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Golf Gifts For Men Who Have Everything

Enda offers some great advice on buying gifts for men. Here he offers a range of great gift ideas for the man who has everything.

Out On The Course


Great Golf Ideas For Men Like Me That Play Golf A Lot

Trying to find the best golf gifts for men who have everything? Finding a great gift that a golfer will love is not that easy. Most golfers may already have every gift under the sun. I play a lot of golf and I can promise you this there is nothing quite like being out on a golf course on a beautiful summer's day. I also know that I love my gadgets that help me do this.

Striking that silly little golf ball and watching it fly away into the sky is such a great feeling. It is also a documented fact that people who play golf are much more relaxed and stress free. It really is a great way to escape from the busy world we live in today.

Trying to find a gift for a keen golfer can be really difficult though. I will try to explain why that can be the case. Most men when they start playing need a few basics to get going. In my opinion I actually find that both men and women probably buy too many things when getting started. There is a great desire to do this, but I think they should buy just what they need, and as they improve they get a much better understanding of what they really need. The basics are:

  • A set or half set of clubs
  • A golf bag
  • Golf shoes
  • Some golf balls
  • Plenty of tees
  • Some golfing attire

Typically you can buy all that in a cheap starter set when you first give golf a try. If you find you like it then you can quickly sell off the old stuff and start to buy better equipment. There is always a good market for second hand golf equipment.

The big problem comes when a man has been playing golf for a few years. He will already have got the clubs he likes, the shoes he likes, the bag and trolley he likes and yes, he will also have his own favorite brand of balls and accessories as well.

That's when selecting golf gifts for men gets really difficult. You most likely don't know what he already has, maybe not 100% sure what he likes, and you don't want to buy him silly golfing trinkets and gifts which you know he won't use. Hopefully this is where this article can really help you out.

Great Golf Ideas For Men

Great Golf Ideas For Men

Great Golf Gifts That A Man Will Love

As a regular male player myself I do appreciate how difficult it can be to find a golf gift that will be well received and appreciated by men in general. I also play golf with many different people and we have all received the pretty awful gifts that find their way into a drawer or get stored away in the shed never to see the light of day.

I have never been able to understand what a coffee mug and three golf tees wrapped in plastic has to do with playing golf. Another one that I just don't understand is those battery operated golf shoe cleaners. I have no doubt that when people buy these as gifts, they do so with the very best of intent. The problem is though that although they look nice sitting on a shelf, in practical terms they just don't work.

They don't have a real use and I have never once in my life seen anyone using them. Golf courses actually provide shoe cleaners so why do people buy these and other similar types of gifts? I am guessing they have the right intentions for sure but honestly you shouldn't waste your money on those types of strange gadgets.

The good news is that I also know a whole range of great golf gifts for men that we would love to receive and I have shared and suggested these below. I will of course start with some cheaper ones because they are usually the hardest to find.

New Golf Gifts for Men Ideas 2016

The last part of this article took care of what I would call the cheap and cheerful side of golf gifts. I hope you agree that they are a nice mixture of some really useful items. There are also a couple of naughty ones that are still useful but also fun. They will always be popular choices for men though.

In this section I am going to concentrate on new golf gifts suitable for men that have arrived in the last few months and which you can be pretty certain he will not yet own. Again I have really kept the focus on recommending golf gifts that he will actually appreciate and make use of. I hope you find this useful.

I have put these in order of preference and I know that guys will love them. I play golf almost every day and I take notice of what men use when out on the golf course. There are a whole range of different types of equipment, and they range from the latest gadget to the newest pair of shoes.

Video Review of the Best Golf Organizer

Golf Trunk Organizer - My Favourite Golfing Gift Ever

The Bushnell Tour V2 Laser Golf Range Finder

More Range Finder Choices

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Golf Gifts for Men Under $20

Here is a quick selection of really useful golfing accessories that any serious golfer would love to receive. I have tried to keep the cost at a sensible price. There are some fun items along with some cheap practical gifts.

I suppose the best news is that they will actually get used and for us golfers that is probably the most important thing. The first one though I should warn you is a gift for men only, as I can not see ladies carrying this one around the course. It is a little bit naughty, but that I guess is what makes it so much fun.

An Unusual Ball Holder

Golf Shoes For Men

If he has been asking for new golf shoes then I have added a section on those. Men in general are pretty particular about which golf shoes they use. Typically they will try to match those with the rest of their golfing equipment.

Say for example he uses the Ping brand for his bag and clubs, then the chances are he will also wear Ping clothing and Ping shoes. Sad I know but that's just the way we men are.

Personally I am a Callaway user and I would say almost all my golfing stuff is Callaway. I have only got one club that isn't a Callaway and that is my putter. The best way to find out is have a look in his golf bag if you can, and find out what he is wearing. It would be safest to go with that style and brand.

These shoes do make great gifts but just be sure about which type he likes.

The Stylish Nike Golf Shoe

Golf Accessories

Don't forget that as well as golf shoes, there also a range of golf jackets and a fantastic selection of weatherproof clothing that men can wear when playing golf.

Many men would really appreciate these types of golfing gifts but they either don't get around to actually buying some, or, they can't justify the spend as they don't play that often.

All of those reasons make these great choices for golf gifts. In fact I would be as bold to say that they make up a very high percentage of all of the golfing gifts that are bought.

Golf Jackets For Men

Most men will have a certain amount of golf clothing. This will range from pants, tops, caps, sweaters and jackets. It used to be very expensive and some brands still are. The good news about this is that you can never have too much of this stuff.

I have made a short list below of some of the best looking golf jackets there are on the market at the moment. I think these make wonderful gifts for one particular reason. I must have about twenty different tops to wear (probably more) but each time I receive one I can not wait to put it on and get out there on the course.

Weatherproof Golf Clothing For Men

Depending on how much he plays and at what stage he is at in his golfing experience there is a good likelihood he will not own weatherproof clothing. If they are just starting out or only play at the weekend then the chances are he will not have bought any weatherproof clothing.

More experienced golfers will probably already have this so again brand becomes the big issue here for them. I know from experience that there are many men who give so much more thought to how they look when out on a course, than they do to their everyday clothes, or how they look at work. It is truly a strange thing.

Rain Jacket for Those Wet Days

Extra Golf Balls Are Always A Great Idea

Every golfer needs a lot of these

Every golfer needs a lot of these

Some Great Golf Ball Gifts For Men

One thing is certain and that is, you can never have too many golf balls. The Wilson brand is a popular choice and a good price.

The Bridgestone balls are a bit better in terms of quality and becoming more popular all the time. If someone nailed me down and told me to pick gifts for men, then I would pick these every single time. I carry about 12 high quality balls in my bag and have roughly the same amount in reserve.

On an average round I may lose one ball so in a week 3-4 balls a week. That is why I always need plenty of spare golf balls. That along with the normal wear and tear will soon reduce your golf ball stock. I know for certain that every man who plays golf would love to receive any of these as a gift.

Pack of Good Quality Golf Balls by Wilson

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