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My Liverpool

So I have been a liverpool supporter since 1995 and back in 2011 a friend asked me why I support them, this was my reply!


unrivaled past, glorious future

My Liverpool

The word best depicted to illustrate Liverpool football club is "faith". For the millions of Liverpool fans across the globe, myself included, this is the phenomenon that keeps them ticking in all walks of their lives. Faith that everything has its place is the universe (faith in yourself) , faith in your fellow men and faith in our football club.

LFC is more then just a football club, it's a religion, bringing people together for all the right reasons. Nothing is ever meaningless, each match a profound experience that adds to our knowledge to a better understanding of the universe. However, this deep emotional bond leaves us vulnerable. In times of adversity and despair, Liverpool fans stick together more then ever. Sticking together is really powerful, together we can move mountains. When the words "You'll Never Walk Alone" ring around Anfield it's like music for the soul, no one wants to be alone, no soul wants to linger alone. There is a great sense of togetherness. LFC gives us purpose, without purpose there would be no reason to exist. "I was made for Liverpool and Liverpool was made for me" As a supporter, you definitely feel part of the team and atmosphere, no matter where you are, there is a Liverpool connection through mind, heart and spirit. You can feel the energy.

Since it's inauguration in 1892 Liverpool as a club has gone through many changes. From the original blue/white to the traditional full red. It was in the 1950's when LFC found it's true identity, under management of Bill Shankly, who is now a legend . He instilled love and passion and it has been that way ever since, with each of the managers after him following the same methods and traditions that has made us English footballs most successful club, setting standards for the rest to follow. Success that has lasted decades and that only recently has fizzled out a bit. But we aren't glory hunters "form is temporary, class is permanent" we won't turn our backs on the team. Would you turn your back to a friend when times are tuff? LFC were in their prime in the 60's and 70's, the entire city was buzzing, with LFC being crowned english and European champions nearly every year, along with the rise of the Beatles during this period. Liverpool as a city was rocking the world in more ways than one! We believe that we will get to the top of football again, all the ingredients are there, it is just a matter of time. "Some people say that football is a matter of life and death, I can assure you that its much, much more then that" liverpool's inconsistency in terms of results on the field have taught me many things (life lessons) it may have been unbearable to watch at times but there were positive spin offs, building a strong character in defeat, humble in victory, patience and of course to always look at the bigger picture and be optimistic about it. Makes you think and feel outside the "box" hence why this club in particular is very special/magical. You will be romanced by it. LFC are no strangers to tragedy also, with the Hillsborough disaster engraved in our minds so vividly, where 96 LFC fans, sons and daughters were killed in a crush in a stadium that collapsed. Here is another example of how sticking together can move mountains because it was only in august this year after 23 years of searching for the truth that the truth actually came out. So for those who lost loved ones that day, they have a little bit of closure even though it was a cover up by police and government. The truth and exposure of this cover up is still making headlines today.

Supporting LFC has enhanced all the good in me, I wouldn't trade that for anything in the world. How can something that has this sort of effect on a person be bad? can't.

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In conclusion, how can you not support such a football team? A team that radiates these kinds of values and principals? Even our players are picked on their ethics as human beings not only their talent on the field. A club that gets its energy from love, it's impossible not to love them, win or lose, we will stay loyal (another quality preached at Anfield) so you see...there is plenty of reason to believe that the future is bright for LFC. One night in particular embodies all that is Liverpool is back in 2005 May 5 champions league final in Istanbul when we were down 3-0 at half time and where written off but in the second half we shook the world again to come back to make it 3-3 and then win it on penalties against Italian giants AC Milan, it was a brilliant night to be a red of Liverpool, lowest of lows to the highest highs, no club will give that kind of entertainment and roller coaster of emotions! It just goes to show that anything can happen, all you need is little faith. Write us off at your peril that's what all our rivals know about liverpool. Our current star players share the same belief with each of them signing new contracts to extend there stay showing their loyalty because with the amount of money in football these days, they could have easily left for more money. Liverpool fc, unrivaled past behind us, glorious future ahead.

WATCH THIS SPACE for my next article about Liverpool and how the glory days have returned. My prediction for the future of the club, since the time of writing this piece, to present day has come true and its amazing!


Nigel Koay from Malaysia on October 29, 2020:

Liverpool FC is our religion, Anfield is our church. #YNWA

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