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World's Greatest Sportsman


It's about a Legend of all time. A man with his short life can't achieve so much that Jahangir khan did.



For six years unbeaten, top speed clocked at around 275km per hour in the high paced game where was a little margin between winning or losing points and games in a 555 match winning streak. It should, therefore, be not possible unless you are Jahangir Khan of Squash.

He was a complete player of squash. His technique was second to none. He could hit winning shots when he needed to do it. He had a great eye for flow of the game.

He was born in Karachi on December 10, 1963. He was physically frail and not shaped as a boy. He was born with herniae disease and had problems in listening and talking. At the age of 8, he could barely walk. He had two operations at the age of 5 and 12. Doctors told his father to never let him play any kind of sports. But being from a family of a squash player, he loved the game and was destined for greatness. His father, Roshan Khan, was a former British Open champion and his older brother has accomplished on the international Circuit Chatham. However, when Jahangir was 15 years old, his brother could not endure a heart attack during a match and die. This proved to be tragic, decisive and turning point in Jahangir's life. He then set out to become World Squash Champion to pay homage to his older brother.


Journey to Championship

At the age of 14, he became Pakistan Junior Champion by winning the Under 19 Championship. At the age of 15, he was the youngest player ever to win the World Amateur Championship. That was the same year when his brother died. Jahangir khan went to his brother's grave and promised to become the world number one. For 2 years he trained for 8 hours a day. At 17, he won the World Championship, the youngest player to ever win this title. He won 555 consecutive matches, the highest winning streak by any player in any game ever.

From 1982 to 1991, he won the British Open Championship 10 times in a row. Jahangir khan won the World Open Championship six times. You would be surprised to know that he was the first player to win the World Open Championship without dropping any single point. He played the second-longest match in the squash history, 2.46 hours.

Hashim Khan

Hashim Khan was the other squash player from Pakistan who won the British Open Squash Championships(the then de facto world championship ) a total of seven times, from 1951 to 1956, and then again in 1958. Khan was the patriarch of the Khan squash family, who dominated the sport from the 1950s to 1980s.


Reason for his Remarkable Achievements

Jahangir Khan had all the necessary skills for being at the top of the board. However, his greatest and the most powerful weapon was, without doubt, his superior fitness. He was simply the fittest person in the sports. In fact, some even proclaimed him to be the fittest man on the planet. Hard work, discipline, commitment ambition to be the best made him world's greatest sportsman. He had to work harder than anyone else. He trained for 8 hours a day. He would typically start his training with a nine-mile run followed by the 400-meter Torture Test.

Torture Test

His torture-test consisted of running 400 meters at a fairly high pace followed by a one-minute break which will be continued until exhaustion. People always talk about talent but I always believe that it's hard work that separates the ordinary from the extraordinary.

Three in One

Jahangir Khan had been all three at different times, Hero, a legend, Exceptional and Outstanding.

He was awarded many national and international accolades. He had been president of World Squash Federation for six years from 2002 to 2008. Jahangir Khan is an inspiration for everyone whatever his circumstances are to go on.


In 2018, Jahangir Khan became global President of Shahid Afridi Foundation (SAF) in a ceremony held in Japan. SAF is funded by former cricketer Shahid Khan Afridi which aims to provide healthcare and education facilities in Pakistan.

Honours and Awards

  • 1981 – At age 17 became the youngest winner of the World Open, beating Australia's Geoff Hunt in final.
  • 1984 – Featured on a Government of Pakistan issued postage stamp.
  • 1999 – Sport and Youth Award by the French Government
  • 2005 - Times Award - Time Magazine, named Khan as one of Asia's Heroes in the last 60 years.
  • 2007 – Awarded an honorary degree of Doctorate of Philosophy by London Metropolitan University.
  • 2017 – Featured on a Government of Japan issued commemorative stamp.
  • 2018 – Winner of the 8th Asian Award for Outstanding Achievement in Sport.
  • After consecutive 555 winning streaks, Khan last the 1st time by the Newzealand squash player Ross Norman.
  • 1993- Jahangir khan was runner up in World Open Championship against his cousin Jansher Khan, the other record holder in Squash. It was the year when Jahangir Khan announced his retirement. A decent career came to an end.

The list of his victories is long but prominent among those when he led Pakistan to a historic team triumph in the World Team Championship in 1993. For his achievements, he was awarded many titles like “The King of Squash” and “Greatest Squash Champion” by the experts of the game. He was the world’s first squash millionaire. Jahangir was among the top 60 Asian heroes list from last 60 years by Time magazine, including heroes from all walks of life.

Undisputed Champion

In the same era, the world had seen many legends like Muhammad Ali and others but Jahangir Khan was the World's greatest sportsman and undisputed champion in the history of squash. Jahangir Khan is a man whose name is synonymous with squash.

Time Magazine has named Jahangir as one of Asia’s Heroes in the last 60 years. Jahangir Khan conferred with an honorary Doctorate of Philosophy by London Metropolitan University for his contributions to the sport. Due to his immense and absolute dominance in squash he was nicknamed ‘The Conqueror’.


Man of Inspiration

Jahangir Khan was the fittest man on earth, the finest sportsman ever, a symbol of athletic perfection. Jahangir not only dominated the sport, but he also redefined it. Had an unhopeful start and become the greatest squash player of all time. Jahangir khan is the true hero and inspiration for everyone. Nobody can be as legendary as Jahangir Khan.



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