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how to jump higher in volleyball-Learn The Simple Things That Will Make You Jump Higher The Next Time You Play

illustration of the no arms hop, This intense exercise will add inches to your jump in only 8 weeks!

illustration of the no arms hop, This intense exercise will add inches to your jump in only 8 weeks!

Click on 'how to jump higher in volleyball' to learn how to jump higher from the pros. See what the competition is using to get the higher jump

Click on 'how to jump higher in volleyball' to learn how to jump higher from the pros. See what the competition is using to get the higher jump

But first here is an exercise that will get you jumping higher in 8 weeks

If you want to Learn how to jump higher in volleyball. This Exercise is for you its called the NO Arms hop. OK Lets get down to it

  • place hands on the back of your head
  • while jumping lift your leg upwards
  • your knees should touch your chest while your jumping , then let your legs down when you touch the ground

Do 1 SET of 10 REPS. DO this exercise twice a week with resting peroids between each day you exercised.

Your on the right track my friend :) just do this exercise and you will see a difference in a few weeks, those little things you do will make the difference in a few weeks.

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you can jump higher in volleyball


THREE things that will either break your jump or make it soar

You want to increase your vertical in volleyball but you don't know how? Sick of being the "short one" when it comes to your volleyball vertical jumps? I know, I know, I hear your pain, that's why I want to get straight to the point. I won't keep this long so, here is a short and helpful guide that will help you learn the ways to add inches to your jump in a matter of days. (At least, this time, "short" is a good thing! hehe)

OKay, so if you played volleyball, then you know the importance of knowing the skills to how to jump higher in volleyball. Afterall, volleyball depends mostly on the ability to jump and land successfully whenever you want to block, spike, or attack. But what IS a successful jump? What is a successful landing? How can you achieve both? Read on if you want to know how to master a jump!


Your As Good as Your Gear

Listen to this: can a piano player sound good if his piano sucks? Okay, he could be Mozart, but if his piano is a mess and doesn't give his the right support as an instrument should, then the truth of the matter is that his melodies will not sound so melodious to our ears.

Same goes for athletes like you, except it has nothing to do with pianos (that would be crazy). And it has EVERYTHING to do with your SHOES..

One thing many athletes forget to do is practice leaping while wearing high quality sneakers with supportive cushion. You can't leap high, let alone practice well, if your legs are poorly supported and your feet are injured! To support your legs and feet and develop stronger, stable muscles, practice your leaps with good sneakers on.

How to Get Good Sneakers

Go to the athletic stores that provide the shoes made especially for sports like volleyball. You'll probably want to ask to get your feet measured to know the right size just in case. I highly recommend this because the perfect size for you can and WILL make a world of a difference.

Learnhow to jump higher in volleyball like a pro-athlete with these drills.


Don't Over Do It

NEVER start with high reps/set numbers when you begin practicing jump exercises. I know, you might be a little impatient to impress your teammates with your jumps (or make your opponents jealous--admit it you know you want to), but you'll only be putting yourself behind if you start practicing too strong. The results would be unneeded injury that you can do without; that would be taking one step forward and two steps back. What do you really want to do instead? you want to learn how to jump higher in volleyball so You can master volleyball and be a great player. Begin your reps and sets at the suggested starting rates and you'll go a long way from where you started. And, yes, everybody will be looking "up" at you in the end ;)


Use Your Mentality- last step on how to jump higher in volleyball

Don't underestimate your mental attitude when it comes to making your leaps skyrocket. Ever notice how when you're not feeling your best, it shows in your performance? Even your teammates see it. You know it, and you know that "you just weren't feeling it" that day. If you "just weren't feeling it" everyday, then your performance will lack every time you play. What you want to do is remember all of the highest or most memorable jumps and start every game with the mindset that "you can jump high easily" and SEE it in your mind's eye.

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I can't Jump higher why can I do to increase our Jump for Volleyball

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One of the most common questions from young sports players is how increase vertical leap, or vertical jumping ability. What you want to make sure avoid doing is making common mistakes in choosing a jump training program that's unsuitable for you. Choosing what is not right for your physiology and body type will simply result in minimal gains, maximum frustration, possible injuries to your joints and muscles.





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Melito on June 07, 2010:

I have found that focusing on flexibility makes a big difference in my ability to jump. There is a relation to the muscles' ability to stretch and the ability to jump.

I also have noticed that sprinting is a major exercise for good jumping. It works out the "fast twitch" muscles needed for maximum jumping height.

I found this website very helpful for increasing vertical jump. It is http://www.volleyball-training-ground.com/vertical...