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30 Exciting NBA Players on Instagram

Follow Photos from Top NBA Players and NBA Teams

NBA players have been quick to embrace Instagram just as musical artists have embraced it in the entertainment world. Part of that may be due to the 2012 Olympics which was a seminal event in which the whole world was watching and looking for a behind the scenes glimpse of the athletes lives. Many of the Olympic athletes from each country took to Instagram to share their experience with friends, family and their entire country. One of the most active group of Olympic Instagram users in London was the Team USA mens basketball team.

In particular guys like Chris Paul (@cp3), Deron Williams (@dwill8) and Kevin Durant (@sniperjones35) each shared over 30 behind the scenes photos of the London activities. It was as if the athletes became their own paparazzi and it was entertaining to watch. Now those NBA stars have taken the technology back to their teams and referred their fellow teammates onto the site, and Instagram participation is spreading throughout the league as a whole. This is the first NBA season with widespread IG usage among players and it has already enhanced the NBA fan experience for users.

If you are not yet familiar with Instagram, it is a photo sharing application for mobile devices such as iPads, iPhones and Android phones. You can think of it as a site similar to Twitter in which people share photos instead of 140 character texts. You can only get the application on mobile devices and you download the application from the App store for your device.

While Instagram is only available on mobile devices, several websites have sprung up to allow you to view your IG photos from a computer. The links that I have provided throughout this article all link to the web viewer. You can login into your account to manage which people you follow, browse photos on a computer and add comments to photos. Another similar site web viewer site is

Whether you love the NBA as a whole or just your local NBA team, you should enjoy following NBA players on Instagram. You will get a backstage pass into the players journey from initial practice through the NBA Playoffs. So get in the game and start following NBA basketball on Instagram with this list of some of the more active NBA Instagram users.

You can also follow the League on IG at NBA on Instagram. And if you are addicted to Instagram like me, you might also want to check out 25 Active NHL Players on Instagram.

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Cool Slam Shot of Anthony Davis


Cool Shot of Lebron with Dr. J (Julius Irving)


Top Eastern Conference NBA Players on Instagram

Note: Not all top NBA players are included here because many do not have Instagram accounts yet. And only the top 3 players have been linked to their profiles to minimize the number of links from the page.

Lebron James, Cleveland Cavaliers (@kingjames)

The undisputed King of today's NBA, many also think Lebron might be the best ever. However, there is a certain former Chicago Bull that still has my vote as the best NBA player of all time. Now, he returns to Cleveland with 2 Championship Rings and hoping to bring a Championship to his hometown. Shared over 740 photos and has 6.8 million followers.

Carmelo Anthony, NY Knicks (@carmeloanthony)

Both a great perimeter shooter as well as a low post player, Carmelo Anthony is one of the best bigs in the game. He has also served the US on three different Olympic teams. Has shared over 300 photos and has 2.2 million followers.

Dwyane Wade, Miami Heat (@dwyanewade)

Wade has 3 NBA Championship Rings with the Miami Heat. He will try to continue the Heat's winning ways without Lebron. He is one of the most active IG users in the NBA having shared over 950 photos and has 3.9 million followers.

Deron Williams, Brooklyn Nets (@dwill8)

Deron Williams is one of the most dynamic Point Guards in the league and is now leading the newly revamped Brooklyn Nets in their second season in Brooklyn. He shares lots of photos of interesting aspects of his professional and personal life. Has shared over 500 photos and has 320,000 followers.

Kyrie Irving, Cleveland Cavaliers (@k1irving)

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Kyrie Irving has quickly become one of the best young PGs in the game and now he will be paired with Lebron and Kevin Love to create a lethal trio and a legitimate contender for a Title. Has shared over 400 photos and has 1.4 million followers.

Kevin Love, Cleveland Cavaliers (@kevinlove)

With a move to Cleveland, Love has gone to a great player that was largely unfollowed in Minnesota to one of the 3 headed monster that is favored to win the NBA Title. Love likes to bring humor to his IG account so definitely worth a follow. Shared over 150 photos and has 530,000 followers.

John Wall, Washington Wizards (@johnwall)

Another great young PG, John Wall has been blistering hot during his first 4 seasons in the NBA averaging 17.7 ppg and 8.3 apg. He is leading a resurgence in Washington with young teammate Bradley Beal. John has shared over 400 photos and has 760,000 followers.

