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How to Choose Between the Osprey Talon 22 and Osprey Talon 33

Osprey Talon 22

Osprey Talon 22

Osprey Talon 22 or Osprey Talon 33: Which One Is for You?

One of the biggest hassles of choosing a new pack is trying to get the right size. Should you go for a smaller pack with less capacity or step up and get more volume with the next larger model.

That's usually the dilemma when deciding among packs like the Osprey Talon 22 or the Osprey Talon 33. So how do you know what's the correct choice?

For large capacity packs it's more about the total volume, but it requires more thought for mid-sized packs that need more functionality than a regular daypack. It comes down to your types of activities and your preference for pack styles.

Let me explain some of the key factors to consider to make sure you choose the best option.

Osprey Talon 33

Osprey Talon 33

Common Features of the Osprey Talon 22 and 33

The Osprey Talon Series covers a range of sizes to fit your activity and equipment requirements.

Both the Talon 22 and the Talon 33 are both liked due to the long and narrow design of Osprey packs that hug the body better than wider pack styles. For active users this close fit keeps the pack from bouncing around on the park trail or zipping along on a bike to work.

Common Features of the Osprey Talon:

  • Osprey AirScape Suspension -- the molded foam, back panel support system for the pack for comfort and ventilation.
  • BioStretch Adjustable Harness -- for a good torso fit and even weight distribution.
  • Stretch Front Pocket -- a spacious and stretchy open pocket for bulk storage and quick access.
  • LidLock Attachment Clip -- a simple and effective mechanism for clipping a bike helmet.
  • Blinker Light Attachment -- built into the front panel is a handy slot for attaching a safety light.
  • External Hydration Slot -- away from the inside contents is a separate storage for a water bladder.
  • Stretch Mesh Pockets -- pockets on both the hipbelt and harness for easy access storage.
  • Sternum Strap -- a cross chest strap for a tighter fit that includes a rescue whistle buckle.

Pack Fitting Tips

Get the Correct Size for Comfort

Good gear is only as good as the body fit. A higher price doesn't make it better.

If you've never measured your body parts, it's time to get out the tape. Do you have a short or long torso? This stuff matters when choosing the pack size. Do not get stuck with a pack that is too large or too small for your body frame.

Here are some pack fitting tips to keep in mind:

Pack Size -- Check your torso length by measuring along the spine from the base of your neck to the top of your hipbone. That should give you a reasonable estimate of your size requirements.

Harness Size Flexibility -- With sliding adjustments, a good fitting harness usually ends 2-3 inches below the armpit for a snug but not restrictive feel.

Secure the Hips -- A proper pack fit rides on your hips more than your waist. That's the foundation for carrying the bulk of the load and a comfortable journey.

Overall Feel & Fit -- Put some weight into the pack to really test it out before hitting the trail. Add some tension on the belt and harness and play with the sternum strap to fit the best adjustments for your body type.

Panel Loader or Top Loader? Choose Your Preference

After capacity considerations, the next big factor is the loading style to determine which Osprey Talon functions better for your lifestyle.

The Talon 22 is a panel loader and the Talon 33 is a top loader. Each style has its advantages and disadvantages, so your choice is dependent on your use patterns. Everyone has strong opinions on which is better for them, so you have to understand your own pack behavior and activities.

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Let's cover the basic differences and some other factors:

Top Loading Pack: As the name implies it loads from the top end like a duffel bag and closes with a cinch strap that covers the hole. On the top sits a pocket flap that is normally not detachable. So you usually sit the pack straight up and dig down the sides.


  • Weather protection
  • Narrow pack body fit
  • Less zipper breakdown
  • Excellent support
  • Less overall weight


  • Difficult access to bottom
  • Multiple hanging straps
  • Not suitable for airplane cabins

Front Loading Pack: A front loading pack is more like a soft suitcase. A zipper along 3 sides exposes the main contents for easy access when you lay it down and fold over the front panel. And usually there are more external zip pockets attached to the sides and front.


  • More compact for travel size,
  • Easy access points,
  • Multiple external storage choices,
  • Lockable zipper pockets


  • Limited support
  • Less weather protection
  • Less capacity

Osprey Talon Activities


Osprey Packs "All Mighty Guarantee"

(Applicable for US and Canada Customers)

Osprey packs not only have a unique look, they have superior quality too. The company backs up its claims with their lifetime guarantee offer known as the All Mighty Guarantee that makes Osprey one of the most reputable and reliable backpacks on the market with exceptional customer loyalty.

Osprey Company Policy

"Osprey will repair for any reason, free of charge, any damage or defect in our product“ whether it was purchased in 1974 or yesterday. If we are unable to perform a quality repair on your pack, we will happily replace it. We proudly stand behind this guarantee, so much so that it bears the signature of company founder and head designer, Mike Pfotenhauer."

Find Your Coolest Osprey Talon Colors - Show Off Your Style and Flair

Osprey Backpacks: Less Impact On The Environment

Osprey, the company, was listed by Outside Magazine as one of "America's Best Places to Work."

Not only do Osprey packs last a long time, the company incorporates recycled materials in some models and tries to reduce waste during production activities.

Since 1997, Osprey began adding labels with the Leave No Trace principles into their large packs to remind users to practice low impact recreation.

So if you like to support like-minded businesses, then Osprey is a good choice for your cause and your wallet.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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