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2021 in MXGP: Calendar, Riders, Teams and Point Scoring System

MXGP is the premier class of motocross racing. The MXGP World Championship is organized by the "Federation Internationale de Motocyclisme" (FIM). The 2021 calendar includes 19 events.



In the 1950s, motocross started to grow fast, with many big events held in various countries. This led to introduce the European Championship Series in 1952. The series was open to 500cc motorcycles.

In 1957, motocross took an important step forward with the Championship Series being promoted to the World Championship status. The first 500cc world champion was Bill Nilsson from Sweden.

Premier Class

For many years, 500cc was the premier class for solo machines in the Motocross World Championship Series. Other classes for solo machines were 125cc and 250cc. "Cc" is an abbreviation for "cubic centimeters" (the measure for the cylinder volume of the engine).

New rules

In 2002, rule changes were introduced. The premier class of motocross was rebranded MX1. Competitors in MX1 were allowed to use four-stroke engines of up to 450cc.


In 2014, the name of the premier class was changed to MXGP. Other world championship classes are MX2 and Women's MX.

Most successful

Who is the most successful rider in the history of the Motocross World Championship? Stefan Everts (Belgium) won 10 world titles: 3 titles in MX1, 2 titles in 500cc, 1 title in MXGP, 3 titles in 250cc and one in 125cc.


2021 Calendar

The 65th Motocross World Championship includes 19 events, ending in Argentina on November 21. The World Championship Series run 19 events with two races per class at each round. Race duration is thirty minutes plus two laps.

Postponed: MXGP Netherlands (COVID-19)

The 2021 season should have started in the Netherlands on May 23. However, the race was postponed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The new date is June 13.

2021 Calendar: MXGP

  • June 13, 2021: MXGP of Russia (Orlyonok)
  • June 27 2021: MXGP of Great Britain
  • July 4, 2021: MXGP of Italy (Maggiora)
  • July 18, 2021: MXGP of Netherlands (Oss)
  • July 25, 2021: MXGP of Czech Republic (Loket)
  • August 1, 2021: MXGP of Flanders (Lommel, Belgium)
  • August 8, 2021: MXGP of Latvia (Ķegums)
  • September 5, 2021: Turkey MXGP (Afyonkarahisar)
  • September 8, 2021: GP Afyon (Turkey)
  • September 19, 2021: MXGP Sardegna (Italy)
  • September 26, 2021: Grand Prix of the Nations
  • October 3, 2021: MXGP of Germany (Teutschenthal)
  • October 10, 2021: MXGP of France (Saint-Jean-d'Angély)
  • October 17, 2021: MXGP of Spain (Intu Xanadú)
  • October 27, 2021: MXGP Pietramurata (Italy)
  • October 31, 2021: MXGP Garda (Italië)
  • November 7, 2021: MXGP Lombardy
  • November 10, 2021: MXGP Città di Mantova

Teams and riders

Who are the competitors in the MXGP? Here's the list of teams and riders in the 2021 MXGP World Championship. Tim Gajser (Slovenia) is the defending champion. Other big stars in MXGP are Jeffrey Herlings (the Netherlands), Tony Cairoli (Italy), Jeremy Seewer (Switzerland) and Glenn Coldenhoff (the Netherlands). Two important rookies in the 2021 MXGP Season are Thomas Olsen (Denmark) and Ben Watson (United Kingdom).

HR Honda

  • 43: Mitchell Evans
  • 243:Tim Gajser

Monster Energy Kawasaki

  • 3: Romain Febvre
  • 128: Ivo Monticelli

Hostettler Yamaha

  • 4: Arnaud Tonus
  • 92: Valentin Guillod

Monster Energy Yamaha Factory

  • 91: Jeremy Seewer
  • 259: Glenn Coldenhoff
  • 919: Ben Watson

KTM-Red Bull

  • 84: Jeffrey Herlings

KTM De Carli Factory-Red Bull

  • 61: Jorge Prado
  • 222: Tony Cairoli

Gebben Van Venrooy Yamaha Racing Team

  • 10: Calvin Vlaanderen
  • 22: Kevin Strijbos
  • 32: Brent Van Doninck

Rockstar Energy Husqvarna

  • 7: Arminas Jasikonis
  • 19: Thomas Kjaer Olsen

SR Motoblouz Honda

  • 16: Benoît Paturel
  • 991: Nathan Watson

JD Gunnex KTM

  • 17: José Butrón
  • 183: Lorenzo Locurcio


  • 24: Shaun Simpson

Beta SDM Corse MX

  • 89: Jeremy van Horebeek
  • 520: Jimmy Clochet

JM Honda

  • 29: Henry Jacobi
  • 747: Michele Cervellin

JWR Honda

  • 18: Vsevolod Brylyakov
  • 147: Miro Sihvonen

Standing Construct GasGas Factory Team

  • 41: Pauls Jonass
  • 189: Brian Bogers


  • 77: Alessandro Lupino

JT911 KTM Racing Team

  • 911: Jordi Tixier


  • 152: Petar Petrov


  • 297: Anton Gole

JK Racing-Yamaha

  • 161: Alvin Östlund

Hitachi KTM-Milwaukee

  • 811: Adam Sterry

KTM Kosak Team

  • 226: Tom Koch

Point Scoring System MXGP

  • 1: 25 points
  • 2: 22 p.
  • 3: 20 p.
  • 4: 18 p.
  • 5: 16 p.
  • 6: 14 p.
  • 7: 13 p.
  • 8: 12 p.
  • 9: 11 p.
  • 10: 9 p.
  • 11: 8 p.
  • 12: 7 p.
  • 13: 6 p.
  • 14: 5 p.
  • 15: 4 p.
  • 16: 3 p.
  • 17: 2 p.
  • 18: 1 p.

How to watch MXGP? Official broadcasters

United States and Canada
CBS Sports Network is the official broadcast partner of MXGP in the United States and Canada. Motocross fans can watch the races on tv or on a live stream at the CBS Sports App.

Eurosport is an official broadcast partner in many European countries. Many GP's can be watched on Eurosport 2 (tv). All races (MXGP and MX2) can be watched by live stream at the Eurosport Player. Telenet Play Sports is the official broadcast partner of MXGP for Belgium (tv and livestream). In the Netherlands, there's an official live stream of every MXGP-race at NPO.

Latin America and Asia
FOX Sports is the official broadcast partner (tv and live stream) in many countries in Latin America and Asia.

AXP is the official broadcast partner of MXGP in many African countries.

MXGP Tv (Global Online)
MXGP TV is the official online channel of both MXGP and MX2. Racing fans can purchase a membership of MXGP Tv. Members have access to live streaming of races and qualifications. They also can enjoy the MXGP Archives.


End of the season: Motocross of the Nations

At the end of the MXGP Season, the FIM annually organizes the Motocross of the Nations, a team event in which each country selects three riders (MXGP, MX2 and Open). The 2021 Motocross of the Nations will be held in Imola (Italy).

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