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Football Psl - Permanent Seat/Stadium License

Also known as a Personal Seat License

In the U.S. we call them PSLs, in Europe they're called debentures, but what exactly IS a permanent seat license anyway?

The short answer is that a PSL is considered to be a guaranteed seat for the holder. The long answer is a little more complex.

A PSL provides a person with the option of buying season passes to see games in the stadium/arena for which they purchase the PSL. In most cases, the owner of a PSL is allowed to sell the license.

These licenses are generally sold as a method of offsetting the cost of arena/stadium construction and maintenance. Their prices vary, so check with your local stadium to see if they offer PSLs.


Not just for football!

A Permanent Seat License can be purchased by anyone, depending upon availability. With roughly a dozen football stadiums offering them, other sports venues are offering these options as well for their season ticket holders.

Here are some other sports types who cater to the PSL market:


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So, if your favorite team sells season passes, ask if they provide permanent seat licenses, and make sure you renew your license regularly so you don't lose out!

It's important to remember that the number of PSLs available at any given stadium at any given time are extremely limited. Generally a stadium restricts the number of PSLs to a selection of the best seats, the seats which are more likely to gain them season ticket sales. In some instances there are waiting lists tens of thousands of people long.

So, for the die hard fan (though if you're truly die hard you already have a PSL for your favorite stadium for you and all your family) buying a PSL is worth the money, and the wait. Never worry about sitting in the nosebleed seats again.

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