DeMar DeRozan, Toronto Raptors (@demar_derozan)

DeMar was the 8th leading scorer in the NBA in the 2013-2014 season and has become a franchise player for the Raptors. He has increased his stats in each of his first 5 season peaking at 21.4 ppg and 3.7 apg in the 2013-2014 campaign. He is fairly new to IG and has only shared 80 photos and currently has 270,000 followers.

Paul George, Indiana Pacers (@ygtrece)

A brilliant shooting guard produced by mid-major college, Cal State - Fresno, George is going into his 5th season in the NBA. His production shot up in the 2013-2014 season to 21.7 ppg, 6.8 rpg and 3.5 apg. He is also very active on Instagram having shared over 850 photos and has 1.46 million followers.

Kemba Walker, Charlotte Bobcats (@_kw15)

One of the really exciting young players in the NBA. After winning a National Championship with UConn, he has led the Charlotte Bobcats in scoring the last two years averaging 17.7 ppg and adding another 6 apg. Kemba has shared over 140 photos on IG and has 100,000 followers.

Paul Millsap, Atlanta Hawks (@paulmillsap4)

Paul Millsap is playing in his 9th season in the NBA and he is still putting it in the hole, averaging 17.9 ppg and grabbing 8.5 rpg. Millsap is relatively new to Instagram so he has only shared 60 photos so far and has 22,000 followers.

Brandon Knight, Milwaukee Bucks (@brandonknight11)

Brandon Knight is in his 4th season in the NBA and second season with the Bucks after two seasons with the Detroit Pistons. The change to the Bucks has been a huge positive for Knight as his scoring, assists and steals went up with the move. In 2013-2014, he averaged 17.9 ppg and 4.9 apg. Knight has shared over 100 photos and has 140,000 followers on IG.

Michael Carter-Williams, Philadelphia 76ers (@mr_carter5)

Michael Carter-Williams was the NBA's Rookie of the Year in 2013-2014 after graduating from Syracuse. MC5 had a great first season as PG for the 76ers averaging 16.7 ppg and also adding 6.2 rpg and 6.3 apg. Pretty amazing performance for rookie. Carter has been a long-time IG contributor sharing over 320 photos and he has 210,000 followers.

Joakim Noah, Chicago Bulls (@stickity13)

Joakim Noah is the consummate team player and leader of the Chicago Bulls. He won back to back National Championships with the Florida Gators and has a very high competitive spirit. He was the fourth leading rebounder during the 2013-2014 season averaging 11.3 rpg and also 12.6 ppg. He is relatively new to IG and has only shared 24 photos and has 200,000 followers.

Jabari Parker, Milwaukee Bucks (@jabariparker)

Jabari Parker was the other highly touted incoming rookies with Andrew Wiggins. Expected to start at SF for the Bucks, Parker combines great court vision with outstanding big man moves and speed. He also has a very high bball IQ as the son of former NBA player, Sonny Parker. Jabari has only shared about 45 photos but he has 270,000 followers.

Cool Shot of Harden and Irving Playing for Team USA


Great Shot of Team USA Players after Win

DRose, Rudy Gay and Steph Curry

DRose, Rudy Gay and Steph Curry

Top Western Conference NBA Players to Follow

Note: Not all top NBA players are included here because many do not have Instagram accounts yet. And only the top 3 players have been linked to their profiles to minimize the number of links from the page.

Kevin Durant, Oklahoma City Thunder (@easymoneysniper)

Kevin Durant is one of the most exciting young players in the NBA and probably #2 behind James as best overall NBA player. He has been a member of Instagram for a while and is a very active IG player. He has had his account hacked a couple of times so the name has changed a few times. Has shared 800 photos and has 3.6 million followers.

Chris Paul, LA Clippers (@cp3)

An integral member of the Gold Medal team, CP3 is both one of the most explosive offensive players and one of the peskiest defenders in the NBA. Teamed with Blake Griffin, CP3 is looking to lead the Clippers to their first ever NBA Championship. They are hoping with new ownership, attention will be firmly refocused on basketball. Paul has shared over 400 photos and has 2.1 million followers.

Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors (@wardell30)

One of the best young shooting guards in the NBA, Stephen Curry is also the son of former NBA player, Dell Curry. In is fifth season in the league, he averaged an amazing 32 ppg and 11.7 apg. As you can imagine, the Warriors offense flows through Steph Curry. Curry has shared 65 photos and has 440,000 followers.

Blake Griffin, LA Clippers (@blakegriffin32)

Last season was a huge distraction for the Clippers because of the Donald Sterling scandal. But Blake Griffin and the Clippers still are one of the best teams in the West and hope to get back on track chasing a Championship this season. Griffin has shared over 120 photos and has 1.4 million followers on Instagram.

