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Winter Olympics 2010 Team USA: Men's Alpine Skiing


The 2010 Winter Olympics at Vancouver are exciting to watch as athletes from all over the world come to compete. One of the oldest sports on the roster is Alpine Skiing, also known as downhill skiing. There are 22 athletes from Team USA competing in Alpine Skiing at the 2010 Olympics.

Alpine Skiing takes its name from the famed European Alps. The sport has been around for almost 150 years and remains an extremely popular activity today. Alpine skiing differs from other types of skiing because the heels are fastened down to the skis. The alpine skiing events at the 2010 Olympics are Slalom, Giant Slalom, Super-G, Downhill, and Combined

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Men's Alpine Skiing

photo by Jonathan Selkowitz

photo by Jonathan Selkowitz

Will Brandenburg, 23


Will Brandenburg was the Ski Racing Alpine Junior of the Year in 2007. He now competes on the US Ski Team, having made it to a handful of World Cup competitions. In 2009, Will was taken out of competition due to a needed knee surgery. He is back on his skis and is ready to show the world what he can do.


Will grew up in Walla Walla, Washington (that’s so much fun to say!). His parents introduced him to skiing before he could even walk. Although he struggled with dyslexia in school, Will remained active in a variety of sports and eventually made the US Ski Team.



Jimmy Cochran, 28

Jimmy Cochran was an Olympian in 2006 at Torino, finishing in 12th place. He has won three US. Slalom Championships and continues to make a name for himself in the world of alpine skiing.


Jimmy comes from the legendary family of “Skiing Cochrans” of New England. The Skiing Cochrans have been around since the 1960’s, competing in international events including the Olympics. Jimmy carries on the family tradition, having started out on skis when he was three years old. Even though his family has such a big reputation, Jimmy has had to work hard over the years to make his own way in skiing.



Erik Fisher, 24

Vancouver 2010 will be Erik Fisher’s first Olympic games. He has earned his spot on the Olympic team by placing well in six World Cups this past season. Erik was unable to compete in 2008 due to a torn ACL, but he has since recovered and is back on the slopes.


An Oregonian by birth, Erik now calls Idaho his home. He is an all-round athlete, enjoying everything from motocross to ice hockey to wakeboarding. He has been skiing almost his entire life, from the age of three. Erik has had several injuries due to sports accidents, but he doesn’t let a little pain stop him. His motto is: “Pain is temporary, bones heal, glory is forever, and chicks dig scars.”



Tommy Ford, 20

Tommy Ford was Ski Racing Junior of the Year twice in a row, in 2008 and 2009. A new member of the US Ski Team, Tommy doesn’t have much experience competing on the senior level, but he shows a lot of promise for the years ahead.


Growing up in Oregon, Tommy comes from a family of ski racers. He has been skiing since he was a toddler. Tommy is a guy of many interests. He enjoys mountain biking, rock-climbing, and cello.


Christian Jansky - Wikipedia Commons

Christian Jansky - Wikipedia Commons

  • Official Website of Tim Jitloff
    Jitloff is a four-event skier who continues to improve each year. Coaches say his success at the World Junior Championships in 2005 was just the beginning of the international successes to come.

Tim Jitloff, 25

Tim Jitloff made the US Ski Team when he was 19. He is a three times US National Champion. This past season, he has competed in the World Cup series, earning himself a spot on the Olympic team.


Born in San Jose, California, Tim lived in Tahoe, where he developed his skills as a promising skier. He is now based in Reno, Nevada. Tim started skiing when he was three years old. Although he loves skiing, he also enjoys other sports, such as golf, surfing, scuba diving, and hockey.



Nolan Kasper, 21

Nolan Kasper may be new to the senior competition scene, but nevertheless he has made his mark competing on the junior level. At the 2006 Chrevolet US Junior Olympics, Nolan won four silver medals. This past season he has made his World Cup series debut.


Nolan started to ski at three years old, skiing at the New Jersey resort where his father worked as a ski instructor. He started racing by the age of six. He also enjoys ice hockey, soccer, and slacklining.



Ted Ligety, 25

Ted Ligety is back for his second Olympics, after winning a gold medal at Torino in 2006. He showed a less than stellar talent up until 2002 when the US Ski Team took him under their wing. After that, Ted fought hard in the World Cups to prove himself to the world, and prove himself he did, winning a surprising Olympic gold in Combined.


Hailing from Park City, Utah, Ted was active in sports all throughout his childhood. He started skiing at age two and began ski racing at age 10. Ted graduated from the Winter Sports School in ParkCity. Along with Carlo Salmini, Ted co-founded “Shred Optics”, a product line of goggles and sunglasses.



Bode Miller, 32

Bode Miller is recognized as the most successful American alpine skier to ever hit the slopes. He has competed in two previous Olympics, in 2002 and 2006. He won two silver medals in 2002, but failed to bring home any medals from the 2006 Olympics. Perhaps the Winter Games 2010 will be Bode’s moment of redemption.


Bode comes from New Hampshire and has been skiing most of his life. He has become one of the most publicized skiers and has been subject to both positive and negative reviews of his career. He has been criticized for his un-Olympic attitude at the 2006 Olympics. Notwithstanding the negative feedback, Bode has remained one of the fastest skiers in the world.



Steven Nyman, 28

Steve Nyman is a veteran skier and has been racing for twenty years. He competed in the 2006 Winter Olympics, but didn’t win any medals. In December 2006, Steve won his first World Cup.

Steve grew up with his three brothers in Utah. His father was the head of the ski school at Sundance. Steve has been skiing since he was two years old. Growing up in Sundance, Steve was influenced by his artistic and outdoorsy surroundings, and he even did yard work once for Robert Redford.


Marco Sullivan, 29

Marco Sullivan was an Olympian in 2002 as well as 2006, but he failed to win any medals. He was taken out of competition in 2004 and 2005 due to knee injury. Marco won his first World Cup in 2008.

Marco grew up in Tahoe City, California. As a kid, he used to ski every day after school waiting for his mom to get off work. He qualified for the US Ski Team when he was 18. When he couldn’t ski because of his injured knee, Marco spent the time driving a snowcat and working at a ski shop. As well as skiing, Marco enjoys slack lining and mountain biking. He is know as the skier who never stops smiling.


Andrew Weibrecht, 24


Andrew Weibrecht made his own success competing as a junior, winning a bronze medal at Junior Worlds in 2006. He was a member of the 2009 World Championships Team. Now a member of the US Ski Team, Andrew competes at the World Cup series and is ready for the 2010 Olympics.


Andrew started skiing because he wanted to be like his big brother, and skiing has proven to be a successful choice for him. He is working on getting his Bachelor of Arts in earth science from DartmouthCollege. Andrew has many nicknames from “Warbrecht” to “War Horse” to “Warburg.”


US Ski Team Photo by Jonathan Selkowitz

US Ski Team Photo by Jonathan Selkowitz

Jake Zamansky, 28

Jake Zamansky started racing at age eight, and he competed in two Junior Worlds Championships. He was Junior Racer of the Year in 2001. In 2008, Jake broke his collarbone in a motocross accident, affecting his next skiing season. In 2009, Jake performed well in the World Cup series and was also a member of the World Championships Team.


Jake grew up skiing in the snows of Aspen, Colorado. When he’s not skiing, Jake loves to ride motocross. But Jake remains foremost a skier, having been on skis since he was only two years old.


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