set up a great ride and photo op on.

From the lines in the snow it looks like this rider is having the time of his life. The angle of the snowmobile is amazing as it takes off from the ground.

sledding the rockies

sledding the rockies

High Air Borne Snowmobile

It doesn't get much better than this as getting some space between a snowmobile and the ground. He must have had a nice bump to jump on in order to keep the machine as perpendicular to the ground as it is.

Under normal conditions the snowmobile would be at a much sharper angle.

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But the astounding thing about this is how high the snowmobile gets off of the ground. I also like the light powder trailing and under the rider.

Also very cool is the region he's riding in. From the way the land is formed, you get the feeling there aren't a lot of straight areas to make a run and jump like this.


Speedy, Fast Snowmobile Ride

From the way this snow or powder is reacting to this snowmobile and rider, he is moving at a very fast speed.

Capturing the moment where the powder was spraying as it was as this photographer did is an extraordinary image. I really like the way the machine is slightly sideways as it takes off. That's not an easy thing to safely do. Think of being in the air and sideways at the same time to understand how risky but amazing it is.


Snowmobile Wallpaper Looking Like it's Flying

Here we have a great combination of a fantastic background and a snowmobile jump taking full advantage of it.

When looking at this you get the feeling this rider is flying through the air. It's really an exhilarating and inspirational wallpaper.

Many of you are probably wondering what that solid white, slender, snow-covered object is. If you look closely you'll see that it's a small tree.

What is especially amazing about this snowmobile wallpaper is you simply can't place where the rider and machine are in relationship to the ground. The only clue is the thin tree standing right beside the snowmobile as it soars by.

Even there we see the top and not how far down the bottom goes. I don't know if this was done deliberately, but it is a terrific view and sensation as you place yourself in the driver's seat.


Extreme Snowmobile Wallpapers

If this doesn't stir some excitement up in you, you may be already dead. It doesn't get much better than this for andrenline when you aren't able to participate in it yourself.

Having a slow or uninspiring day? Put some of these fantastic snowmobile wallpapers on your computer or other gadget and it'll be better than a stiff cup of java.

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