James Harden, Houston Rockets (@jharden13)

Another of the OKC threesome that reached the NBA Finals and won Gold in London. He was traded this year to the Houston Rockets and is playing with Mr. Linsanity. He has also jumped off to a quick start on Instagram with over 80 photos shared. Harden has shared over 200 photos and has 1.2 million followers

Demarcus Cousins, Sacramento Kings (@boogiecousins)

Cousins has proved to be a big force in the West in his first four seasons in the NBA. 2014 was his most productive season and he averaged over 22 ppg and nearly 12 rpg. He is a key piece of an up and coming young Sacramento team. Cousins is active on IG and has shared over 470 photos and has 317,000 followers.

Lamarcus Aldridge, Portland Trailblazers (@aldridge_12)

Lamarcus Aldridge is in his 9th season in the NBA and continues to increase his stats. With the addition of Damian Lillard, in 2014 he achieved career high averages in ppg (23.2) and rpg (11.1). Aldridge has shared over 360 photos and has 207,000 followers.

Damian Lillard, Portland Trailblazers (@damianlillard)

It isn't everyday that an NBA star is produced by a mid-major like Weber State, but indeed that is what has happened with Damian Lillard. In only two seasons in the NBA, he has averaged 19.2 ppg with 5.8 apg. He is leading a resurgence in Portland that has created an exciting team to watch. Lillard is very active on IG sharing over 900 photos and has over 730,000 followers.

Dwight Howard, Houston Rockets (@dwighthoward)

One of the all-time great rebounders in the NBA, Dwight Howard is going into his 11th season in the NBA. During that time he has averaged over 18.3 ppg and 12.9 rpg. He has become active on IG sharing over 400 photos and has 850,000 followers.

Russell Westbrook, OKC Thunder (@russwest44)

Russell Westbrook only played about half the games during the 2014 season due to injuries but he was still amazingly productive when he was in the game, averaging 21.8 ppg and 6.9 apg. He will look to help OKC get back to the finals in the 2014-2015 season. Russell has shared over 400 photos and has 1.5 million followers

Ricky Rubio, Minnesota Timberwolves (@ruuufio)

The dynamic point guard for the Timberwolves, Rubio is in his 3rd season in the NBA after spending several pro years in his home country, Spain. Rubio is a classic pass first PG, who was second in the league in assists in 2013-2014 with 9.5 apg. With the loss of Kevin Love, Rubio will have to find other scoring options for the 2014-2015 season. Rubio has shared 130 photos and has 174,000 followers.

Anthony Davis, New Orleans Pelicans (@antdavis_23)

In only two years in the NBA, Anthony Davis has become one of the most productive players in the league, averaging 20.8 ppg, 10.0 rpg and leading the league with 2.8 blocks per game. Davis has shared over 230 photos and has 350,000 followers on IG.

Ty Lawson, Denver Nuggets (@tylawson3)

Ty Lawson is a dynamic Point Guard out of North Carolina in his 6th season in the NBA. He has increased his production each year and averaged over 17.6 ppg and 8 apg in the 2013-2014 season. With the emergence of the Nuggets, Lawson is a fun player to follow on IG. Ty Lawson has shared over 500 photos and has 150,000 followers on IG.

Klay Thompson, Golden State Warriors (@klaythompson)

Klay Thompson is the son of former NBA star, Mychal Thompson and has quickly hit his stride in the NBA. During his first 3 years in the NBA, Klay averaged 17.8 ppg and 2.3 apg. He is new to Instagram having joined in Aug 2014, so he has only shared about 20 photos and has about 54,000 followers.

DeAndre Jordan, Los Angeles Clippers (@deandrejordan6)

DeAndre Jordan led the NBA in rebounding in 2013-2014 season averaging 13.6 rpg which was up dramatically from the 7.2 he averaged the year before. DeAndre is a key piece of the puzzle for the Clippers in their quest for an NBA title. DeAndre has shared over 350 photos and has 535,000 followers on IG.

Andrew Wiggins, Minnesota Timberwolves (@22wiggins)

Andrew Wiggins was the #1 draft pick in the 2014 NBA Draft and was taken by Cleveland then traded to Minnesota in the Kevin Love trade. There are very high expectations for Wiggins who has the ability to play either SG or SF in the NBA. He is a scoring, passing and rebounding threat and should excel paired with Ricky Rubio. Wiggins has shared over 120 photos and has over 460,000 followers.

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